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What is Transhumanism and augenics and why it is a severe threat to our Freedom

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Many people, certainly doesn't know what is Transhumanism term but has already been irradiated heavily with TRANSHUMANISM ideas without even realizing it.

Just until a recently I used to be also one of this unrealizing "poor" transhumanism victims, who had a a high passion for latest technology and accepted almost all new technology in my daily life without too much questioning if it really will lead to a good or bad future for our earth as we know it.

A friend of mine from the old years, who is not a technology savvy Plamenko) had visited me and told me about Transhumanism possible danger (for which I'm very thankful). Plamenko has a strong personality for constant look for the truth and is a also a devoted Christian (like me).
I'm not if Plamen was the first from whose I heard of the Transhumanism term existence, but he was the person who give me a short explanation on the term.


Transhumanism, though might be a new word in reality is nothing new but a well forgotten old. A different "version" of Transhumanism term (word) was known to most people since about more than 80 years ago under the term Eugenics

Now in case you ponder what the crack is Eugenics?, here is an a definition  from wikipedia


Eugenics is the "applied science or the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population", usually referring to the manipulation of human populations.[2][3] The origins of the concept of eugenics began with certain interpretations of Mendelian inheritance, and the theories of August Weismann.[4] Historically, many of the practitioners of eugenics viewed eugenics as a science, not necessarily restricted to human populations; this embraced the views of Darwinism and Social Darwinism.

Augenics was heavily researched during the Second World War, back then Nazis invested many millions for various researches on how the human genes can be improved to create a Super Human powered Man in other words Nazis wanted to create a  kind of Super Powers (special abilities having) SuperMan.
Nowdays, Transhumanism is simply abbreviated with an H+ or h+ (a short reference word for Human+)

Transhumanism is a cultural and intellectual movement whose idea is heavily found in many Science Fiction books which are circulating in the public in the last 150 years or so. A thing that used to live in some "visionaries" – a sick mind world detached people is now once again starting to get to life more than, we imagine in America. The American government is sponsoring heavily researches in Transhumanism field, and for some few centuries tried to create a super powered soldiers. The existing situation with advances in science and the ability this advances give to people with Pro-Transhumanistic ideas is now however very disturbing. Transhumanism "culture" is being preached all over the TVs and radios to the masses and pitily. Most of us are not even realizing what is really happening, as we're brainwashed to believe the "robotic" electronic culture has prepared us a bright or pain free (no diseases) future…

This should ring some bells, because the facts around Transhumanism which are so nicely displayed on our screen are actually not so nice as we can imagine.

We're constantly being preached transhumanism from most of the TV super stars of the day, just to name few of all the celebrities who preach transhumanism Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, many of the modern rap musicians. There is also a shart transhumanism influence in progressive metal. There is plenty of that subject, if you want to learn more about this just type "transhumanism in music" in youtube and you will be amazed after seeing some critical analysis on modern musicians and composers, TV ads, movies etc.

I personally would recommend you see this movie for more info on how transhumanism is heavily incorporated in modern music industry unfortunately you will have to copy paste it in browser, because the video embeddability is disabled:

A very good resource, exposing Transhumanism bads is also an 1 hour speech in American's Alex Ansery's show:

Interview with Tom Horn – A Christian Scientists – Taking a deep look of the possible dangers Transhumanism movement imposes to our current and future society

If you watch closely above video you will notice this guy is really, really SMART. The perspective Tom gives to transhumanism is opposite to the traditional perspective, we're constantly shown in latest Hollywood movies Super Heroes. Just to name a very few of the almost immserably long list of (H+ super star modern heroes):
Avatar, X-Man, The Matrix, Batman, Superman, Terminator, Universal Soldier etc.

Actually, when I think over the long movies list, I've seen during my young years I considered of a top quality and a high value, probably about 70% percent are containing a topics of a an upcoming near Transhumanistic world like stories….

Back then, I was not a devoted Christian like today, neither I had a glimpse on the different philosophy movements predominating the modern world, hence as a kid I didn't realize that what I was mindfully suggested is a good or bad (is of a great value or not).

Now knowing about Transhumanism I realize what is mostly preached over the TV, radios and the major media channels is actually just some projection of ideas of group of people "on  how the world should look in near future and, what would be best for us due to those ppls philosophy.

Now knowing all that I realize the Transhumanism implantation in our minds is nothing more than one BIG DECEPTION. Due to this transhumanist ideas what thought to be "best" for us in very  near  future  is a world of  enhanced h+ HIGHER TECHNOLOGY people and even H+ enabled society ….

Now as a mature person, I know this world was created by God and the way God created us  (humans) in the beginning of creation was the best way we could have been created. In other words God made us with the best "features" we should have before the original sin fall of man in Eden, e.g. we humans are the greatest designer products if I have to speak in ( H+ terms). In that manner of thought obviously,  any other further advancement attempts of our physical (human) appearance would be a step back towards  primitivism.

Actually it is a very sad fact that, we the modern people has leaped forward towards a society, whose essence comes to a very bad version of originally better initial society …

We not only don't grow ourselves anymore in high moral and ethics values (as we're supposed to) but we want to completely destroy our Human qualities (which actually provide us the free will right we initially given by God). If transhumanism is not opposed in our societies sooner it will completely destroy all the society spheres as we know it.

Most people nowdays tend to put their trust more in a technology systems than to their own eyesight…  this is yet another step towards the implanted ideas of mass media in minds that we have to live an imaginary robotized transhumanized life ….