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Satanism and Occultism preached in modern Hip-Hop star singers and hip hop culture – revealed

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

"Above is a quote from the Satanic Bible which is a formula for success preached by all modern music stars today"

During my younghood, I've been listening to a lot of metal spending many nights in a discoteques. Being seriously addicted to metal music and hanging around a lot with metal companies. Back in the days I remember closely, even though I have realized there is something wrong with Metal. I always had a natural hate for (hip-hop) rap music, which in my view back there was a hypocrite music.

Don't get me wrong I know many people who are fans of a rap music and they seem to be a very good people the only problem is the rap industry as we know it is not preaching a good and generally tends to be hypocritic.

Many years passed since then, many things happened in my life, one of which was my convertion by the Lord Jesus Christ grace to Christianity. It was just about many years of wandering for me until I found the faith of my fathers which the Orthodox Christianity. Which I later realized was the only complete and true apostolic Christianity existent as of today.

As a person, who is constantly striving for the truth (Thanks and Glory be to God for making me like this). I've started researching, the different philosophical and music genres movements in deepness, since then and it was quite shocking and almost in disbelief, I've found most of the youngsters mind preference ruling pop and  hip-hop culture has a very strong connection with occultism and satanism. This connection between modern hip-hop music and satanism is not always clearly manifested but obfuscated in mixing some good preaching lyrics with bad preaching lyrics.  The authors of the music and lyrics are just sharing their ideology, which is neither inclining for good nor for evil but a mixture of.

By God's grace just recently, I've found analysis in youtube which is showing more than clearly that one of the hip-hop idols as they're called in the mass-media are just poor deceived people who preach the satanic philoslophy to the masses. Just to mention few of these notorious hip-hop musicians, who sold their souls to the devil:

Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, DMX, Lyl Wayne, Chris brown, Keri, 2PAC and probably many, many more of the top stars who used to be taken for life examples by multitude of youngsters, who never been tought properly by their family to believe in Jesus Christ to love God and stay away from evil people and non-godly philosophies.

However it is not the parents fault that the children was not properly educated in the spirit of Christianity, the alienation of family from Christianity and Christian ethics has happened slowly through the last 200 years. The 2 World Wars, the crisis and the many calamities around the world. The materialist people's philosophy preached, heavily communism, democracy and the fall of monarchies, all this together played a role for breaking up the common people good faith in Jesus Christ and the introduction of false Christs doctrines to people.

Some of the many false-christs (anti-christs – meaning instead of Christ) are many of today's biggest stars we see on the TV and listen on the radio literally daily.
This fame this mortal people like me got not by chance and a hard work, though some of them might have been a hard workers too. They got it by being raised with a non-Christian philosophy being exposed to a non-Christian communities, being exposed to constant look for fame and money and desire for power and finally being exposed to one false spirituality which satanism and occult movements offers. Many of this people have already developed multiple personalities, as a consequence of the demon possession. Hence many of this hip-hopsters are probably most of the time not themselves but are simply controlled by an evil spirit, who is doing through them the works of satan and as a reward gives them fame using them as a dumb instruments to spread an insane nowhere leading philosophical ideas and devilish lies…. Here are the 2 videos who does a Christian criticism on the lyrics and videos shown to promote these so "talented" hip-hop singers:



SATAN LIES PART 3 – Bringing in the Anti-Christ – LIL WAYNE, 50 CENT, CHRIS BROWN, KERI

Satanism in Hip Hop 1

Satanism in Hip Hop 2

satanism in Hip Hop 3

Well obviously, this people are not singing to praise God and Christ and therefore they're with the devil.I know this will probably look like a meaningless rant to a non-Christian minded people from other religions as well as to atheists but this are the facts. Why would people who are not Christian as the authors of this music preach an anti-Christian content?? If they don't believe in God or Satan and the devil, why would they ever preach a no moral, no ethics, hatred evil and generally anti-Christianity?? One would say "it is just because of money and fame and cause they want to be different", but even if this was the case how comes they become so popular. Where this magnetism this God enemies possess from? Who gives the money to the industry to make this people so famous and make them being on the TV screen and Radios all around the clock. What are this people's philosophy for life and their beliefs. Let me tell obviously, they're people like the up mentioned hip-hop singers, evil desirers, non lovers of good and family and person destroyers ….


