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Unbutu interpid amd64 Firefox not opening .torrent files by default bug and how to fix ubuntu to open .torrent files by default

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Yesterday I’ve been to my cousin to whom I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 a week ago.
She was not happy that by default Ubuntu doesn’t handle the .torrent file extension by default.
After 20 minutes of googling I finally found the solution.
Here is how to workaround the .torrent not opening problem:
Open your Firefix and go to:Edit -> Preferences -> Applications.There in the search field type: “torrent”.Then follow the menu dialogs to set your preferred torrent clientto use or either choose if you’d like the default behaviour ofthe torrent client to download the file as a default behaviouror alternatively prompt you asking where to save the torrent.You can also control there how to handle other file extensions.I have to add that for some reason I’m not sure it might be theISP involved, but when transmission was used to download files,transmisson had some problems starting the torrent download.Changing it to the default torrent client in gnome did resolvedthis issue as well.END—–