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A touching movie (Grave of the Fireflies)

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

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Grave of the Fireflies movie logo

Two days ago, I watched Grave of the Fireflies , a Japanese movie from 1988 which has taken the hearts and minds of dozen of people throughout the years. Yes I have to admit the movie is really increadinble in a sense it deals with Human personages, philosophy, love, hate. It’s a good example why we humans should keep peace on earth and not start wars. The whole story is about a boy and a girl (a brother and sister), who live in Japan in the climax of the Second World War. Both the children are under the full legal age and face the “nightmares” and the terrible consequences of the war. Their mother dies and they have to go to live to some relatives (their aunts). However the war tragedy goes on, the bombing doesn’t drop. The two children have to leave their aunt, cause she is unwilling to take care for them anymore, since they are not working and not bringing money / food in the house. They leave and find a sort of a tomb where start living on they own. Now the older brother has to provide his little sis with food, nomatter how. He uses all kind of tricks, cheats, thefts etc. to find the needed food to sustain his sister’s life. Though the unhuman efforts to keep her alive, his sister gets a disease because of lack of nourishment and dies near the end of the movie. Though she dies, I won’t call the movie a tragedy. Yes it’s a sad movie but it’s also really beautiful and touching. I could classify it amongst my movie list of spiritual movies that are, “a must see” ones.