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How to filter dhcp traffic between two networks running separate DHCP servers to prevent IP assignment issues and MAC duplicate addresses

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

Tracking the Problem of MAC duplicates on Linux routers

If you have two networks that see each other and they're not separated in VLANs but see each other sharing a common netmask lets say or, it might happend that there are 2 dhcp servers for example (isc-dhcp-server running on and dhcpd running on can broadcast their services to both LANs (netmask and Local Net LAN The result out of this is that some devices might pick up their IP address via DHCP from the wrong dhcp server.

Normally if you have a fully controlled little or middle class home or office network (10 – 15 electronic devices nodes) connecting to the LAN in a mixed moth some are connected via one of the Networks via connected Wifi to others are LANned and using static IP adddresses and traffic is routed among two ISPs and each network can see the other network, there is always a possibility of things to go wrong. This is what happened to me so this is how this post was born.

The best practice from my experience so far is to define each and every computer / phone / laptop host joining the network and hence later easily monitor what is going on the network with something like iptraf-ng / nethogs  / iperf – described in prior  how to check internet spepeed from console and in check server internet connectivity speed with speedtest-cliiftop / nload or for more complex stuff wireshark or even a simple tcpdump. No matter the tools network monitoring is only part on solving network issues. A very must have thing in a controlled network infrastructure is defining every machine part of it to easily monitor later with the monitoring tools. Defining each and every host on the Hybrid computer networks makes administering the network much easier task and  tracking irregularities on time is much more likely. 

Since I have such a hybrid network here hosting a couple of XEN virtual machines with Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 10, together with Mac OS X laptops as well as MacBook Air notebooks, I have followed this route and tried to define each and every host based on its MAC address to pick it up from the correct DHCP1 server (that is distributing IPs for Internet Provider 1 (ISP 1), that is mostly few computers attached UTP LAN cables via LiteWave LS105G Gigabit Switch as well from DHCP2 – used only to assigns IPs to servers and a a single Wi-Fi Access point configured to route incoming clients via Linux NAT gateway server.

To filter out the unwanted IPs from the DHCPD not to propagate I've so far used a little trick to  Deny DHCP MAC Address for unwanted clients and not send IP offer for them.

To give you more understanding,  I have to clear it up I don't want to have automatic IP assignments from DHCP2 / LAN2 to DHCP1 / LAN1 because (i don't want machines on DHCP1 to end up with IP like or DHCP2 (to have, as such a wrong IP delegation could potentially lead to MAC duplicates IP conflicts. MAC Duplicate IP wrong assignments for those older or who have been part of administrating large ISP network infrastructures  makes the network communication unstable for no apparent reason and nodes partially unreachable at times or full time …

However it seems in the 21-st century which is the century of strangeness / computer madness in the 2022, technology advanced so much that it has massively started to break up some good old well known sysadmin standards well documented in the RFCs I know of my youth, such as that every electronic equipment manufactured Vendor should have a Vendor Assigned Hardware MAC Address binded to it that will never change (after all that was the idea of MAC addresses wasn't it !). 
Many mobile devices nowadays however, in the developers attempts to make more sophisticated software and Increase Anonimity on the Net and Security, use a technique called  MAC Address randomization (mostly used by hackers / script kiddies of the early days of computers) for their Wi-Fi Net Adapter OS / driver controlled interfaces for the sake of increased security (the so called Private WiFi Addresses). If a sysadmin 10-15 years ago has seen that he might probably resign his profession and turn to farming or agriculture plant growing, but in the age of digitalization and "cloud computing", this break up of common developed network standards starts to become the 'new normal' standard.

