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The Trigger for this site my failed university studies

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The computer Freak absolute trigger old computer laptop like looking

What triggered the creation of this website is my many failed university studies. Everywhere in  each and every university I studied, teachers tried to impose (project) their world view on the student. This is a very bad in my personal view, because once you graduate instead of being determined in what you want to do with your life on the contrary you start to loose the way and be dependent on someone's idea of life.

I've been  in 2 technical professional universities, one economic and one Business administration oriented university. I've seen a lot of different life-views. In each and every of this educational institutions I was expecting to be "blessed" with a good stand to find my way in life. In most of the time all of the universities, seriously disappointed me.

The good think from failure is that it makes you learn, so I believe my failure to fit to education systems is rooted in the fact, I'm a  too much freedom thinking person. Current educational system is completely hostile to freedom thinkers and if you're determined to learn more than the usual with a desire to preserve your identity and freedom you will most likely not fit in any educational system. Taking out the human's freedom starts in very early stage in school. Teachers just grab you and push you in a line and try to shape you as a clay. This wouldn't be a bad think if they have a good stand base like a good understanding on who they're. Unfortunately most of people in this age, doesn't have any idea, who they're, where they come from and why they live. This is because of lacking faith in God. Later in the university, situation become even worser as you're put in some kind of track which often is not up-to-date and doesn't respond to what you will need once you have graduated

Honestly I was amazed that  within universities, where it was supposed I should meat intelligent people with a profound interest in different fields, I mostly met people who just followed the scheduled universities program and rarely was interested in scientific matters or in any research and development.

I believe this kind of educational becoming more dumb is rooted in the lack of people to hold their traditions and their strong faith in God and God providence for life.

Computers Technology use, Internet, Mobile Phones and all kind of technical screen based equipment alters negatively the human brain

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Computers Internet and Technology evil terminator picture

According to latest scientific research conducted in Stanford University USA .

People who actively use computers and internet has been the object of the research in 2009.

Social Networks, Tablets Smartphones etc. provides more and more possibilities for us to access information.

Most of modern people today tend to loose approximately between 8 and 10 hours a day either using Internet, a PC, Word-excel, their mobile phone or some kind of other mobile gadget like let’s say IPAD.

Most of today’s technologic goods we use to make our lives easier are multitasking.
The brain itself is not adjusted to work in such a multi-tasking mode as a direct consequence of being in contact with this multi-tasking for a long periods of time it gets altered.
Suddenly it starts being multitasking, or in other words starts processing information in parallel.

As the amount of information is constantly increasing online and we’re in contact with more and more information and moreover the altered way of our brains which starts working in multi-tasking the brain-overflows or (information brain overlow) is starting being more and more occuring event.

The consequence of this complexity is starting to impact us seriously as we tend to get addicted to technology usage and day by day it seems that the amount of information our brains are able to process is decreasing.

Logically enough the long-term consequence of a an internet addiction or any kind of technology addiction, plus the tremendous amounts of information we do think over daily is starting to show up the negative consequences on our psyche and (soul)

The brain starts changing the way it gets information as it adapts itself to “not remember”, as the information to be processed daily is so much that it couldn’t really comprehend it.

A good example for multi-tasking which if not all most of the users on the Internet today use daily is one of terriblest things ever created facebook, in my of my previous articles I’ve blogged about why social networks are big evil read it here and it seems this new information about brain altering caused bhy multi-tasking is just another supporting reason on why it’s better not to use social networks like facebook and twitter.

The endless amount of information according to the Stanford University research has prooven that the endless amount of information is pernicioufor our (brains) minds and is in many ways similar to the excessive amount of sugar in the body.

The scientiests which conducted the research does recommend to heavy computer and tech users (like me), to self-control themselves and be on a tech-diet (e.g. not use technology completely for at least 1 or 2 days every week).

Another serious damage which was prooven according to Stanford’s scientiests research was that people’s brains who have a severe exposure to internet or phone usage tend to have very serious problems with contentration and are very easily distracted.
This in a long term surely leads to a chaotic way of living obviously.
Suddenly it seems technology to be slowly becoming even more deadly and destructive than drugs.

Many people would say this kind of research is not true, but I can confirm that for instance many of the proven facts are things I have experiences myself in my daily life, so I believe what the research has prooven is mostly true.

This research was just another one after a month before other scientiests has prooven that Mobile Phone use leads to alteration of the brain chemistry
Apart from all the said negative consequences of use of technology for human brain is the problem with technology today heavily used as a way to spy on personal privacy I wonder be glad to hear in the comments section for other people like me who have problems with concentration and have a very short time memory (I myself have serious problem with that one).

