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Trip to Eindhoven airport and city center – few city impressions on city Cathedrals and centre

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013


Today, for its my 3rd time I go to Eindhoven. My first time was when I flied from Sofia, Bulgaria to Eindhoven (Holland) Airport in September, second time I was there was December 22-nd as I had to go there to take my girlfriend Svetlana from the airport; today it was the first time as unfortunately her Belarusian visa was expiring and she had to travel back to Belarus.

We travelled with Svetla from Arnhem to Eindhoven, the whole trip takes about approximate 1 hour. There is no direct train from Anrnhem to Eindhoven; thus we had to change train in 's-Hertogenbsoch. The trip thanks God went smoothly and the train was late with only few minutes (something very unusual for trains here in Holland). About 12 o'clock we were in the Train station. The bus station allowing a number of bus lines travelling to different destinations of the city is located right infront of train station, just like in Arnhem, Nijmegen (and probably a lot of other Dutch cities). Dutch architects did obviously a very good job by designing such a good road architecture in Holland, along with the ability to travel through absolutely all country on bike, the train and bus architecture is designed very well too. The bus to Airport is arriving and departing every 7 minutes, so there was no need we wait for long time for the next bus to arrive. I had to pick-up a bus tickets from a special bus tickets sell-office. The bus per person costs 3.50 EURO as of time of writing this post – something to mention is I have memorybus ticket in 22 december 2012 from train-station to Airport was 3 EUR – 50 cents less. Actually a curious fact to mention from 22 dec 2012 is I went to take the bus very early in the morning and bus-tickets office (located on the right of the entrance of Train Station entrance), were closed. I went to buy a bus ticket from the driver (a kind lady) and she told me their ticketing system is not working so "everybody is for free :)". This was quite a fun, since here in Holland they're so advanced and high-tech and they put most of their "lives" in the hands of technology and suddenly something as important as a bus-ticketing system is off and everyone in bus travels for free – absolutely ridiculous story …

My whole impression from Eindhoven is not very different from other cities I've seen in holland. The architecture of most of the streets and houses is no different. The brown beautiful houses build of little blocks with plenty of beautiful outside house decorations, green grass etc. There is however an evident difference from Arnhem and Nijmegen as many of the company buildings  near the city center and on the way while in the bus to Airport were built in a very modernistic style. Something noticable was buildings belonging to the so famous Philips company as well as the Philips stadium. Few of the buildings were quite tall looking a bit like New York's sky-scrapers. On the way to train-station, the most noticable thing I've seen was the Evuliona modernistic building build in the shape of scifi movies UFO 🙂

Evoluion Eindhoven UFO like building one of the most notable buildings in Eindhoven - Symbol of Human knowledge evolution

The eindhoven's attraction Unidentified Flying Object futuristic building

The rest was just a lot of company buildings and industrial equipment or markets, the whole city as long as I saw it is very technological and industrial. I derive this conclusion as  I've seen buildings of many of the most famous world IT companies, as well as a lot of industrial vehicles on the way to train station. After I had to leave my dear Svetlanka on airport. I've took the bus back to the train station. BTW, the bus number as of time of writting which goes from Train Station to Airport and Airport to Train-Station is bus number 401. The bus looks a bit more modern than the usual bus-es I've seen in Arnhem and Nijmegen. One thing which is different also from the regular bus-es in many other cities and towns in Holland is the driver in the bus going to and from Airport to tr. station, refuses to sell you tickets, but instead one has to buy the ticket from a ticket selling machine, which is accepting debit and credit cards, as well as probably the Dutch OV Chipcard as well as supports buying by coins. The ticket selling machine is made to work complicated, as there are few ticket types one can choose using a touch-screen computer interface; I tried inserting 3.50 euro to buy ticket for myself but the machine is just spitting the money. It is good a lady I asked on how she bought helped me showing me I first have to select the ticket type from the touch-screen as the touch screen is very much on the left side of the ticket-selling machine and I was in a hurry I didn't even noticed it. I've seen other people having the same problem with the machine, wondering why it happens – so it might be a good idea the high-tech guys who constructed it to make ticket buying using a 3 or 5 simple buttons, through which one can select the ticket type. It will save people time as well as not confuse probably multitude of foreigners like me who came to holland and get a first impression that Holland's sophisticated IT structure is not working 🙂