I did not suspected there might be a MAC address oddities, since I spare very little time on administering the the network. This was so till recently when I accidently checked the arp table with:

Hypervisor:~# arp -an     5c:89:b5:f2:e8:d8      (Unknown)    00:15:3e:d3:8f:76       (Unknown)


and consequently did a network MAC Address ARP Scan with arp-scan (if you never used this little nifty hacker tool I warmly recommend it !!!)
If you don't have it installed it is available in debian based linuces from default repos to install

Hypervisor:~# apt-get install –yes arp-scan

It is also available on CentOS / Fedora / Redhat and other RPM distros via:

Hypervisor:~# yum install -y arp-scan



Hypervisor:~# arp-scan –interface=eth1    00:16:3e:0f:48:05       Xensource, Inc.    00:16:3e:04:11:1c       Xensource, Inc.    00:15:3e:bb:45:45       Xensource, Inc.    00:15:3e:59:96:8e       Xensource, Inc.    00:15:3e:d3:8f:77       Xensource, Inc.    8c:89:b5:f2:e8:d8       Micro-Star INT'L CO., LTD     5c:89:b5:f2:e8:d8      (Unknown)    00:15:3e:d3:8f:76       (Unknown)

192.168.x.91     02:a0:xx:xx:d6:64        (Unknown)
192.168.x.91     02:a0:xx:xx:d6:64        (Unknown)  (DUP: 2)

N.B. !. I found it helpful to check all available interfaces on my Linux NAT router host.

As you see the scan revealed, a whole bunch of MAC address mess duplicated MAC hanging around, destroying my network topology every now and then 
So far so good, the MAC duplicates and strangely hanging around MAC addresses issue, was solved relatively easily with enabling below set of systctl kernel variables.

1. Fixing Linux ARP common well known Problems through disabling arp_announce / arp_ignore / send_redirects kernel variables disablement


Linux answers ARP requests on wrong and unassociated interfaces per default. This leads to the following two problems:

ARP requests for the loopback alias address are answered on the HW interfaces (even if NOARP on lo0:1 is set). Since loopback aliases are required for DSR (Direct Server Return) setups this problem is very common (but easy to fix fortunately).

If the machine is connected twice to the same switch (e.g. with eth0 and eth1) eth2 may answer ARP requests for the address on eth1 and vice versa in a race condition manner (confusing almost everything).

This can be prevented by specific arp kernel settings. Take a look here for additional information about the nature of the problem (and other solutions): ARP flux.

To fix that generally (and reboot safe) we  include the following lines into


Hypervisor:~# cp -rpf /etc/sysctl.conf /etc/sysctl.conf_bak_07-feb-2022
Hypervisor:~# cat >> /etc/sysctl.conf

# LVS tuning


Press CTRL + D simultaneusly to Write out up-pasted vars.

To read more on Load Balancer using direct routing and on LVS and the arp problem here

2. Digging further the IP conflict / dulicate MAC Problems

Even after this arp tunings (because I do have my Hypervisor 2 LAN interfaces connected to 1 switch) did not resolved the issues and still my Wireless Connected devices via network (ISP2) were randomly assigned the wrong range IPs 192.168.0.XXX/24 as well as the wrong gateway (ISP1).
After thinking thoroughfully for hours and checking the network status with various tools and thanks to the fact that my wife has a MacBook Air that was always complaining that the IP it tried to assign from the DHCP was already taken, i"ve realized, something is wrong with DHCP assignment.
Since she owns a IPhone 10 with iOS and this two devices are from the same vendor e.g. Apple Inc. And Apple's products have been having strange DHCP assignment issues from my experience for quite some time, I've thought initially problems are caused by software on Apple's devices.
I turned to be partially right after expecting the logs of DHCP server on the Linux host (ISP1) finding that the phone of my wife takes IP in 192.168.0.XXX, insetad of IP from (which has is a combined Nokia Router with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi and LAN router provided by ISP2 in that case Vivacom). That was really puzzling since for me it was completely logical thta the iDevices must check for DHCP address directly on the Network of the router to whom, they're connecting. Guess my suprise when I realized that instead of that the iDevices does listen to the network on a wide network range scan for any DHCPs reachable baesd on the advertised (i assume via broadcast) address traffic and try to connect and take the IP to the IP of the DHCP which responds faster !!!! Of course the Vivacom Chineese produced Nokia router responded DHCP requests and advertised much slower, than my Linux NAT gateway on ISP1 and because of that the Iphone and iOS and even freshest versions of Android devices do take the IP from the DHCP that responds faster, even if that router is not on a C class network (that's invasive isn't it??). What was even more puzzling was the automatic MAC Randomization of Wifi devices trying to connect to my ISP1 configured DHCPD and this of course trespassed any static MAC addresses filtering, I already had established there.

