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Learning to Control Yourself the Christian Way

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Since some time I’m thinking about the importance of a way to self control yourself in
order to achieve your goals.
That is something I’ve been always tought in the University.
Howevery the control approaches were always contradictiory to what I read in the holy bible.
Today while googling I came across a nice Christian document discussing “How to learn to
control yourself.” The documnet is written by a protestant pastor. Even though I believe
many of the things explained there does really fit to most believers. There is a part
in the document that rejects the ascetism and probably monks way as a mean to achieve Self Control
in the long term. From an Orthodox Christian point of view I have to emphasize that this is completelywrong.
Another thing that probably does not fit well with christianity is the suggestion by the pastorto write down on a piece of paper what you think your mission for life is.
This approach as ‘ve red before is suggested on many websites where people convinced in buddhism and other
religions does have the same spiritual value as christianity. This of course is a blatant lie!
There is only one salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ who lived gave himself for us (all the sinful people on earth)
and raised from the dead in the third day. As the dead couldn’t hold him as God in the flesh.
Enough talk, here is a link to the article Learning to Control Yourself by Pastor Steven J. Cole .END—–