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Who is Killing us? – A video explaining how the Leftist Communist Marxist philosophy is being spread in European Union and Western World – Why Political Correctness and Tolerance is not necessery good

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

One Priest, who is true Christian and living for Christ give me a link to below video. The video is very interesting to see. I thought myself a lot on issues as Political Correctness and culture and nation and skin color respect. Though there is nothing bad in these, the way it is implemented destroys our Christian culture, society and even sometimes sadly pictures other immigrant picture cultures than better than the local cultures to country where emigrated. I have plenty of friends from different nationalities and I deeply respect all of them, their culture and tradition. However I don't support the muslim invasion, that is plaguing now Europe. I do understand it is not only Islamic people responsible for the boom of muslim believers in Western World, but also our failure to respect and keep Christian faith and our centuries tradition.

Who is Killing us? – A video explaining how the Leftist Communist (Marxist) philosophy is not dead but alive and well and being fostered and praised by Europe Western Country leaders and the European Union

Evil under mask of love – How people’s perception of good and bad is being twisted under mask of fake un-Christian (humanitarian) love and tolerance