Brave New World – a scary documentary on possible terrible outcomes of one posthuman society

Friday, May 11th, 2012


Hi, Hi. It is me the author again. While browsing and conducting a very thoroughful research on Transhumanism. I've stucked upon a documentary movie called after Aldous Huxley's SCI-fi book Brave New World. It is probably, no co-incidence that Iron Maiden took Brave New World as a title for album that went out few years ago. Brave New World book depicts a society which is more than scary from a sane person view.

I suggest you watch the movie and talk about it and about Transhumanism to as many people as you can while, we can still talk freely. This Transhumanism and Posthumanism craziness is not just some joke, but a near future possible reality!!!!

Here are the 5 parts of Brave New World documentary:



Brave New World Transhuman (vision) video – part 1

Brave New World Transhuman (vision) video – part 2

Brave New World Transhuman (vision) video – part 3

Brave New World Transhuman (vision) video – part 4

Brave New World Transhuman (vision) video – part 5

Honestly watching the movies it was thrilling experience. I've never ever thought we humans with our insanity and strife for fake "perfection" has gone so far. I don't know why this things are not publicly shown on the TV and there are not more movies circulating on the topic. People has to organize and start opposing, the transhumanism movement and the so quickly pushed technology after technology. We don't need this stupid Virtual Reality to be happy. If we're not happy in current, reality it is more than likely we will never be happy in a Virtual Reality. Finally I would like to ask, why ever this scientists shown on the movie wants to live in a perfect disease-less world? Most if not all of them have no faith in God. At the end, the idea for ultimate perfect world is Christian in essense. Why would they want to imitate perfect God creations if they reject God's ultimate existence….

The concepts as transferring a human mind to a Virtual "existing" reality is no longer a sci-fi concept. The aim of the transhumanists and posthumanist idealogists is exactly this. They want to leave this old world behind and leave in a virtual (non-real) place.

Woe to our generation, woe for if we don't turn back the way and stay human we will end up in a terrible destruction for sure ….

Mass Media equals Mind Control / Watching Television or Movies can put you into a Hypnotic like state

Monday, May 21st, 2012


I'm still heavily researching on Mind Control Applications as well as how the our brains could be intentionally mislead to do not our will.
I myself am not watching TV for years now and I know pretty well the TV programs are one big non-sense. Loosing interest into television came natural for me as sometime in my development in life I found I can use computer to gather a data of my preference. As computers and internet gave me more control over choice what I want to learn I quit watching TV completely. However now I'm starting to realize even though I haven't watched TV for a long time the fact that I have watched plenty of Television as a child has unintentionally influenced me as a purpose.

The real way how television influence us and makes us prone to suggestability is through putting the watched in a state similar to a hypnosis. I personally don't believe in the hypnosis as it is an occult practice and I think Christians are not suspectable to be influenced in the same way as non-Christians as it is up to God to decide how a certain technology will influence the individual. However most of us people nowdays are not a regular church attendants and we don't regularly pray and ask God for mercies and blessings therefore this makes us away from God and makes us more vulnerable to satanic agendas like hypnotism to be able to have influence on us….
Also by TV and modern pop culture, we have been encouraged to not stick to our cultural roots but to separate ourselves and accept an empty non-sense ideology that doesn't have any core besides money and consumerims.
In that sense the TV and medias plays the most significant role nowdays.

