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Jesus is Risen song (Easter in Lebanon Mall Store)

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Here is how Easter is being celebrated in Lebanon Mall.
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Today it’s Holy Saturday or the Great Sabbath day (The day in which Jesus Christ rested physically in the tomb) right before the Lord’s Resurrection

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

It’s Holy Friday . It’s the day in which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s dead body was resting in the “tomb” as the Gospels from the New Testament teaches.
Today we in the Orthodox Church held a late Church service to honour for a last time the Lord’s death holding the deep spiritual grief for his betrayal and death on the cross.
We also wait with expectancy the Son of God’s resurrection which as the Holy Scriptures teaches has been found Risen! by the Our Holy Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.
We at are on about to enter the joyous part of the year. The time of miracles and great Divine Grace.
The Son of God is Dead but yet he should rise again as he has already resurrect some 20 centuries earlier.
We are about to be enlighten once again with his Never ending holy Light, through the Church service to be held this night.
In Bulgaria the Church service usually starts about 23:30 and usually continues until 02:30 early in the Morning.
We also have the practice to pick up the burning light from the priest’s candle in the Church and bring it home.
We believe this transfers God’s grace in both our hearts, mind soul as well as our homes. This is being done as we expect that God blesses us with this act with a good spiritual and physical health.
It’s also important to note that on this day each year the the Holy Fire comes down from heaven in the Jerusalem Temple Church (The Holy Sepulchre) and lights up the Jerusalem’s Orthodox Patriarch (High Priest)’s Candle.
This is undoubtfully a miracle that proofs the truthfulness of the Orthodox Faith. This also proofs that our Orthodox Faith Church as well as tradition is the puriest Christian faith available for us the Christians of this age!
This Holy Fire after is usually distributed among the Orthodox Christian Churches around the world using planes with candles burning with the the Holy Fire.
The fire is being brouhgt to Bulgarian Orthodox Church from Jerusalem through a plane, right after it descends from Heaven and is being distributed to the Major cities, towns and villages.
Then we the normal church layman can benefit from the fire, lighting up our candles from this Holy Fire and in that find God’s Grace both by God and in God (The Holy Trinity).
Here is a link to the Video of the Holy Fire Ceremony from Jerusalem 2010.

So Thanks and Glory to our Holy God for his great miracle! Glory be to our Holy Lord (The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit) now and unto ages of Ages! Amen.