After Svetka check-in her laggage in around 12:40 and we had to say each other good buy in 13:10, she went inside the usual Airport Security check – metal detector scanner and I took the bus back to Eindhoven train-station. As the train station is located 3 minutes walk from the city center. I decided to take a quick look in the city center to see if there is something nice to see on centre – I was more interested to take a look at some Churches and my main idea was to see if I can find the Orthodox Church Parish of Saint Nectarios of Aegina as well as take a look at the Gothic style built Roman Catholic or Protestant Church buildings. About 10-15 minutes walk from train-station I've noticed two huge cathedrals. Both of them was heavily decorated with towers with the usual 3 enormous windows repeating pattern and the many other architectural patterns containing 3 elements (probably symbolizing) the Holy Trinity. What was new for me on both of the Cathedrals is the of Virgin Mary and Jesus or Saints? statues located on top of the Gothic Cathedrals. I checked the time schedule and it seemed both of cathedrals were functional, but only the second one I went to (St. Catherine) was opened.

Catharina kerk Roman Catholic city center church Cathedral Eindhoven

I've red the short history of the Cathedral and walked around it to check the wall paintings, statues, roman catholic crucifixes, the mosaics on the Church windows and generally the Church decoration. Many of the things in the Church seemed very unusual to me. The thing I most disliked was the ugly modern art reproductions mosaics of Jesus and various evangelica scenes. Though I'm happy I could have entered a Christian Church, I couldn't have not say how grotesque the crucifix means. There was a separate room in where it seemed people from the Church was doing something it looked a bit like an office. Though this was a still Church, for me it was somehow missing the light and feeling of spiritual deepness. There was an icon of Virgin Mary holding the most pure body of our Saviour Jesus Christ. One can clearly distinguish it is a Slavonic icon by the "МР ОУ" – abbreviation for Marry Mother of God.
I've red the Church story and it seems the earliest Church there is from the 12th century – meaning that it is possible an Orthodox Holy Liturgy was never served there.
A very short story of the Church is very similar to many of the Roman Catholic Cathedrals in Holland;

In short, Church building was taken from Roman Catholics and used by protestant in 16th / 17th century, just like with many other of the Roman Catholic Churches during the 16th – 18th century protestant reformation. In 19th century Catholics used it again, but then in 20th century it was almost completely destroyed during World War II, later rebuild and now again owned by Roman Catholics.

One thing to mention is though, I've only been in few Roman Catholic Cathedrals so far, it seems almost every one was keeping an Orthodox icon (usually Russian one), or an icon at least looking like Orthodox. Usually I would not be interested into entering a Roman Catholic Church, as we are prohibited to pray with them and I know about their errs in faith, however I know many of the Churches contain Holy Relics of saints / martyrs and bishops who preached and lived an extremely holy life, before the great schism thus I walk in Roman Catholic Churches with the hope and desire that the Church might contain Holy Relics of saint in their alter or somewhere kept and through that I might a blessing of the respective saint ….

After, walking out, I've walked through the city center, and most I saw was modernistic buildings shops and just few houses with more interesting oldish architecture. Some interesting building on city center is an Iglu shaped like called "Iglus".

Eindhoven Holland Iglus Massive Shopping Center Winkel in form of Escimos (Eskimo) Iglu

I didn't saw all of the city center but from what I've seen it seemed to me the city center of Eindhoven is less interesting to see than Arnhem and Nijmegen's. Eindhoven's city center looks modern and maybe this was main thing why I was not impressed.