Mass Media = Mind Control – a video explaining in short how the TV and Mass medias are used to create similar or identical ideas in masses

The internet as lately we're hearing about PIPA, SOPA and all kind of legislations regulations corrupted 0politicians try to vote for could be soon filtered too. If that happens the situation with using computers to inform ourselves will be not so much different than with TV's and other medias.
Anyways even today the internet is heavily regulated as the biggest newspapers like New Your Times, BBC, Guardian are only publishing materials approved by the directors and compatible with the companies owners agendas…

Anyways we are not helpless as we can educate people and show them the real face of the things, so they can finally realize that this whole deception and anti-religious propaganda on the TV and vows for a life without rules is the greatest deception of our age.

WIth TVs, radios, music, Mobiles, Ipads, IPhones or nomatter what kind of latest technology we can never be happy while living without God.

Another good video worhty to see I've found on youtube is called
TV = Mind Control, unfortunately the video is not emebeddable so to see it you would have to copy paste this link:

The meaning of the business modern day definition

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

What is the business word meaning - The success Plague my gimp logo

This post, is just to open one big issue I saw with the modern business word.
In universities, governmental institutions and everywhere throughout the globe the business word is repeated more and more everyday. People often associate business with all positive.  Everyone who is succesful in business is highly praised and  even more absurdly thought as superior to others!

With all this said I would like to honestly ask you the the question "What is the  meaning of business?" and why ever thought it means anything meaningful. Who on a first place did come up with this non-sense word and why we are still so dumb to praise it and not completely ban it from our lives and just live whethever is good and righteous wihtout trying to get into e field of someone or a groups of people idea of something that makes not a senese at all.

If you think closely on the business word having the definition of just "being busy all the time", then it is logical everyone is a businessman and hence everyone is in business . Still howevfer in universities, we have courses teaching is that you should follow certain direction or "mantra" like rules in order to be a succesful businessman. There are plenty of books already around named like

  • the 7 habits of succesful people
  • How to become succesful in life
  • What to eat and why
  • How to behave on business meetings. 
  • What is the ultimate key to success in both daily life and spirituality
  • How to be intercultrally aware 

and many many more all kind of junk literature like this. In my view all this is a complete nonsense not less or more than what the business is. Lets face it  business means "Busy-ness" e.g. to be constantly busy. In that sense people are getting more and more busy these days. Not that this busi-ness has a direction or a line. People are now constantly busy with something, watching TV, playing computer games, reading useless lies information in the newspaper, not to mention the riduculous nonsense talking over the phone for every minor detail. People think less and less, while being busy more and more. Where this will end? I have no clue. What I'm certain is all this "busi-ness" trend in society is not a good think. Being constantly busy plague, (being a busyness man) is starting to spread to everyone on earth. The important thing is not to be busy all the time, but to be busy with something which will help you and help the others for good. Nowdays people and especially "business" people concentrate not on the being helpful (corporate responsibility) thing, or making a contribution to the rest and yourself but rather to make a contribution to something.

Many of the people involved in business takes decision, which has a terrible impact on both the rest of people and themselves. Unfortunately we can see rarely people realize all this things … I hope this business understanding as we know it, will be stopped and people will realize that business, shouldn't be always a good thing or thing that has to do with money and professional success, but rather a hostile kind of anti-human and anti-self fostered international culture .

There is plenty to be said on why one shouldn't want to become a succesful businessman and why an education in a business field could be often useless, but as I don't have the time now (sorry I'm too busy! I'm a businessman  :D).

Anyways I will rant on this subjects too in the posts to come.

The Nativity – Рождество – animated movie re-telling the story of Christ’s birth (мультфильм Михаила Алдашина)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

с Рождеством Христовым !!!!

