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Nanoblogger Yahoo Search Field Plugin ( download / install and how to properly escape code in nanoblogger

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Since some time I’m trying to setup Yahooo Search Field on my nanoblogger without success. I also have difficulties every now and then with escaping source code whenever I decide to drop it in my nanoblogger. Knowing that the official nanoblogger page has the yahoo search next to the google search enabled up and running and considering the fact I couldn’t find any tutorial or instructions online both on nanoblogger’s official webpage as well as to the rest of the searchable internet, I decided to mail Nanoblogger’s author to ask him if he could help me setting up this Yahoo Search Field Plugin as well as ask him what I can do to have a proper code escaping without breaking the blog. I explained that currently I tried a bunch of things without success etc. Below you’ll find my correspondence with Kevin Wood (Nanoblogger’s Author):

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 17:09:58 +0200
From: "G. Georgiev"
User-Agent: Mozilla-Thunderbird (X11/20091109)
Subject: 2 questions concerning nanoblogger
Hi man,
First Thanks for the wonderful soft.
I have two questions.
1. Where can I get script which is
used on
2. Whenever I try to post codethat needs to be escaped let's say apache
directives an error occurs,
during generation of the blog and I cannot
seem to get the post online
How can I get through that?

Thanks in advance.

Kindest Regards

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 20:46:34 -0500
From: Kevin Wood
To: "G. Georgiev"
Subject: Re: 2 questions concerning nanoblogger
User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)

Hi Georgi,
Attached is my plugin. Just drop it in your plugins directory
and add $NB_Yahoo to your main_index.htm template. In order to work, it
expects that you have BLOG_FEED_URL set in blog.conf.

You should use the plugin to post escaped HTML code. When
editing your entry you can add markdown to the FORMAT field. Oh, the
markdown plugin requires that you have Markdown installed on your
system and you may have to tweak MARKDOWN_CMD and MARKDOWN_OPTS in your
blog.conf before it will work. Good luck!



Now here is the nanoblogger yahoo search plugin that Kevin sent me.
After putting it in my nanoblogger plugins directory and enabling BLOG_FEED_URL, now all works like a charm.

How to “Enabling your blog posts posted to nanoblogger to be also imported to your wordpress”

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

I wanted to simulatenously have all my nanoblogger posts imported as well to my wordpress on .
To achieve that I’ve came with a small shell script.
Here is the script itself .
The script depends on the script.
To make my script execute every I have a new entry in nanoblogger I’ve edited my nb
bash script which is part of nanoblogger and I’ve inserted the line:
/usr/local/sbin/, right before the last “exit 0” command statement.
So now everytime I use nb -a entry to blog a new entry the content of my entry goes to my wordpress as well,
quite cool 😀

Welcome to NanoBlogger!

Sunday, July 11th, 2004

The basic syntax is: nb [-b blog_dir] [options]

How to …

  • create a new weblog (directory) = nb -b [blog_dir] -a
  • create a new entry = nb -a
  • create a new category = nb -c new -a
  • create a new entry for a category = nb -c [cat_id] -a
  • list current entries = nb -l [current|all]
  • list categories = nb -l cat
  • list entries by category = nb -c [cat_id] -l [current|all]
  • edit an entry = nb -e [entry_id]
  • move an entry to a category = nb -c [cat_id] -m [entry_id]
  • delete an entry = nb -d [entry_id]
  • delete a category = nb -c [cat_id] -d cat
  • delete an entry from a category = nb -c [cat_id] -d [entry_id]
  • force update of weblog = nb -u [current|all|main]

Thank you for trying NanoBlogger. Please direct comments and suggestions to the mailing list or submit a bug report to the project page on