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The Notebook a nice romance movie worthy to see

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The Notebook a great Romance Movie worthy to be seen

As I a person who values highly love between man and woman and believes in true love between man and woman under God’s providence I really enjoyed The Notebook and I recommend it to everyone out there looking for true love.
The movie gives a good example that one can experience great love. This is a fresh breath for me as I’m surrounded by dozens of people who does concentrate too much about the fleshly pleasure and forget that the essence of love is not in the flesh but in the love between man and woman’s spirit and soul.
The Notebook is a record of one true love story between a man and wife who went through love, hate long time separation, regret broken heart, loss of path in life, fading love and then after a long time of being away of each other burning love again.
It tells the story of a man and wife who loved so much that they get old together a story of true dedication and lasting love. Watch the movie you will certainly not regret it.

True Romance

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

A friend of mine has pointed me to a nice movie. Thus I’ll post a fewlines about it here as well. True Romance is a romantic crime, somehow
in the tradition of Pulp Fiction. It’s a love story about a couple in love
who get married. The problem is the woman is a working as a call girl
since only 4 days. Her husband decided to pick up her stuff from the pimp,
and eventually kills him. He orders the hookers who witness the whole actionscene and their pimp killing to pack up his wife’s stuff, e.g. Alabama’s stuff.
When he gets home, they find out that the hookers has passed to him a
suitcase full of cocaine. They therefore decide to live the place and go to
L.A. to shit the cocaine to some big fish (drug dealer). Things get really
messy when the owners of the “stolen”, cocaine finds about who has stolen their
goods. Some sicilian mafia guys follow the young couple to L.A. just as
eventually the cops finds out about the cocaine by accident. Throughout the
movie there are s number of really violent scenes where the climax comes at
the end of movie, when Clarence and his wife Alabama try to sell the coke to a
an important hollywood director who turns to be involved into the cocaine business.
Right before the end of the movie a blood bath happens in a hotel where the Police
, the mafia as well as the film director guards start
shooting. Everybody gets killed where miraculously Alabama finds clarence
badly injured and helps him to get away from the hotel during the chaos that
emerged in the place. The movie is a real emerald, so I’m pretty sure you’ll
love it!