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How to convert Adobe PDF file format to Microsoft Word DOC on MS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

How to convert PDF to DOC on Microsoft Windows XP, MS Windows 7, Win Vista convert PDF to MS DOC 2003, ABBYY Covert Page
I had to convert Adobe PDF file to Microsoft Word ( .doc) file on Microsoft Windows OS for a friend. There is plenty of software available to convert PDF to DOC on Windows, as well as few web-site services claiming to convert correcly PDF to DOC. Converting PDF to DOC is easy and can be done with Open Office, however the reverse process is a real pain in the ass. I tried a dozen of free web serviecs to convert an ancient Latin writting PDF to DOC but none of them couldn’t properly convert it. Failing with the web services as a tool to convert, I’ve turned to seeking a tool that will do the trick. After trying few PDF to DOC converters which failed to produce a properly structed edittable DOC from the PDF file, I’ve come across ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0. Abbyy PDF Transformer finally did it …

I’ve tried hard to look for a free software good PDF to DOC converter alternative for Windows but it seems as of time of writing this post there is no GPLed free software that does properly convert PDFs to MS WORD DOC ….

Using Abbyy PDF Transformer 2.0 is a piece of cake all I had to do is select the PDF file (pressing Open PDF) and then click on Convert (in right bottom corner). Below is a shot of Abby PDF transformer in action.

How to convert PDF to DOC on Microsoft Windows XP, MS Windows 7, Win Vista convert PDF to MS DOC 2003, abby pdf converter in action

Open Microsoft Office 2007 .docx files in 64 bit Ubuntu Jaunty with odf-converter-integrator

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Recently I had to make Ubuntu system to properly deal with Microsoft Office 2007 XML based .docx file format.
I achieved that in the following way:
1. Use the following odf-converter-integrator download link to download odf-converter-integrator-chocolate. The release offered in my case was odf-converter-integrator-chocolate_0.1.4-1b_amd64.deb.
2. Next install it with:
dpkg -i odf-converter-integrator-chocolate_0.1.4-1b_amd64.deb
Sounds simple eh? Indeed it is. Now you’re ready to open docx files with your 64 bit Ubuntu Jaunty GNU/Linux natively in OpenOffice.