Anyways there was also a good think out of tthat intermixed exercise 🙂 While playing around with the Gigabit network router of vivacom I found a cozy feature SCHEDULEDING TURNING OFF and ON the WIFI ACCESS POINT  – a very useful feature to adopt, to stop wasting extra energy and lower a bit of radiation is to set a swtich off WIFI AP from 12:30 – 06:30 which are the common sleeping hours or something like that.

3. What is MAC Randomization and where and how it is configured across different main operating systems as of year 2022?

Depending on the operating system of your device, MAC randomization will be available either by default on most modern mobile OSes or with possibility to have it switched on:

  • Android Q: Enabled by default 
  • Android P: Available as a developer option, disabled by default
  • iOS 14: Available as a user option, disabled by default
  • Windows 10: Available as an option in two ways – random for all networks or random for a specific network

Lately I don't have much time to play around with mobile devices, and I do not my own a luxury mobile phone so, the fact this ne Androids have this MAC randomization was unknown to me just until I ended a small mess, based on my poor configured networks due to my tight time constrains nowadays.

Finding out about the new security feature of MAC Randomization, on all Android based phones (my mother's Nokia smartphone and my dad's phone, disabled the feature ASAP:

4. Disable MAC Wi-Fi Ethernet device Randomization on Android

MAC Randomization creates a random MAC address when joining a Wi-Fi network for the first time or after “forgetting” and rejoining a Wi-Fi network. It Generates a new random MAC address after 24 hours of last connection.

Disabling MAC Randomization on your devices. It is done on a per SSID basis so you can turn off the randomization, but allow it to function for hotspots outside of your home.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select Network and Internet
  3. Select WiFi
  4. Connect to your home wireless network
  5. Tap the gear icon next to the current WiFi connection
  6. Select Advanced
  7. Select Privacy
  8. Select "Use device MAC"

5. Disabling MAC Randomization on MAC iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod

To Disable MAC Randomization on iOS Devices:

Open the Settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, then tap Wi-Fi or WLAN


  1. Tap the information button next to your network
  2. Turn off Private Address
  3. Re-join the network

Of course next I've collected their phone Wi-Fi adapters and made sure the included dhcp MAC deny rules in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf are at place.

The effect of the MAC Randomization for my Network was terrible constant and strange issues with my routings and networks, which I always thought are caused by the openxen hypervisor Virtualization VM bugs etc.

That continued for some months now, and the weird thing was the issues always started when I tried to update my Operating system to the latest packetset, do a reboot to load up the new piece of software / libraries etc. and plus it happened very occasionally and their was no obvious reason for it.


6. How to completely filter dhcp traffic between two network router hosts
IP / to stop 2 or more configured DHCP servers
on separate networks see each other

To prevent IP mess at DHCP2 server side (which btw is ISC DHCP server, taking care for IP assignment only for the Servers on the network running on Debian 11 Linux), further on I had to filter out any DHCP UDP traffic with iptables completely.
To prevent incorrect route assignments assuming that you have 2 networks and 2 routers that are configurred to do Network Address Translation (NAT)-ing Router 1:, Router 2:

You have to filter out UDP Protocol data on Port 67 and 68 from the respective source and destination addresses.

In firewall rules configuration files on your Linux you need to have some rules as:

# filter outgoing dhcp traffic from to
-A INPUT -p udp -m udp –dport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP
-A OUTPUT -p udp -m udp –dport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP
-A FORWARD -p udp -m udp –dport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP

-A INPUT -p udp -m udp –dport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP
-A OUTPUT -p udp -m udp –dport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP
-A FORWARD -p udp -m udp –dport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP

-A INPUT -p udp -m udp –sport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP
-A OUTPUT -p udp -m udp –sport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP
-A FORWARD -p udp -m udp –sport 67:68 -s -d -j DROP

You can download also with above rules from here

Applying this rules, any traffic of DHCP between 2 routers is prohibited and devices from Net: will no longer wrongly get assinged IP addresses from Network range: as it happened to me.

7. Filter out DHCP traffic based on MAC completely on Linux with arptables

If even after disabling MAC randomization on all devices on the network, and you know physically all the connecting devices on the Network, if you still see some weird MAC addresses, originating from a wrongly configured ISP traffic router host or whatever, then it is time to just filter them out with arptables.

