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FreeBSD 7.2 java jdk16 bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2 install problems fix

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I needed to install jdk16 (e.g. java on my FreeBSD) system, I had some struggles doing that. It’s a real pain in the ass everytime I have to install Java on FreeBSD. I have to download a bunch of files, both from Sun’s website and eyesbeyond’s website . Afterwards still the built failed due to failed MD5 and SHA265 checksum of bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2. It took me some time to notice the problem and the solution to the problem was proposed by a guy in ##freebsd The solution comes to:
1. md5 /usr/ports/distfiles/bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2; edit /usr/ports/java/jdk16/distinfo and replace the file MD5 checksum.
2. sha256 /usr/ports/distfiles/bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2 and again edit /usr/ports/java/jdk16/distinfo replacing with the right SHA256 checksum.
Now Thank the Lord! And hopefully enjoy your build :)END—–