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Happy New 2011 Year to everybody

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

I just wanted to wish a blessed, peaceful and prosperious year 2011!
Let with the coming of the new year our troubles decrease, our joys increase and the blessings of God pour on all of us Christians!

The last year was not that bad but still for me wasn’t in the best years I’ve experienced, I truly hope with the new 2011 year everything will come to place.

This New Year was a bit different from the standard ones I had in Bulgaria, since I’m Holland.

To make things even more interesting I’ve spend the new year in Schiedam (a city municipality of Rotterdam).

The New Year eve, I’ve spend with Two Chineese girls (Grace and Yen).
So for me it was like a Chineese Christmas.
We ate traditional Chineese food prepared with some Dutch commodities.
After and throughout the breakfast we have listened to some classic music and a few Bulgarian Christmas songs.

We drinked wine and wished each other a succesful new 2011.
What was nice was we ate the food with chineese sticks, so it was quite a challenge for me to grab the food 🙂 but I should say I’m getting more and more proficient in eating with Chineese sticks.

After we completed the meal we had some music like revolutionary communistic music Katyiusha , some other Soviet typical songs plus some old fashioned other Russian music from Soviet time like for instance Chiburashka

I’ve played them the bulgarian communistic soundtrack of the Communistic movie, entitled “Nie sme na vseki kilometyr”, “We are at every kilometer”.
This song is a absolute Bulgarian classics from a sequel about partizans and the Red Revolution.
Though I myself did not have any communistic convictions, this kind of stuff is a bit linked to our past in Bulgaria so the old songs bringed some good memories about the past.
For the two Chineese girls it was also nice since China is still under the rule of Communistic Democacy

To make things even better I played them the Slavonic Orthodox Church absolute classic Mnogaq Leta which we usually use to play or sing in Bulgaria on every New Year eve or on many other occasions especially in major Church festivals.
It was really odd for me that both Chineese girls, cleared up the table in about 10:30, and they went back to their rooms.
In Bulgaria we always stay together to Welcome the new year and most of the time we try to eat continously until at least 00:30 in the turned new year.

So from my personal cultural perspective, our New Year in Bulgria is generally more joyful.

Here in Holland it appears they have the same culture of blowing up a lot of rays and mini-bombs.
This was quite similar in Bulgaria but I never thought they blow off so many fireworks and blasting stuff.

Actually I really hate this part of New Year celebration, because of the dozens of blows all around the New Year looks like a mini war always and even thought it might be funny for many youngsters I still find it a profane way to celebrate.

But enough talk again I to my readers a Godspeed in the New Year 2011! Cheers!