Steentjeskerk church Eindhoven Holland architecture like Orthodox Church

I've seen one Church building, while traveling with the bus from Eindhoven Airport to Train-Station, and this building looked very much like Orthodox, also from the far the cross of it and the overall architecture looked very much Orthodox. I very much hoped it is an Orthodox so from Train Station walked about 20 minutes to the Church to check if it is not the Nectarios of Aegina Orthodox Church I mentioned earlier. The Steentjeskerk  Church was closed and on the main entrance doors. I've later found out the Church is not used for Roman Catholic Holy Liturgy since 1971.

It was quite striking to see shops selling souvenirs or something on the exact place where the Church entrance door used to be;  just 15 meters from the Church was a Coffee-Shop (i.e. a place here in Holland, where people go to Smoke Ganja, Mushrooms, alcohol and other light drugs ….

After checking on the Internet for the Steentjeskerk building is relatively new and had nothing to do ever with Orthodoxy. What however made me happy is it used to be dedicated to st. Anthony the Great – the saint who is considered as a father of Christian monks life.
The scenery right in front of my eyes was striking, I made a walk through the Church to see well its Architecture and in hope I can understand if it used to be Protestant or Roman Catholic. According to the Virgin Mary statue on top of Church I derived conclusion the Church used to be Roman Catholic. i've seen some text written somewhere on the back of the Church speaking the Church is used for some kind of exhibition. Even though the Church was not Orthodox, I felt sad for the poor Church being abandoned and being almost pranked with by allowing a place which was used for regular prayer to shop / exhibition …..

On the back of the Majestic Church, My amazement doubled when I saw a big mosque with a high Minaret (space ship rocket – as a friend likes to joke). The working Muslim Mosque built according to architecture norms of Muslims on the backstage of the unworking poort closed Roman Catholic Church turned to shop / exhibition was one of the saddest things I've seen. This whole scenery also explained, why Muslim faith is blooming and Europe it also explains, why Muslims are currently "taking over" Europe – just until recently the largest Christian continent.


Life is a Miracle / Jivot je cudo an awesome Serbian must see movie by Emir Kosturica

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Life is a miracle movie, Jivot ie cudo movie cover

Yesterday I saw the Live is a Miracle movie and I was so excited that I decided to drop few lines here about it.

The movie is just one nother magneficient masterpiece by Emil Kosturica and contains a multiple hidden meanings as with the rest of the movies of Kosturica, I’ve watched so far.

The movie is a story about war, love, passion, faith, drama, life expectations and everyday’s existence hardships.
The movie reveals a lot of the culture and insanity that is on the balkans these days, it also shows how inventive people on the balkans are, how much grief we the balkan people hold.
It also shows how immoderate we the balkan people are, parallel with you can see how joyful and ridiculous is the existence in Serbia and the near by bordering countries (Bulgaria, Romania) etc.

The movie is a story circulating mainly around a family consisting of a man, a mentally unstable wife and their son who has the childish dream to become a popular soccer player.
The father Luka is an engineer who just moved with his family from Belgrad to Bosnia and is assigned to open an old railway station and design a new train railways to make the railway station functional again.
A war emerges in the meantime and his beloved son Milos is taken into the army to defend Serbia, his crazy wife Jadranka leaves him to escape with her Hungarian Musician loverman.

Luka looses faith in life and decides to commit suicide, like by the providence a young beautiful muslim girl (Sabaha), who is taken as a hostage is being entrusted to Luka as his only hope to exchange her for Luka’s son.
Luka and Sabaha fells in love and the rest is a love story drama 😉
The movie is really awesome, watch it and enjoy! 🙂

SL Animated console train for your Linux – useless commans to cheer you up when you mistype ls

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


Some time ago I blogged about how to make your sysadmin more enjoyable with figlet and toilet console ASCII art text generators
Besides toilet and figlet another cool entertainment proggie is cowsay. On my home Linux router I use cowsay together with a tiny shell script to generate me a random Cow Ascii Art fun picture each time I login to my Linux. cowrand is set to run for my user through ~/.bashrc.

cowsay print cheerful pictures on your linux console / terminal login how to

In the spirit of ascii art fun arts today I've stumbled on another cool  and uselesss few kilobytes program called "SL". SL is very simple all it does is it cheers up you by displaying a an animated train going through the screen once you type by mistake "sl" instead of ls (list command).
To enjoy it on debian based distributions install it with apt:

# apt-get install --yes sl

SL 's name is a playful joke itself as well it stands for Steam Locomotive.