## drop traffic prevent mac duplicates due to vivacom and bergon placed in same network –
dchp1-server:~# arptables -A INPUT –source-mac 70:e2:83:12:44:11 -j DROP

To list arptables configured on Linux host

dchp1-server:~# arptables –list -n

If you want to be paranoid sysadmin you can implement a MAC address protection with arptables by only allowing a single set of MAC Addr / IPs and dropping the rest.

dchp1-server:~# arptables -A INPUT –source-mac 70:e2:84:13:45:11 -j ACCEPT
dchp1-server:~# arptables -A INPUT  –source-mac 70:e2:84:13:45:12 -j ACCEPT

dchp1-server:~# arptables -L –line-numbers
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
1 -j DROP –src-mac 70:e2:84:13:45:11
2 -j DROP –src-mac 70:e2:84:13:45:12

Once MACs you like are accepted you can set the INPUT chain policy to DROP as so:

dchp1-server:~# arptables -P INPUT DROP

If you later need to temporary, clean up the rules inside arptables on any filtered hosts flush all rules inside INPUT chain, like that

dchp1-server:~#  arptables -t INPUT -F

What Protestant Christianity is Wrong about, Protestant wrong ideas about Orthodox Christianity and some protestant heretical and inaccurate beliefs and practices

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Yesterday I was out with some friends including some christians adhering to the methodist belief
as well as generally mostly protestant christian beliefs. For good or bad a severe arguing emergedbetween me and a friend of mine whose explanation on some questions concerning the christian faith
as well as discussions about the seperation of man and woman in the Orthodox Church.Something I don’t really see as division. A Christian friend of mine who is attending a methodist protestant Churchstarted to give explanations for the reason of the so called separation rathar based on the wrong understanding (from orthodox perspective) of faith issues and from protestant doctrinal point of view.
Even though I do listen to a lot of Protestant Christian Rock/Metal and I like the phenomenon of this
attempt for creating a Godly music surrounded by all this groups who openly do confess satanism and occultims,I’m more and more convinced that the protestant christian understanding on many of the matters of faith areerroneous. I still respect all them highly since they do strive to lead God pleasing life, however theirdelusion on some matters of faith should be marked up.

Here are some of the few major things which I see as a difference between Orthodox believing christians andprotestant christian believers with the hope that this would be helpful for somebody out there looking for realanswers on the true christian faith

