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Drug Pills

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

In the morning I stand up from bed early to go to a doctor. He said I had an infection and I’ve got to drink 3 different type of pills. One of the pills I have to drink 3 days once a time every next pill in 15 minutes. It’s a hellish. I hope I would be well with the God’s help and work as soon as possible because I can’t continue live that way it’s a living nightmare. Almost all the day I watched Stargate SG 1. In the evening I was out with Lily in Gerana. I intend to watch some stargate serie and go to bed. I have exam on 10 and 12th of Oct and still I haven’t studied but with all this other things on my had I can’t concentrate. Also after I have drinked the pills I had a terrible headache, at least now it’s gone …END—–


Friday, January 26th, 2007

I’m sick again. I feel terribly. It’s an awful thing to be sick. All the day I ask my self a question. Why people get sick? Is it because of the sin.

Well I’m a sinner but I’m trying not to sin as I much as I can as a human being. I guess the disease come from my sister. She was sick few days, ago. And I gently pleased her to take some pills and stuff, but she said she won’t. Now 3 days later I’m feeling terribly sick and in the same time. I’m really mad at here. 

Hope my anti syster mood will shrink down soon. My day was a very common day. I started in the morning feeling terrible bad. Then read some for my exam in 26.01.2007, after that I drunk coffee with Nomen and ^Needless^ on the fountain.

Come back home watched some Cartoon Network animations and then I watched a documentary film called “Psychology – The Human Experience”. I’ve learned interesting thing for human psychology which I knew in the past but had forgotten during the years. The good thing about today was that nobody call me for something too urgent. Only one call from my collegue Zlatina which pleased me to check one of our client mails, the client claimed they can’t receive mails from outer of their domain location, I checked, but it turned to be a false positive.

So I’m greatful to the Lord at least for not bothering me too much from the DBG Office. Hey guess the Lord keeps an eye on my Servers :]. Praise be to him.