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Convert single PDF pages to multiple SVG files on Debian Linux with pdf2svg

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

In my last article, I've explained How to create PNG, JPG, GIF pictures from one single PDF document
Convertion of PDF to images is useful, however as PNG and JPEG graphic formats are raster graphics the image quality gets crappy if the picture is zoomed to lets say 300%.
This means convertion to PNG / GIF etc. is not a good practice especially if image quality is targetted.

I myself am not a quality freak but it was interesting to find out if it is possible to convert the PDF pages to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) graphics format.

Converting PDF to SVG is very easy as for GNU / Linux there is a command line tool called pdf2svg
pdf2svg's official page is here

The traditional source way compile and install is described on the homepage. For Debian users pdf2svg has already existing a deb package.

To install pdf2svg on Debian use:

debian:~# apt-get install --yes pdf2svg

Once installed usage of pdf2svg to convert PDF to multiple SVG files is analogous to imagemagick's convert .
To convert the 44 pages Projects.pdf to multiple SVG pages – (each PDF page to a separate SVG file) issue:

debian:~/project-pdf-to-images$ for i in $(seq 1 44); do \
pdf2svg Projects.pdf Projects-$i.SVG $i; \

This little loop tells each page number from the 44 PDF document to be stored in separate SVG vector graphics file:

debian:~/project-pdf-to-images$ ls -1 *.svg|wc -l

For BSD users and in particular FreeBSD ones png2svg has a bsd port in:


Installing on BSD is possible directly via the port and convertion of PDF to SVG on FreeBSD, should be working in the same manner. The only requirement is that bash shell is used for the above little bash loop, as by default FreeBSD runs the csh. 
On FreeBSD launch /usr/local/bin/bash, before following the Linux instructions if you're not already in bash.

Now the output SVG files are perfect for editting with Inkscape or Scribus and the picture quality is way superior to old rasterized (JPEG, PNG) images

Some of my projects in HAN University publicly available

Friday, September 18th, 2009

For my studies in HAN I had to do a couple of projects. I thought that the project could
be of any added value to somebody out there. Therefore I’m publishing the projects here.
International Labour Law Project on Collective Labout Agreements (Great Britain and The Netherlands)
Here is my projects on Changemanagement Management – Plan to make a change in a company involved into Virtual Entertainment Industry as well as the other
My Change management Individual plan discussing integration of OrangeHRM
For all not familiar with OrangeHRM it’s a nice open source system to manage your Human Resources within your company.
Here is the project we had to build with my colleagues for International Marketing (IMM).
1. Internal Analysis of Aeroflot Company
2. Aeroflot Internal and External Analysis & Crafting Strategies to improve Aeroflot position on the Market
.Another project we developed previous semester in ABS (Arnhem Business School) HAN is:
The IBP (International Business Plan).
Here is a line to it as well:1. An almost complete version of the International Business Plan for PinPane (A touchscreen notebooks producer) .Just in case if you wonder what is the project for. The project is for a company producing Touchscreen displays who already operates
in two countries and aims to spread to a third one. In the Business Plan it’s described what could the company do to achieve the expansion
and moreover what will be the expansion expenses.
The second semester we also had that SHR subject (Strategic HR) which was mostly centered around a crafted concept the teachers called
Gyroscopic Self Management. There was even a book discussing the gyroscopic self management approach, even though in reality the book doesn’t said nothing consistant, it’s a crap
,which pretty much looked like the method itself. You wonder what gyroscopic self management is?
It’s a destructive method of brainwashing creating all negative you could imagine, being of course presented as something superberb,
something that really could make a difference in your life. A sort of sect philosophy centered around a few guys own unrealized insanity.
You can read the Gyroscopic Self Management book here Here is also a link to a Group in Google that we used for our SHR (Strategic HR) project which failed HRQM G Cluster Google Group