To get some more ASCII art fun, try telnetting to – There is a synthesised ASCII Art text version video of Star Wars – Episode IV

# telnet

watch all star_wars episode 1 in ascii art video

If you know other cool ASCII art animation scripts / ASCII art games or anything related to ASCII art for Linux / Windows, please drop me a comment.

Trip To Amsterdam (TTA)

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Saint Nicolas Roman Catholic Church near Amsterdam trainstation pictureOn Tuesday Zlati (A friend of mine introduced to me by Father Veliko), came to Arnhem. The plan was that he came on Tuesday here and afterwards in Wednesday morning the Trip to Amsterdam was going to happen. First we had settled that he will be in Arnhem in 12:00 o’clock. So Around 10:50 I walked down the way to the trainstation. I was on my way when Zlati ringed and told that he still, haven’t catched the train and he is not going to make it for 12:00, though he will be on Arnhem Central Station in 04:35 in the afternoon. I came back to home and on my way bought some apples as well as a oily sweet thing from the Turkish shop “Sultan” 🙂

Around 3 I took my way to the city center again, on my way I had toleave Sali’s laptop in his home. I had taken his laptop to re-install Windows and setup his Windows in Bulgarian as well as configure it to be able to watch Bulgarian TV channels online.
In order to achieve that I used a proxy donated to me by Amridikon. Thanks Amri!

To make Windows Vista Home Premium to Bulgarian I had to use a small proggie “Vista Change Language 1.0”. I had to burn the program to a CD and boot into it and then use the downloaded language pack to change the vista text language to Bulgarian. I did so all went well, unfortunately after an upgrade the text in the menus did screw up. So I have to boot again in the Vista Change Language 1.0 boot CD and revert it back to Bulgarian.
Then I had to disable Windows Vista updates in order to prevent the same language mess up to occur again. This was a little out of the topic, but I decided it’s nice to have it on paper.

So back to where I was with my TTA .. I took Zlati from the train station,we went to Sali and he treated us with some kind of traditional turkish soup meal. The soup was quite nice btw. He was extremely happy that he could watch Bulgarian TV’s online through the website. I was glad to that God helped me and blessed me in succeeding in all the things I mentioned above. Afterwards we went with Zlati and Koko to Albertheijn picked up a beer and a couple of other things. Then I and Zlati went to my place where we used my notebook to research about places of Interest, we would like to attend in Amsterdam. We went to bed around 2 o’clock at night.

At the morning we went to the train station. I suggested that we go a little earlier because I thought, well it might be better to be earlier in the city for to have more time to walk and take a look at its significant things in it. We were on the train station 8:10 and had the intention to take the first train at 8:29, however God had other plans for that.It seemed that we have to wait and buy a ticket for after 9:00, otherwise Zlati couldn’t use his train card for my discount.He was quite irritated by the fact that I suggested that we went to the train station so early since he was quite sleepy in the morning because we went to bed so late.

Anyways I got a coffee from the trainstation waiting-room coffee machine.And, eh the coffee there is expensive, be careful if you travel in the Netherlands by train.

