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SumatraPDF Adobe Acrobat Reader free software ( Secure ) Alternative

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Whether you're forced to use MS Windows but still want to use as much as possible Free Software – i.e. Stay away from Non-Free Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is Sumatra PDF – a good alternative that reads well most of PDFs. For rendering PDF Sumatra PDF usees muPDF library. SumatraPDF is minimalistic software it does exactly what it is meant for – reads PDF. Unfortunately from version 0.6 of Sumatra there is DRM implemented (Digital Right Managements) so it is not possible to copy from DRM-ed documents.
Sumatra opens  following formats: Open XML Paper Specification, DjVu, EPUB, XPS, CHM, CBZ and CBR, and MOBI files.
As of  time of writting official Sumatra PDF version is at ver. 2.3.2

sumatra pdfafter install thank you screenshot

I've made mirror of Sumatra PDF 2.3.2 installer here , Sumatra PDF zipped is here

Sumatra pdf reader screenshot ms windows 7
Sumatra PDF works on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & 7

  One of key advantages of Sumatra PDF over Adobe Acrobat Reader is you don't need to update it all the time and it is much less likely that Sumatra PDF is hit by security flaw in PDF format. 

For people who use Linux / BSD or some other Unix and want to stay free from proprietary Adobe Acrobat Reader two nice alternatives are default's GNOME PDF reader Evince and KDE's Okular

Fraps and Taksi – capture GAME video screencasts from Desktop on Windows XP/ Vista / 2003 and Win 7

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

fraps game 3D accelerated screen capturer program ms windows

A friend of mine who is a dedicated gamer, asked me to install some piece of software capable of capturing video while in Game play. He mostly plays in Steam (online gaming platform), stuff like Men of War.
After a quick research online, I found FrapsReal time capturing and Benchmarking app.

As long as people write in steam forums, as of time of writting Fraps is the best software to capture in-Game videos. There is one other software called WeGame – which allows you Watch, Record and Upload videos in website Storage, however WeGame is still inferior choice to FRAPS.

FRAPS is especially designed for in game video capturing of PC Games using DirectX and OpenGL Graphics technology. Another good use of it is to benchmark CPU hardware and measurement between PCs, as well as the possibility to create easy Screenshots while in Game with no need to everytime paste in MS Paint, GIMP, Photoshop or whatever Image Manipulation soft.

I didn't tested it but on FRAPs website it is said it has support for ultra-high screen resolutions (7680×4800). To give FRAPS fetch it from

List of fraps capture game video program all options (specifications) screenshot

The only problem with FRAPS is it is paid proprietary software. Thanksfully, there is also Free Software (Open Source) alternative program – Taksi.
Taksi is in early development – still haven't reached at ver 1.0 as of time of writing this post Taksi is at version

Taksi program screenshot 3d games and graphics accelerated video games on Windows XP 7

Just like FRAPS Taksi supports well (DirectX, OpenGL, or GDI).
is simplistic and with very easy interface.


Videos captured by Taksi are stored in standard AVI files (using VFW) codec.
Though performance might be a bit degraded, Taksi is nice free soft Video capturer.