Рождество – The Nativity (мультфильм Михаила Алдашина)

It is  Natavity of Christ in most the Orthodox Christian world. It is common the feast is celebrated 3 days in us Orthodox. Many of the Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on 6-th against 7-th until 9-th of January because, many of national Orthodox Churches are still using Julian Calendar for calculating the dates and in Julian Calendar 24-th against 25-th of December is on 6-th against 7-th January in the Gregorian calendar. This year I'm celebrating with Serbian and Russian Orthodox Churches thus today I'm united with the joy of Serbs and Russians from the good news of Christ's birth. I know  little of Russian and Serbian culture, so while looking for Russian and Serbian songs, I've stumbled upon a beautiful Russian animation movie re-telling the Wondrous things around the Nativity of our Savior and King Jesus. The video is perfect for Christian families who want to teach, their kids to be good Christians and to know their faith well. I think parents should do their best to find for some non-violence filled kind animations like those to grow a sane psychic stable adults. Most of the videos nowadays on TV and  youtube, are very unsuitable for kids, and for purely psychological point of view they raise the kid psychic be filled with fears of unknown dangers, monsters and mythical un-existing heroes. Now in ex-communist countries like my own Bulgaria, many people's kids knows very well who is Batman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Peter Pan, Ben 10 etc. but they have no idea who is their savior and true life giver Jesus. Christ's birth story and miracles surrounding it besides being an infallable truth, also have been told from parents to kids over the last 2000 years. Nowadays with advancement of technology, parents could be more lazy and  just play the story in youtube, but most of them are even lazy to do this. They prefer the kid takes care alone for himself, leave him with the TV switched on on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon TV channel to fill his forming psychic with atrocities and false mysticism and believe and desire for "magics". Our fore-fathers worked hard to make our fathers, not to incline year on magic and mystical stories and now we sadly ignore, their good example and with our indifference do to our kids just the opposite. Still there is hope, if you're an young kid or growing teenager parent, you can make a difference, by simply trying to spend more time with your kid speak about his problems and re-tell him the Wondreous Evangelical Events or just play him this movie and movies aline.

Let the incarnated Lord Jesus, who took flesh by the Holy Immaculate womb of Virgin Mary have mercy on all Orthodox growing Children and Parents! Let by the Holy prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, God give us all good minds to turn ourselves to care for our families, kids and relatives. Let the peace, hope, love and good health be abundant for us today and in the days to come of our short earthly life!

Christ is born ! Truly he is Born!


Mind Control – Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Here is a video in short talking about Brain Washing and how it works. It seems the lady has some good insight on brainwashing, so what she says is sad facts.

Brainwashing is used since the very early days to control the masses. Hitler used it, Stalin used it communist used it heavily to indoctrinate people who lived in Communistic regime. Nowdays in all democratic countries it is also widely used to indoctrinate and influence us to make certain choices in live to buy certain products, eat out of ordinary time to destroy family love and substitute it with constant manipulation between the family members.

Young people who visit regularly discoteques, bars and coffee are mostly brtainwashing each other just repeating information they were previously brain washed with through the TV screen movies, music or "ART" (you know nowdays art has nothing to do with beatiful but is mostly a senseless things).

Manipulation of the masses (Brainwashing – to clean up your brain) means to also destroy people's natural idea of having good and bad, right and wrong, so nowdays most people doesn't live really but they live the lives of some actors or learned behaviours seen on the TV.

The most sad think is the modern world and modernization does stripe off the thinking out of people, so people are becoming ultimate re-peaters. Besides that scripts of almost everything if not all on the Television aims to program our minds with certain ideas or likings. This conditioning through the medias and the daily increasing brainwashing all around us makes us more and more cruel and unloving beasts like. The love people used to have for each other and love for God and for each other is quickly vanishing as a result ,,,
The Mind Control techniques are surely far more advanced from the ones we can find on the internet, so we can be sure our daily social conditioning is way more heavier than we think.


What is Transhumanism and augenics and why it is a severe threat to our Freedom

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Many people, certainly doesn't know what is Transhumanism term but has already been irradiated heavily with TRANSHUMANISM ideas without even realizing it.

Just until a recently I used to be also one of this unrealizing "poor" transhumanism victims, who had a a high passion for latest technology and accepted almost all new technology in my daily life without too much questioning if it really will lead to a good or bad future for our earth as we know it.