The coffee costed 1.50 per cappuchino, huh … We catched a train in 9:29 and we were in the capital of Amsterdam in 10:40.
I was so excited! Yes the trip worthed the price of 16.30 EUR (with the 40% discount). Amsterdam is a really nice city, especially considering it’s architecture. And I saw such a big shops and so many things to choose from … The whole city is full of canals and boats are traveling through it.
We went to music store, wow there was so much music in it.
We entered a lot of Catholic Churches in one of the Catholic Churches there was an orthodox icon of St. Nickolas! So I made the sign of the cross and prayed the Saint to pray God for me the sinner.
With our arrival right after we went out of the central station I saw a bookstore,so I proposed Zlati to enter. It seemed that was a protestant Christian bookstore. Even though a protestant one the people there at least were believing in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I had a small chat with one of the guys asking if they have Orthodox Bible, It seemed they haven’t so I started telling him about the advantages of being Orthodox Christian. I explained him how I became orthodox after God gave me the faith and transformed my life.
The bookstore had a free/coffee and tea.So each me and Zlati took a cappuchino. It was so nice God gave me a hot drink in the Early morning in Amsterdam.
A lot of people are insane in that place, I saw a lot of pod smokers on the street.

On a lot of places the air had that typical pod stell. We saw a lot of Museums, we tried to use a citymap although in a lot of cases  un-succesful. We saw so many Churches, Madam Tusad’s museum,as well as Anne Frank museum, the tulip museum.
There was also sex, museums we saw on our way and even this freaks had gay museum. We saw some road building in progress where a couple of people were building a road on top of pillars, right above the water! 🙂 The city is full of old buildings most of which originating from 16th century. The Architecture is really amazing. The parks and everything and the terraces had that typical European style which I’ve seen in movies showing people from the 18thor 19th century drinking coffees on the balconies. We took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately I still haven’t taken the pictures from Zlati. We entered into a shop which was selling buddhist, hindu and indian statues and souvenirs to warm a bit as the weather outside was coldy.
There we had a nice chat with the storekeeper, about religion and about my Orthodox faith in Our Lord Jesus! He mentioned that near around there is an Syrian Orthodox Church. So went to seek for it. After some rambling we found it but unfortunately it was already closed the time was quite late over 18:00, so it was quite normal to be closed.The style of the Church didn’t really much differentiated from the rest of the Catholic Churches.

Earlier we went into a Church, whether they had that modern exposition, again we went their to warm ourselves (it was such a cold day).

The Church inside was nice but the pictures,they was selling on the expo was really terrible, a lot of sado-mazo and perverted motives in the pictures …

I was saddened to see that they have de-sacrated a holy place like that. Well it’s true that the Roman catholics stepped aside from the orthodox faith some time ago but still they are believing Christians and therefore there temples are holy to some degree too … therefore such an abomination really shouldn’t happen.

The good thing was that in the Church they even had made toilets inside the church we could use 🙂
The Church wall paintings were displaying the way our Lord Jesus has walked on it’s way to final execution by the jews, carrying his cross on the way to Golgotha.

Around 18:30 we went to the street where the so famous prostites and drug addicts street was the “RED LIGHTS” – so famous all around the world ….

I couldn’t believed my eyes, prostites staying behind windows half naked waiting for a customer to hire them for sex …I have heard about that place but I really couldn’t imagine it could legally exist in the center of a metropolitan city like Amsterdam.

We walked in that “wicked” part of the city for around hour.
There were all kind of junkies people who looked really criminal, the prostitutes on the windows. Sex shops, sex video rooms, you name it .. all the disgusting stuff you could imagine. After this walk we went to the train station around 8:00 and took the train back to Arnhem. The whole day went quite flawless,God has heard our prayer to keep us from evil and give us safe journey.The whole trip was really relaxing for me! Praise the Lord for his great mercy towards me the sinner for giving my eyes to see all this things!