Some of my projects in HAN University publicly available

Friday, September 18th, 2009

For my studies in HAN I had to do a couple of projects. I thought that the project could
be of any added value to somebody out there. Therefore I’m publishing the projects here.
International Labour Law Project on Collective Labout Agreements (Great Britain and The Netherlands)
Here is my projects on Changemanagement Management – Plan to make a change in a company involved into Virtual Entertainment Industry as well as the other
My Change management Individual plan discussing integration of OrangeHRM
For all not familiar with OrangeHRM it’s a nice open source system to manage your Human Resources within your company.
Here is the project we had to build with my colleagues for International Marketing (IMM).
1. Internal Analysis of Aeroflot Company
2. Aeroflot Internal and External Analysis & Crafting Strategies to improve Aeroflot position on the Market
.Another project we developed previous semester in ABS (Arnhem Business School) HAN is:
The IBP (International Business Plan).
Here is a line to it as well:1. An almost complete version of the International Business Plan for PinPane (A touchscreen notebooks producer) .Just in case if you wonder what is the project for. The project is for a company producing Touchscreen displays who already operates
in two countries and aims to spread to a third one. In the Business Plan it’s described what could the company do to achieve the expansion
and moreover what will be the expansion expenses.
The second semester we also had that SHR subject (Strategic HR) which was mostly centered around a crafted concept the teachers called
Gyroscopic Self Management. There was even a book discussing the gyroscopic self management approach, even though in reality the book doesn’t said nothing consistant, it’s a crap
,which pretty much looked like the method itself. You wonder what gyroscopic self management is?
It’s a destructive method of brainwashing creating all negative you could imagine, being of course presented as something superberb,
something that really could make a difference in your life. A sort of sect philosophy centered around a few guys own unrealized insanity.
You can read the Gyroscopic Self Management book here Here is also a link to a Group in Google that we used for our SHR (Strategic HR) project which failed HRQM G Cluster Google Group

Manowar in Kavarna

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Everything actually started in Friday. Friday I was on a Webtech in Varna in the Technical University.This is the second Webtech conference made in Varna. I was on the lectures until dinner. Firstwe went with Nomen, Niki and Dancho to the TU University, and we lost some time searching for theroom after that we found the room where the lectures were going to be. We entered in the endingpart of the first introductionary lecture about webtech. After this there was a lecture forperl Catalyst, which was quite interesting btw after that a lecture for expect (hackman has leaded the lecture).After that we went to drink a coffee and I found out I have lost my wallet. I get mad because I thoughtwell God I try to be good to others to give to the poor etc. etc. and in return I loose 42 lv. I spendthe other part of the day staying alone on a bench outside the university and thinking about the humanexistence, after that I went home very disappointed and angry. Stelio a friend who is has led me to the Orthodox Christianianity. Called and I invited him to be my guest, we had a great time togetherdiscussing the human existence. The next day I wake up early and I was feeling awful, meaninglesslost. Nomen called and said there are on the 2nd day on the lectures of webtech conference againand that my wallet has been found with 42 lv. and my ID card in it. I PRAISED THE LORD! It wasquite a joyful for me. On the next day I decided I would go to the Manowar concert in Kavarnaand I bought the ticket from Amridikon. The concert was interesting as a whole but I realizedI’m not into metal music anymore. After that Nomen came and take me from Kavarna with a car andwe went to Tulenovo’s rocks awaiting the July Morning with some other friends (Sami, Toto, Iasho, Gegi etc.).The rocks were very beautiful and the sea’s view is great. We baked some meet and ate. In the morning, there was a Metal July. (Toto, Sami and Iasho banged there heads on Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Rootsand Territory. After that we made a sort of excursion in the Village of Tulenovo and around it around the rocks.We then moved to Balchik to leave one of the girls with us on the station to take a bus for her working place.And in the end we come back to Dobrich in 10. I was tired as hell. And sleep until 3. I then attended the Orthodox Church st. Georgi to pray to God. Later I bought some vegetables and fruits fromthe open market for my Grandma. And went to her home to give her the products. After that I saw lily on a coffee.And in the late afternood we had a walk with Nomen into the central park. Nomen suggested that it would be cool to drink beer in hishouse and to watch the film (Die Young 3) and that’s exactly what we did. This few days was quite a colorful It’s God behind thisstarting to answer my prayers slowly but surely. Thanks God for giving me all thiswonderful moments :]END—–