Windows Daemontools like Linux GUI software or How to mount ISO files in Linux and BSD

Saturday, 26th September 2009

Ever wondered if Linux allows you to open ISO’s with a nice graphic interface like the famousDaemontools on Windows. Cause I did and I found the software that enables you to do so:
First and most popular option especially for Gnome users is:
1. Acetoneiso , it’s really famous between mainly Ubuntu users
2. KDE users might be interesting into The kiso program 3. Another program I found being used among Ubuntu users is called gmountiso .
Still if you’re mostly a console guy like I am and want to mount your iso into some directory on Linux here is how:
# mkdir /mnt/disk# mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/disk
Now your iso is mounted in /mnt/disk.

The way to mount an iso file in FreeBSD is a bit different.
Here is how to do it in FreeBSD:
# mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /path/to/image.iso -u 1# mount -t cd9660 /dev/md1 /mnt/cdromNow your iso stays mounted in /mnt/cdromIn case you’d like to unmount it, you need to execute:# mount -u /mnt/cdrom# mdconfig -d -u 1
On FreeBSD there is one more oddity:
For instance if you’d like to mount some Windows FAT filesystem you need oralternatively an MSDOS file system, here is how:
# vnconfig /dev/vn0c ./image.iso# mount -t msdos /dev/vn0c /cdrom
The last method to mount your iso is said to be compatible with all type of filesystems, so youmight be a good idea to use it always

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