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A nice Serbian movie worthy to see (Kad Porastem Bicu Kengur / When I grow up I’ll be come a Kangaroo)

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

A friend of mine (Ceco), who happens to be a big fan of Serbian Culture,
has suggested me a movie which is a really wonderful for a movie made on
the Balkans. The movie as you can read in the post tile is:
The movie is a commedy and has included an interesting approach to cinema,
thoughts of the actors playing a couple on a date are being exposed.
It’s so funny to see how rediculous people can get in their thoughts 🙂
Watch it to figure out thebalkan man’s dream to become a succesful kangaroo 🙂
I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

This days I’ve watched also several Russian movies. One of them is:
Beloe solntse pustyni ,which even though is counted as a classical movie for Russian cinema was
somehow boring and a bit meaningless for me.
The other movie I’ve watched is called Neotpravlennoe Pisymo / The Unsent Letter
it’s pretty decent for a Russian movie, even though I won’t say it’s in my
favourite cinema genre. Just in few words the movie is about a team of
researchers looking for a diamond deposit in Cyberia. After many months of
futile effors, they finally manage to find diamonds and proof a theory pointing
that there are golden mines in this part of Russia.
However the mother nature seems to be against them and out of nothing a huge
forest fire emerges. One of member of the researchers is unfortunate and
a burning tree smashes him while he is on his way in the fires. Another one
bruises his leg and hardly walks. After some time after he figured out he is
an obstacle for the other 2 members of the group to escape to the place
where rescue teams will be looking for them, he decides to run away and die
somewhere apart from the other woman and a man. Eventually only one member
of the expedition survives bearing with him a map of the exact place where
diamonds reside. Movie is not bad but it’s not a definetely for anybody
who likes dynamic movies with a lot of action in between.