Thanks to God I’m in Arnhem the Netherlands! :)

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I had 3 days trip with bus with my girl classmate (Ina). We traveled using the union-ivkoni bus lines. As a wholebeing on the road with bus for 3 days in order to reach some destination is pretty killing. We started the historicaltravel from Kavarna to Sofia and then at 2 o’clock we catched the bus Sofia -> Utrecht. There was big delays in the Serbianand the Hungarian borders. On all the other boarders we and our luggage weren’t checked. We had a bunch of stops on a oil stations.And I have to note everything in the oil stations in europe is pretty expensive. For example one sanwdich costs somwehere aroundalmost 4EU!. I and Ina came at Utrecht at around 6 o’clock and went to the Utrecht’s train station where we took two tickets to Arnhem.At 7 we were at Arnhem and went to the bus station. Originally we expected that there are gonna be welcoming students there and HAN university buses traveling from there to Vivare and the other accommodation places, unfortunately this was not the case. We were absolutely alone at an unknown country again I prayed to God in Jesus name to help me find a way to fix this mess. I went to search for Mobile SIM card, at the end after 20 minutes of walk I asked a police officer near the train station and he told me about a bookstore where I can find mobile SIM cards. I took two of them one for Ina and one for me. I took the T-Mobile mobile. I heard that the prices of conversations between the Bulgarian GSM operator Globul and T-Mobile are cheaper so I decided to give it a try. We called Koko (A College Colleague, who is gonna study HRQM just like me and is going to continue as a 3rd year student in Arnhem Business School, he came instantly in 20 minutes or so with another Bulgarian guy who already studied a year in Arnhem (Drago). Drago didn’t helped much with the traveling bags. But Kaloyan helped a lot. Today I feel the grace of God so real. I pray that he keep me and guide me in the same way in the future too. Another thing to note is that the living room that Vivare selected for me or should I say God make it be for me is just perfect. It has a toilet (!big plus!, a terrace, аsink, a nice bed, A Buro, a lamp and a chair. The room number is with ID K. 111. I think 111 stays for the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) to Whom is and be the Glory the worship and power now and Forever and Ever, Amen!) I forgot to mention that I blocked my mobile telephone while trying to make the T-mobile SIM card work with my Motorola C115, luckily God has thought for this too. It seems Koko has one Mobile apartus he didn’t need right now so he gave it on a good will to me. Again what I can say Our Lord is an awesome God. Now I’m pretty tired and I’m going to bed. I have to mention Arnhem is excitingly charmful city and I really like it, also I’m impressed by the Dutch guys with which I had any work until now.Well for final I can only say: ” I screamed to the Lord and he heard my prayer and delivered me from evil”! Glory to you Lord of Hosts! Amen !END—–

