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Configuring easy access and Internet keyboards on Linux (lineak)

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

I’ve bough a media keyboard yesterday, since I ran Debian I needed
a way to configure my keyboard. After some research online I found lineak .
Lineak does have support already for many Linux keyboards key sets.
However my keboard Delux K5201 was not supported. Thus I’ll now
follow the documentation to make it fully work with my Debian Linux.
Anyways surely the project will be helpful for many whose keyboards
are supported on Linux through lineak.
Seems that most of the easy access keys on my Delux K5201 kbd are workingcorretcly. 70% out of all the easy access keys are working out of the box.The keys that don’t work and are most vital are the “Shutdown Button” andthe “Mail button”.END—–