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My cousin’s Marriage – Impressian from Burgas (Bulgaria) marriage and Kamenartzi herbal healer

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

We (Me and My Family) had to stand up early in the morning around 4:30 in Saturday and we traveled to Burgas. First we had to go to a herbman to prescribe me some Herbs. The herbamn is called “bai Dimitar” where bai is a bulgarian specific title for a man on age after the middle age he is located in Kamenartzi village (a small village near Bourgas). He is a sort of strange guy and is speaking very strange things. I hope this herbs will help me. I have to boil them and drink them five times a day. After that we went to Bourgas in my aunt Galia and uncle Galen’s apartment. Everything was a sort was going smooth, Gergana my cousin which was going to merry dressed with a bride dress and waited for his future man (son-in-law). The guy appeared with a limosine and an orchestra. Some ordinary Bulgarian rituals were followed after that the ceremony continued in the council house. Where they became man and wife officially (in front of Bulgaria). After that it followed a celebration in a Bourgas Hotel called “Bulgaria”. The celebration of the marriage included again different traditional Bulgarian dances, guest also danced and ofcourse the Bulgarian familiar horos. I did eat a lot of food and drinked a lot of the meaningless of marriage and all this vanity into celebrity and a lot of empty words spokened there I also convinced myself that I would NEVER EVER allow to have a marriage celebration like this. Some 20 or 30% of the music was Chalga which ofcourse drived me mad. In somewhere 05:00 in the morning we traveled back by car with my father driving. My father is driver from some few months and I definetely can’t say he is an experiencable type of driver which may allow himself to drive with speed higher than the maximum allowed, anywayz he did and I just tried to make him aware that he is braking the driver codex rules. He instead of taking my notes which I made with the idea that I would like to be home back ALIVE, nagged him and he started yelling at me and telling me to stop to complain. That ended in again making me hate him and regret I have parents like this which was a expected to happen since I was angry at all the stupidity and the low intelectual level of most of the ppl who were invited into the Marriage ceremony (although most of them were businessman and a ppl with a high degrees, education). The thing that irritated me the most that the had a marriage ceremony in a orthodox Church and they probably did this just because this is the ordinary way most ppl in Bulgaria does. PFF.. I have slept just for a hour or two today so I probably will go to sleep soon. But first I intend to go for a Liturgy in St. George’s orthodox church. This is after 20 minutes from now. Well thats most of how I spend my saturday on “nothing”. The good thing from all that was that Niki, a.k.a. Nomen’s brother has given me his PSP for the weekend. So I had the time to examine it and generally play with it. I even used a free wifi access in the restaurant where we were and did a bit of browsing :)END—–

The Weekend

Monday, November 26th, 2007

In Saturday we had a Training day at Design.BG. It wasn’t too interesting the Boss spoke a lot about a new hierarchy being implanting into the corporation. Big mouths were said “how we should not anymore say that we make sites in the office or out if it.” He said: “We doesn’t make sites! We make projects and solutions for the client” :). Mitko has come back in Dobrich in Saturday (For the weekend) and Sunday and we went out twice. I haven’t touched computers much this weekend :).In the morning in Sunday I went to Liturgy and after that we had a small walk with Stoyan. After that I watched the 3 seriesof “From Dusk till Dawn” nice vampire story btw 🙂 And yes I like the style of Tarantino.

At some time I feeled very alone like nobody cares about me. I called Lily and we spend some good time together :).


Durankulak’s beach

Monday, August 27th, 2007

In Saturday we was on a Cisco course with Nomen, Niki (A friend programmer),and the Other Niki (Mitko’s brother). The course went smoothly up to some pointafter that Niki (the programmer) has received a call with an awful news…After the course I Nomen and Nomen’s brother went to the chineese restaurant and we ate rice with vegatables and spaghetti with vegetables and meat. An hour later we was at Nomen’s home we had to make the cisco’s Chapter One and Chapter two test. And Luckily I got 100% right answers on both of the two (I have to be honest that I used cheating and tricks on the tests so I probably deserve less.After that Nomen gave suggestion to go to Carapec or somewhere on the Beach on the Bulgarian Coast. At the end we ended beaching the next morning on Durankulak’s Camping beach after we setupped a fire for the night and we slept in tents. There was a lot of problems during the whole trip ( I won’t go into details) but Thanks to God Almighty all has ended well in the end. Talking about God, I’m smoking cigarettes again and I have to stop (I hope God would help again). Also something I have to note is I’m a sinner but God is faithful although I sin badly The Lord is gracious to me still. PRAISE THE LORD!!! HalleluJah! :]END—–

Today it’s Holy Saturday or the Great Sabbath day (The day in which Jesus Christ rested physically in the tomb) right before the Lord’s Resurrection

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

It’s Holy Friday . It’s the day in which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s dead body was resting in the “tomb” as the Gospels from the New Testament teaches.
Today we in the Orthodox Church held a late Church service to honour for a last time the Lord’s death holding the deep spiritual grief for his betrayal and death on the cross.
We also wait with expectancy the Son of God’s resurrection which as the Holy Scriptures teaches has been found Risen! by the Our Holy Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.
We at are on about to enter the joyous part of the year. The time of miracles and great Divine Grace.
The Son of God is Dead but yet he should rise again as he has already resurrect some 20 centuries earlier.
We are about to be enlighten once again with his Never ending holy Light, through the Church service to be held this night.
In Bulgaria the Church service usually starts about 23:30 and usually continues until 02:30 early in the Morning.
We also have the practice to pick up the burning light from the priest’s candle in the Church and bring it home.
We believe this transfers God’s grace in both our hearts, mind soul as well as our homes. This is being done as we expect that God blesses us with this act with a good spiritual and physical health.
It’s also important to note that on this day each year the the Holy Fire comes down from heaven in the Jerusalem Temple Church (The Holy Sepulchre) and lights up the Jerusalem’s Orthodox Patriarch (High Priest)’s Candle.
This is undoubtfully a miracle that proofs the truthfulness of the Orthodox Faith. This also proofs that our Orthodox Faith Church as well as tradition is the puriest Christian faith available for us the Christians of this age!
This Holy Fire after is usually distributed among the Orthodox Christian Churches around the world using planes with candles burning with the the Holy Fire.
The fire is being brouhgt to Bulgarian Orthodox Church from Jerusalem through a plane, right after it descends from Heaven and is being distributed to the Major cities, towns and villages.
Then we the normal church layman can benefit from the fire, lighting up our candles from this Holy Fire and in that find God’s Grace both by God and in God (The Holy Trinity).
Here is a link to the Video of the Holy Fire Ceremony from Jerusalem 2010.

So Thanks and Glory to our Holy God for his great miracle! Glory be to our Holy Lord (The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit) now and unto ages of Ages! Amen.