A train trip to Sofia, My stay there and Down and Metallica’s concert

Monday, July 28th, 2008

My trip to Sofia started at 10:05 at Thursday with a train. It took me around 8 hours 30 minutes to arrive there.The reason I traveled to Sofia was the Metallica concert which was going to happen at Friday night. It seemedthat few other old friends were traveling to Sofia so we traveled in one compartment. I wasn’t able to sleep muchonly 2 or maximum 3 hours. The last time I traveled to sofia was 6 years ago so this long journey was somethingI haven’t done from a long time. Thanks to God the journey was “flawless”, we arrived whole. It seemed thattwo of the guys traveling with me (Toto and Neicho) had some engagements so I had to stay with the other twoguys (The so called “Lurch” and Miro – who is a reporter in a radio here in Dobrich ). Miro had to meet anold school friend from his military service. It happened that this guy was pretty cool. When we met themafter we spend some time wondering what are the plans for the day I proposed to go to the Sofia city Zoo aftera bit of arguing against all of the guys accepted the idea so we asked few people which tram we had to takein order to go to the Zoo. After finding out we needed number 9 we took that tram and traveled across the “Borisov’s garden” which is a sort of Sofia’s central park. We had to get down at one of the bus stationsbecause Vladimir (The Miro’s friend) had to use bathroom in urgency cause he had upset digestion. After hedrop the shit :). We took another tram and went to the station we had to get out and walk to the Zoo.First we went with Vladimir to take him some medicine against his upset digest, after which we walked aroundtwo bus stations before we arrived to the Zoo. The Zoo’s animals were awesome although the animals are a prisoners ..The animals we observed were Jaguars, Owls, hippopotamus, tigers, parrots, bears, rhinos, monkeys, turtles,ostrichs and many many more. After that we were hungry so we went to the Sofia Student City. And we saton a place called “Krivoto”, after seeing the high prices there we decided we won’t eat there and stayedonly for a drink there. After which we went to a place called “Dzhumajata” where we ate cheap pastrys and snacks.Speaking about cheap stuff I should say I noticed that the prices in Sofia are a way more expensive comparingto the prices in most of the towns and citys. After we had our lunch we took a bus and traveled to the Boris’sGarden to a place pretty near to the stadium where the Metallica concert was going to happen. The weatherwas terrible at the beginning it was raining then it was shiny afterwards it was rainy, sunshine and rain changedfor a few times during the day and as a whole the time was pretty unsteady. We were there near the stadiumat 1 o’clock in the afternoon so we had a lot of time to loose, most of the people who were already therewere young uncivilized metalheads who were a pretty disgusting picture. Until maybe 3 o’clock most of the guysI’ve saw was in the age interval 14-16 years old which make me feel like like I’m in the kinder garden. This guys were drinking screaming unhumanly. Yes 9 years ago when I was on the Metallica’s concert in PlovdivI know I was looking probably pretty similar to that guys but still I hated that. At a point I was so disgustedfrom the metal culture and the young metalheads that I wanted no more to attend the concert I was thinking ofselling my ticket and going for a walk with Nomen. In the end I decided I won’t sell my ticket and willenter the concert. It seemed I entered late and the concert has already started because I wasn’t able to listento the warm up band called “The Sword”, when I entered I came just on time for “Down” band performance.I have to say I wasn’t impressed I never listened this band seriously but as far as I am an ex-Pantera fanI expected more from (Pantera’s frontman) Phil Anselmo. From I’ve heard I personally think he can’t sing at all.Most of the public around me seemed like they aren’t enjoying Down too. Next an 50 minutes or so after DownMetallica went on stage heating the audience to red with Creeping Death and a bunch of other fromtheir all well known songs from Kill’em All, Ride the Ligthning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All andThe Black Album. The only song thay played from an album after year ’91 was Fuel which is one of the best songs from their carreer after ’91. The sound quality was pretty good and as a whole Metallica performancewas so good that it seemed they’re performing on a playback. This is the good things I may say, the bad thingsare I realized a lot of their things are devilish and inspired by the devil himself. Also I examined in theirattitude and their stage behaviour this guys have completely gone insane. They acted like Metallica is some kindof God who they feed. From a believers perspective I can say Metallica as a band became an idol to the band members.An idol which is their God. I really hate that and at a point I wanted that the concert be done as soon as possible.After the concert I went out from one of the stadium exits, and tried to find the place where we were with the guysbefore the concert but I got lost, and decided to call to Nomen and tell him I’m going to his place because i didn’thave much of a thing to do, I had to call Vlado (Hellpain) afther the concert but there were some problems withthe GSM networks exactly then so I wasn’t able to find him right then. I was walking in a streets at Sofia havingno idea where I am going. I was searching for a cheaper I can