A friend of mine from the old years, who is not a technology savvy Plamenko) had visited me and told me about Transhumanism possible danger (for which I'm very thankful). Plamenko has a strong personality for constant look for the truth and is a also a devoted Christian (like me).
I'm not if Plamen was the first from whose I heard of the Transhumanism term existence, but he was the person who give me a short explanation on the term.


Transhumanism, though might be a new word in reality is nothing new but a well forgotten old. A different "version" of Transhumanism term (word) was known to most people since about more than 80 years ago under the term Eugenics

Now in case you ponder what the crack is Eugenics?, here is an a definition  from wikipedia


Eugenics is the "applied science or the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population", usually referring to the manipulation of human populations.[2][3] The origins of the concept of eugenics began with certain interpretations of Mendelian inheritance, and the theories of August Weismann.[4] Historically, many of the practitioners of eugenics viewed eugenics as a science, not necessarily restricted to human populations; this embraced the views of Darwinism and Social Darwinism.

Augenics was heavily researched during the Second World War, back then Nazis invested many millions for various researches on how the human genes can be improved to create a Super Human powered Man in other words Nazis wanted to create a  kind of Super Powers (special abilities having) SuperMan.
Nowdays, Transhumanism is simply abbreviated with an H+ or h+ (a short reference word for Human+)

Transhumanism is a cultural and intellectual movement whose idea is heavily found in many Science Fiction books which are circulating in the public in the last 150 years or so. A thing that used to live in some "visionaries" – a sick mind world detached people is now once again starting to get to life more than, we imagine in America. The American government is sponsoring heavily researches in Transhumanism field, and for some few centuries tried to create a super powered soldiers. The existing situation with advances in science and the ability this advances give to people with Pro-Transhumanistic ideas is now however very disturbing. Transhumanism "culture" is being preached all over the TVs and radios to the masses and pitily. Most of us are not even realizing what is really happening, as we're brainwashed to believe the "robotic" electronic culture has prepared us a bright or pain free (no diseases) future…

This should ring some bells, because the facts around Transhumanism which are so nicely displayed on our screen are actually not so nice as we can imagine.

We're constantly being preached transhumanism from most of the TV super stars of the day, just to name few of all the celebrities who preach transhumanism Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, many of the modern rap musicians. There is also a shart transhumanism influence in progressive metal. There is plenty of that subject, if you want to learn more about this just type "transhumanism in music" in youtube and you will be amazed after seeing some critical analysis on modern musicians and composers, TV ads, movies etc.

I personally would recommend you see this movie for more info on how transhumanism is heavily incorporated in modern music industry unfortunately you will have to copy paste it in browser, because the video embeddability is disabled:

A very good resource, exposing Transhumanism bads is also an 1 hour speech in American's Alex Ansery's show:

Interview with Tom Horn – A Christian Scientists – Taking a deep look of the possible dangers Transhumanism movement imposes to our current and future society

If you watch closely above video you will notice this guy is really, really SMART. The perspective Tom gives to transhumanism is opposite to the traditional perspective, we're constantly shown in latest Hollywood movies Super Heroes. Just to name a very few of the almost immserably long list of (H+ super star modern heroes):
Avatar, X-Man, The Matrix, Batman, Superman, Terminator, Universal Soldier etc.

Actually, when I think over the long movies list, I've seen during my young years I considered of a top quality and a high value, probably about 70% percent are containing a topics of a an upcoming near Transhumanistic world like stories….

Back then, I was not a devoted Christian like today, neither I had a glimpse on the different philosophy movements predominating the modern world, hence as a kid I didn't realize that what I was mindfully suggested is a good or bad (is of a great value or not).

Now knowing about Transhumanism I realize what is mostly preached over the TV, radios and the major media channels is actually just some projection of ideas of group of people "on  how the world should look in near future and, what would be best for us due to those ppls philosophy.

Now knowing all that I realize the Transhumanism implantation in our minds is nothing more than one BIG DECEPTION. Due to this transhumanist ideas what thought to be "best" for us in very  near  future  is a world of  enhanced h+ HIGHER TECHNOLOGY people and even H+ enabled society ….