The dangers of Protestanism and protestant denominations (A faith mixtured with lies and errors) & The Difference BetweenOrthodox Christian beliefs and Protestanism.——————————————–Date: 26.09.2009Author: hip0 (a.k.a. Georgi Georgiev)1. Protestant and their denominations:- Methodists- Advents- many, many other denominations.* Reject the orthodox Church as the descendant of the One Holy apostolic Christian church, established by theapostles.* Reject the authority of many of the teachings of the Orthodox Church including the teaching of theTradition of the Holy Fathers in the Church and the Teachings of the Holy Church Fathers* Reject the supremacy of the Holy Mother of God (Mother Mary) in the spiritual hierarchy of the God createdbeings! (Something of the most fundamental things believed in the Orthodox Church).* Accept one and only authority of the bible, in which everybody freely could interpret the Holy Scriptures,(there are some general framework in which most of the canonical so to say protestant do hold up). Eventhough the variation of the understanding varies greatly.* Reject our appeals to the Holy Saints and the Holy Theotokos (Mother Mary) for intercession in front ofGod for us the sinners.* Reject the order in the church, teaching that everybody is free to understand and serve to God theway he feels if it has generally some similarities to their build idea on holiness based on their biblereadings.* Reject the crucifixion (Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ crucified) as the most fundamental symbolof Christianity claming that Christ has already raised:(Contradicting what is written by the St. Paul in the Bible.Who openly confesses that he wants to be know and Preach Christ Crucified).* Do understand the Cross as only a symbol to Christianity, Claiming that early Christians haveused a fish as a symbol of Christianity (As a remembrance of our Lord’s miracle with multiplying the fishesand feeding 5000 people).* Many Protestants Reject the power of the Cross symbol in Christians making the sign of the Cross (Again contradicting the Holy Fathers who say that through crossing ourselves with the sign of the Cross,every demon is banished and trembles in fear.* Do claim that the bible is the one and only authority a christian should obey.That as far as I’ve red is called “Sola Scriptura” (Only the Scriptures in Latin).In Orthodoxy we have the tradition of the Holy Fathers which supplements what is writtenin the bible and on many occasions enables us to understand what the bible exactlytalks about.* Have many contradictiory teaching built by different pastors, all interpretationsof The Book Revelation (Apocalypsis) by St. John.* Many of them claim seeing heaven or being in heaven and being back,each’s. Most accounts contradicing each other. Talking about seeing Jesus* Many of them claim seeing heaven or being in heaven and being back,each’s. Most accounts contradicing each other. Talking about seeing Jesuswith golden belt, whole in light.Talking about Heaven filled in with Goldenstreets, etc., etc… And Many, Many more lieful things which every orthodox spiritual christian,as well as any other spiritual christian out their should know are based on imagination and fantasy.My personal experience in faith has shown me that spiritual things doesn’t have nothing to do withphysical seeing, nor have anything to do with anything we do know in this world. This could be alsored in the writtings of the saints as well as in the writtings of st. apostle Paul who talksabout knowing a man who saw heaven in the holy bible. Thereby he explains, How he saught things which cannot be explained in human terms.* Rejection of the eucharist (taking the sacraments), as a real blood and flesh of our Saviour and LordJesus Christ.Herein they again try to imply that eucharist or taking the sacraments (blood and wine) as most ofthe protestant churches does is only symbolism and is ordered just as a remembrance of our Lord’slast supper as we read in the Gospel wherein he commanded us to do that for this remembrance.Again ignoring the rest of his words recorded in the other canonical Gospels in which the Lord Jesus Christ openlysays (Whoever does not eat his body and doesn’t eat and drink his blood has no place with him.* Protestants Reject the Holy Liturgy in the Orthodox Church and the Church order(e.g. claiming no priest is needed everybody could freely communicate with God through prayers),herein they mistakenly think that the Orthodox Christian does communicate with God only through thepriest this is absolutely not true. Communicating with God is not done onlh through the priest.Yes it’s true that God’s gifts and forgiveness are granted to the Church members through the priest aswell as the eucharist (the holy communion), itself is received via priest as God has ordained since old times, even in the old testament, however communion with God is achieved also within throughout the Church servicesand in prayer at our homes as well.Moreover,e ven though our Lord Jesus Christ has spokenly openly against priests of his timewhile he was still on earth he never rejected the authority of the priests.For example the miracle our Lord has done healing the 10 lepers.After healing the 10 leprs, our Lord told them, “Go show yourself to the priests”.If the assertion by protestants is true, and no priest is needed how come our Lord Jesus sents the healed onesto the priests? Not to mention that they still have a sort of priest, (The pastor) who basiclyserves a similar role to the Orthodox Priest.* Protestants Reject the burning of Candles by layman, incense burning on the altar before Godand within the Church to sanctify externally everything within the place.That’s bacause they don’t understand two things:1. The meaning of Candles (The least man’s sacrifice (God pleasing offering))2. The incense left from the old times when priests were serving before God with burning God pleasingincense before the face of God. I’m not theologian and doesn’t know the exact explanation so that’s mostly my understanding onwhy incense is burned. I’ve also heard that incense is something dislikeable to the unclean spirits(demons) to be said by random people most of which not regular members of the Church.(This thesis need to be approved furhter on by Orthodox theologian or a priest)3. The Candles’s role is also as a mean to fund the Church in terms of money.The Church’s building and Church’s God servents needs money as well to exist, didn’t they?* Protestants reject the veneration of the Icons.- Here protestant understanding of the icons is as they’re idols.That is completely wrong understanding.Icons represent and remind of us of things already described in the bible,as well depicts the martyrdom of different christian orthodox saints. Reverenting the saintindeed we does honour the Holiness of the Saint achieved by his sanctification by his holy lifethrough our God (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit), therefore we does venerate not the saintbut God alone who dwelled and dwells forever within the saint.* Protestant are not aware of the existance of miraculous icons (most of which containingrelics of miracle making saints through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ), they have also no cluethat we have some saints with incorruptable bodies, whose earthly holiness was so obvious and theirbody so filled with God’s spirit that the flesh became incorruptable by God’s holy providence.They reject the honouring of the holy relics of saints. Ignoring the story in the old testamenttold where a dead soldier falls in the grave containing the holy relics of Prophet Elisha andarised back to live. Which is an old testament example of how holy and precious are the relicsof a saint.