take to Nomen’s quarter (Dyrvenica). Luckily I meta friends from Dobrich who were in Sofia for many years and asked them which taxi to take in order to save some money.The suggested I should take a taxi called from the taxis “1 euro” and told me in which street it’s more probableto find such a taxi. One of this taxis i’ve saw was taken right before me, so I was walking and searching for another taxiat this point I was very tired. I prayed Jesus to help me earlier because I felt a kind of totally lost in Sofiaand I really wanted not to spend much money for a taxi. And the prayer was answered like always Hellpain called to meand asked where I’m, I told him I have absolutely no idea where I am and asked him if it’s a problem for himto drive me to Dyrvenica, he said: “it’s not a problem because they’re pass by this quarter anyways.I had to call him 4 or 5 times before I was able to find the stadium where he was waiting for me. They took me and bring me to dyrvenica,then Nomen took me from the bus station and after we went to the shop to take something for eating, we ate spaghetti talked a bitand went to bed. At the next day after I woke up I have awaken him too and we went to Djumayata to have a breakfast.After that we went to the center and “by chance” although no chances at this life, Nasko (with which we were a colleagues at “”,called to hear me how I am and I told him I’m in Sofia. He suggested that we may see each other and we did 2 hours later or so.Before that we had a coffee to a coffeterea very close to the Sofia’s university. Right before that we walked around the National Assembly,and we went to the Largest Church in Sofia, “St. Alexander Nevski”. The church is beatiful and big and has much lessorthodox icons than the one hear in Dobrich. Later when we met Nasko infront of Sofia’s University we went to a place called”Krivoto” which is right next to the Sofia’s university. The prices there again were pretty high. After that we wentto the Sofia’s mall where we went to IMAX (3d cinema). We watched a film Nascar their which is a sort of documentary filmfor the nascar racings which happen in america. Watching cinema in 3d is pretty awesome althought it tires your brain a lot.In order to see in 3d, when you enter the cinema a personal provides you with special glasses which make the films projected in 3d.After that we went to Student City again where we met vlado we ate a burgers with Nomen, after which we went to the Djumaya again.There are 2 Djumaya’s one is for fast food the other one is like a restaurant and a sort of pub in one. This time we went to the restaurant/pub. We drinked beer with fried potates and went to Mitko’s place again where we watched an English comedy called “The Black Adder”. At the nextday after we woke up we went to a monestery pretty close to the Dyrvenica’s quarter “Dyrvenishki Monestery”. There I asked the priestto bless two crosses I bought the day before from Alexander Nevski and he blessed them with a holy water in the name of “The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit). After that we went back to the center in Sofia and called to see Nasko. Together we went to a place where we ate pretty cheap pizzas this was located very near to a park. The interesting thing about the park was that it was a free wifi zone. Too bad nobodywas with his laptop :). We had to meet toto their and we sat to a coffeeteria. After the coffe we tried to kill some time at the parkwatching the fountains and talking about stuff. At 5 o’clock we went around the Sofia’s Theather which I think is a sort of national theater.After that we had another cheap pizza to a place near the NDK building. I and nasko walked around NDK. Something really good that I rememberI saw the day before was a Russian Orthodox Church we went in it only for few minutes and there was some sort of liturgy or so happening,so we went out. I also saw quiet a lot of other interesting buildings and places which right now I cannot say by name cause I don’tremember the name. At 8 o’clock we took a bus to the train station. We bought tickets and we catched the train back to Dobrich. At the train a guy I didn’t know started talking with me, I introduced myself to him and he to me. And very fast we became a friends. He is called “Bagryian” and is a machine engineer on a ship, he is right now graduating at the Naval school in Varna. It seemed he also was from Tyrgovishte and he knew Nasko the guy with whom we spend our day and the day before 🙂 Accidence Huh? The guy told me he is coming back from a sailing courseto Malta. It seemed he is a interested into wireless cracking and security as a whole at the same time he is a “stopper” geek (not sure about the term but basicly he enjoys to stop random cars to bring him from a destination to another destination. He was also interested into security in general although he is not so deeply into computing, he explained me some interesting stuff about wireless technology. He made and embededan external antena to his laptop wireless in order to make it catch more wifi-networks. Also He showed me his gps and gsm with the “tomtom” software which indicated our location when we were moving with the train and also our speed we travel with. He was a pretty interesting buddy. Luckily my travel to Dobrich was incident free and now I’m home blogging 🙂 Bagryan mentioned he owns a website about tech stuff called . Also he told me that the stop guys have gatherings just like the rockers gatherings and he mentioned the official site for the stopper guys in Bulgaria. Check it out .END—–