Now as a mature person, I know this world was created by God and the way God created us  (humans) in the beginning of creation was the best way we could have been created. In other words God made us with the best "features" we should have before the original sin fall of man in Eden, e.g. we humans are the greatest designer products if I have to speak in ( H+ terms). In that manner of thought obviously,  any other further advancement attempts of our physical (human) appearance would be a step back towards  primitivism.

Actually it is a very sad fact that, we the modern people has leaped forward towards a society, whose essence comes to a very bad version of originally better initial society …

We not only don't grow ourselves anymore in high moral and ethics values (as we're supposed to) but we want to completely destroy our Human qualities (which actually provide us the free will right we initially given by God). If transhumanism is not opposed in our societies sooner it will completely destroy all the society spheres as we know it.

Most people nowdays tend to put their trust more in a technology systems than to their own eyesight…  this is yet another step towards the implanted ideas of mass media in minds that we have to live an imaginary robotized transhumanized life ….

The Satanic Cult behind the Music Industry – Close examination on modern music and its connection to occultism and satanism

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Have you ever wondered, how the big music artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, 2PAC, RedMan and the rest got in to the top of music industry? Most people think, well they were born under a lucky star. They're so great, they had the skills or they achived their earthly fame with a lot of work. Though some of the aforementioned might have done a lot of work. Most of their financing and ascension to the top music ranks was done on purpose and financed. Those top star people were choosen not by accident, they were carefully selected to serve someone's purposes. Most of them succeeded in that. The top musicians that we hear all the time on the radio and the TV, were just mostly a brainwashed zoombies that were following their induced programming of the brainwasher. People who live in he easterm world has also experienced heavy brainwashing during communism, the Communist parties was using exactly the same kind of methodologies to brainwash many of the key people in the Communist society. Nowdays this brainwashing is continuing on and in on in the pseudo democratic west and mostly America. Methods for inducing mind control like MK-Ultra Monarch are being massively put in action on the TV. While I was researching, some few days ago on the Satanic roots of Rock and Roll modern music, I've come a very interesting video I thought is interesting enough to share with people. The movie is called

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry

. It is very carefully exploring / studying the essoteric symbolism behind the modern day music industry and the antipod place of the Agios Oros (Holy Mountaun monk island) – Holywood (A Devil's lair trying to copy the Holy Monk inhabited island) … Well it was quite shocking to me to realize MK-ULTRA Methodology is not only practiced in the TV screen or in casual advertisement but is also heavily introduced in educational institituions. I've been unlucky to have many courses in Arnhem Business School a Dutch university with a "innovative" stream called HRQM (Human Resources Quality Management). Where the MK-Ultra Monarch brainwashing techniques are probed constantly over students. Some of the other techniques practiced in this Dutch University in the HRQM stream is Hegelian Dialectics another alternative MK-Ultra Monarch brainwashing technique that can make a mass of people be influenced to go in a certain direction. Though this techniques might be working my personal view as a Christian is they don't work by themselves but it is devils which work "behind the scenes" to make people possessed through this anti-Christian will taking manipulation practices. Below are the videos I can find in youtube on the topic. Some of the videos were already removed, when I found them because the author of the videos included music or scenes which were copyrighted and he didn't have the right to …. Anyways by watching this videos any honest man with himself will see this is not just some kind of fantasy, though some moments might be over-exaggerated and the music played in the videos back i sa bit manipulative. Generally speaking the videos unfortunately, shows mostly the truth as it is. Hope the videos will be beneficial to someone.

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 2

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 3

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 4

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 5

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 6

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 7 – A

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 7 – B

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 7 – C

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 8

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 10

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 11

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 12

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 13 – A

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – part 13 – B

The Illuminati Satanic Industry Exposed – part 14

The Illuminati Satanic Industry Exposed – part 15

The Illuminati Satanic Industry Exposed – part 16