* Most protestants fail to glorify God as a Holy Trinity (Here is what I mean,Whenever Glory to God is expressed, it’s never said: Glory to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.To manifest the belief in the Holy Trinity as we do in the Orthodox Church on every Holy Liturgy.* Protestants say they believe in The Triunite God still they bend God The Holy Trinity to the point they callGod, “The Trinity”. Which sounds like they place themselves on the same height as God alone (againerroneous).* Protestant does not make distinction between the the three apostates (natures) of God The Holy Trinity.In other words when talking about God they think talking about God the Son (our Lord Jesus Christ) isabsolutely equal to talking about God the Father or God the Holy Spirit. Which again is not true,This three God’s apostates are not one and the same thing, they’re one holy and inseperatable Godwhich in all terms is different to what is taught in protestanism.* Protestants does understand fasting as a way to restrain of food completely for days.This approach even if practiced literally by the the Holy Prophets, The Holy Apostles, The Church Fathers andThe Holy Saints is not applicable to the normal layman. Such experiments with the body could bring youa health issues if practiced in the long term. One of the dangers if somebody goes that way is toget gastritis or other stomach sicknesses, not to mention that this could not even benefit youin a spiritual sense quite often.The orthodox fasting is abstention mainly firstly of the sinful thoughts and desires and thenabstention from animal derivative food and products (with some small exceptions). In no meansthat we could abstain completely from food.During lent or some of the other 4 fasting periods in the Orhtodox Church on Church Feasts,Eating of Fish is allowed. Still in the Orthodox Church completele abstention of food ispracticed in some monasteries and by some people whose dedication to God is many levels aboveours (the laymans).Some protestants accuse orthodoxy that it doesn’t practice the true fasting (completelewithhold of food), this is not true since in orthodox christianity there are differentlevels of fasting. The highest level is a complete abstention from food and is practiced by saintsand monks.* Protestant reject the Orthodox Prayer Book as a mean of a guide in prayer.(This still needs to be researched further? Never heard of a protestant Christian that uses an OrthodoxPrayer book)In Orthodox Prayer books, we pray with the prayers of the saints which assures are that the wordswe spoke do hold up to the main orthodox christian doctrine and the orthodox Creed of faith andthe teaching within the church.Whilst in Protestanism, Prayers are mostly based on their each one’s own understanding on prayer.The Prayer tought by our Lord Jesus Christ is the one most practiced (Which at least is something good). The rest are prayers crafted by every man according to his own understanding about faith God and truthand the situation.* Protestants (or at least most of them) reject that Mother Mary is ever virgin (Theotokos aswe orthodox christians call the Holy Mother of God)Most of Christian protestants reject that Mother Mary has been ever virgin until her dormitionand ever after. This is another fundamental miracle of the many and innumerable miracles of God.They tend to ignore what is written in the gospels in the new testament, everybody can read there that all the nations will call Virgin Mary blessed.(Never heard a protestant calling mother mary blessed or reverenting her in a special way asa Mother of God as we do in the orthodox Church)Many of the protestant christian denominations does teach that mother mary has even hadchildren from Joseph her husband by law. (The early church never taught that! This is repulsiveheresy!)* As far as I know some protestant Chirstian teachings reject that Christ is the Logos and thefact that our Lord Jesus Christ is begotten by God the Father before all ages (This is statedin the Orthodox Creed of faith).(Again this still needs further closer investigation).* Many Protestants believe wrongfully that they are saints because the possess the Holy Spiritwithin.Again erroneous from orthodox perspective. Won’t get into details about this issue.* Probably the list goes on and on … As I said earlier I’m not a theologianWell let me close that, with a few closing words.
The Orthodox Church teaches that protestanism is a heresy and
the truth is only kept and taught properly within the realm of the Orthodox Church.
However many of the priests and servents of the Orthodox Church does act nowdays in a way
that stain the orthodox church teachings as well as the orthodox church reputation, that creates
distrust and drives back many people who does judge about orthodoxy based on the actings of people
who do dare to call themselves orthodox but they are spiritually serving in most of the time not
to God but probably to the evil one.
.No matter this still what is being mainly told in the church holds up to the Church canons and therefore
the influence of unfaithful and sinful priests or orthodox church servents cannot change the truth
which the church canons contains. Thus luckily the Orthodox Church believers are being taught plainly mostly what was
taught in the church since it’s birth day on Pentecost while the Spirit of God descended unto
the Holy Apostles. The dangers of joining a protestant church are even higher, many
of this churches are money machines nowdays, believers are being taught lieful claims, fragments
of the bible are being taught as a means to stimulate people’s guilt to make them donate more
for the given protestant church or denomination.
In reality many nowdays protestant churches and denominations are smartly built business empires,
which one and only aim is increase money revenues. I’ve even red online many testimonies of
people (pastors) who practice hypnosis, the people who testified against the pseudo Christian pastors
described how this pseudo-pastors used well known hypnotist tricks to force people’s subconsciousness
into a state of hypnosis in which (the hypnotist pastor ideas) and subsequentially control over the
pseudo-church members could be exercised.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be in war with protestanism or Protestant understanding and ways
to serve God. What do I want is just to introduce christians of the many dangers of being
a non-orthodox christian believer. I personally do have many friends who even though not openly
are more closely to the protestant belief system, than orthodox’s. They as people are really nice,
I can say they do strive doing good deeds, read the bible, pray, try not to sin and be
centered on our Lord Jesus Christ. On many hard times in the past for me, while I was still
not belonging to the orthodox christian church. I thought that churches are corrupted and they does
withhold people from salvation which is only attained through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus alone
with the act of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ (as the true and only son of God who died for our sins
on Golgotha and roused again in the third day according to the scriptures).

I have to admit that People with mainly protestant believes or inclinations have sustained me through intercession prayers to God,
in the past, while being friends getting out together, discussing the bible, contemporary christianity etc.
However even though the good sides, everything was far from perfect.
When I’m thinking about the times back then I feel like a bit being like into a sect.
We were always gathering together and talking about the bible and God and suchalike, at many
times just talking non-sense.
Many of the discussions during meetings, were our own interpretations of the bible each one
claiming his own interpretation is the true one. Mostly trying to somehow synchronize our ideas with some
protestant famous authors like Watch Man Nee (whose teaching from my current position could
be classified as lieful heresies).
Said in other words we were looking for true spirituality.
Something I lately found by God’s divine providence within the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christianity.
So again the real reason for writing all the above is just to try to emphasize the differences
between orthodoxy and protestanism. And many of the downsides of protestanism.
Some other things I have noticed is that people whose positions on faith are protestant tend thing alike:
“The bible says” heavily.
No offense but the Holy Bible is bent down to the low “The Bible” instead of “Holy Bible” as it should.
Not to mention the true respect to Holy apostles is skipped and they are called by names with skipping the “Saint” word.
Which automatically does ranks the holy apostles on the same level as us, which I personally think is not a good
thing to do. Well of course pretestanism as everything else has not only the bad sides.
I still love protestant christian artists like Larry Norman, ApologetiX, Andy Hunter, Tourniquet,
Deliverance, Circle of Dust, Juggernautz, X-Propagation, Rez Band, Glenn Kaiser, the list goes on,
many many more to mention here. I love Christian Rock and Metal since I came from a rock and Metal musical background
and I still listen to rock and metal music every now and then I try to mostly listen to a Christian messaged one.
But still truth must be told, in protestanism Truth is mixtured with heresies.
I cannot hide that a lot of the protestant christian literature I’ve red tried to explain a lot of the
logical problems I was seeing in Christianity and the Holy Bible, however later on I’ve found out
that many of the ideas shared in the protestant christian books were contradicting believes in
the orthodox church and does lack a logical reason out of the book context.

We should be alert while accepting many of the things preached within protestanism through
books, media, music etc. And always look for the true Christianity which has led me
to the Orthodox Christianity. I don’t say that currently things in the Orthodox Church are
perfect what I say are that it’s the Church that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, left us saying:
“I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”