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Anton LaVey: was he really the founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan as he claimed or was it all merely a hoax??? I'm Simon Peter. I've been researching Anton LaVey for the past 2 1/2 years. What I found may shock and even anger some of his followers. It may bring ridicule from Christians, Muslims, and Jews. If you're a Satanist, the conclusions that I have drawn from my intensive research may change your life. For my research proves that Anton LaVey, founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan, was nothing more than a fake. In fact, his entire purpose for starting the Church of Satan was to bring to fruition his dream. His ultimate dream was to be, not Anton LaVey, High Priest of the Church of Satan, but Howard Stanton Levey: VINEGAR KING!

LAVEY: A History of Deceit
Howard Stanton Levey's legend is based on nothing more than myth and lies. LaVey researchers, Satanic and non-Satanic, can now all agree that most of what we thought about LaVey was false. He did his best to promote an image that was far from true. I can dedicate an entire website discussing the lies LaVey promoted in his two "biographies" 1974's The Devil's Avenger and 1990's Secret Life of a Satanist. In fact, we know that these were not biographies at all. They were really written by LaVey himself. They also contradict each other. Not to spend to much time on the subject of LaVey's fantasy life, I would like to list just a few of his many lies. It plays a prominent role is my research. Click here to read about some of the myths. (LAVEY'S LIES)

THE SATANIC BIBLE: Do You Worship the Avon Lady?
Also playing a prominent role in my research was the Satanic Bible. When one thinks of a bible, one conjures up images of ancient scrolls and divine revelations. However, the Satanic Bible had quite a different start. Although, many Christians complain about the child-like fascination in today's wave of witchcraft (thanks in part to Harry Potter, Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc...), it pales in comparison to the Satanic fad of the 1960s. Avon Books, needing a boost in sales and taking note of Satanism's popularlity, approached LaVey to write something...anything. LaVey did just that. Most of the text was ripped off from other works (even Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged). It is now known that LaVey had a very low I.Q. Even if he did have some type of divine revelation, most likely he would not have been able to write it in a comprehensible manner. Avon did not care. They happily accepted the book and published it. The rest is Satanic history.

ANTON LAVEY'S LOST DIARIES: Primary Source of my Research
The biggest news to come out of the Church of Satan since the death of LaVey is the discovery of his diaries. Shortly before his death, LaVey handed the diaries over to his life-long friend Cliffton Minor. Minor held on to the diaries until December of 2002 when he began posting certain pages on the Internet. Most people, especially Satanists, called the diaries false. Minor finally released the entire series of diaries, dating back to 1942, to the public. Note a picture of one of LaVey's oldest entries to the left. Still, Satanist cried fowl and refused to accept the diaries. It's not surprising. All one has to do is read a few entries to realize that LaVey's entire reason for the Church of Satan was a sham. My research found that LaVey grew up fond of cooking, but a bad chef. He decided to make his fortune in the vinegar market but found no buyers or investors. As a last resort, LaVey created a movement, the Church of Satan, where, after he created a huge following, he would proclaim all true followers intake large quantities of vinegar (his own!) for ceremonies and every meal. The plot sounded like LaVey would make millions. He would basically make it a sin (in his religion) to not buy and drink the vinegar he made. However, most of his Satanic following was so tuned out with reality that they never took the hints LaVey left. As far as LaVey, he never found the "right time" to make the proclamation. More details are below.

LaVey was born on April 11, 1930 in Illinois, but was raised at the famous house at 6114 California Street, San Francisco. LaVey, a very sickly and feminine boy, was often picked on by other children in his neighborhood. He became close to his grandmother and learned many homemaking arts, one of which was cooking. As LaVey grew into a teenager, an entrepreneural spirit took hold. This was set off by a sympathetic friend of his mother buying a bottle of LaVey's homemade vinegar. The friend did it to give little LaVey more confidence. However, the effect was the LaVey thought he was a master vinegar maker determine to make millions on his homemade recipes.

Years passed and LaVey continued to explore his culminary side - to no avail. He was an awful chef. Then LaVey had an idea. His diaries reveal that he thought by starting a religious group, he could convince followers that they could become closer to God by intaking his concoctions. Friend Cliffton Minor recalled when LaVey told him about the plan. "He was hellbent on selling his products, especially that damn vinegar," he said. "It was just horrible though." Minor, paraphrasing passages from LaVey's diaries discussed how LaVey finally turned to Satan as his route of success rather than God. "The Christians already had their juice - communion wine. Why would they need vinegar?"

The Church of Satan idea caught on, reaching its peak in the 1960s. Minor witnessed LaVey's rise in popularity, primarily on the west coast. "Lots of people came around over the years," he said, "especially women. That's one thing that went wrong. Sex, sex, sex. It was a distraction to Anton selling anything." LaVey continued to wait for the right time to put his plan into action but never found it. Then Avon Books came along. "He thought this was it," said Minor. "He put all sorts of hidden messages about vinegar in that book, but the church members never caught it. I mean seriously, they weren't the sharpest tools in the shed."

And what about a name for his concoction? "Well," recalled Minor, "he tried." He had all the names picked out and everything. Red Goat was one and Yankee Rose was the other. Hell, he even put what was to eventually be his ad for Yankee Rose Vinegar in the Satanic Bible, but everyone wanted to read something mystical in it. Blah!"

CONCLUSION: An Interesting 2 1/2 Years
I spent 2 1/2 years researching the life of Howard Stanton Levey. Many people ask, "Why spend so much time? Why did you pick LaVey to dedicate 2 1/2 years of your life to? It's simple - I almost joined the Church of Satan. However, instead of blindly following LaVey down the dark path, I did something he would have hated had he been alive - I thought for myself. Many Satanists put down people of other religions for following something based on faith. I took part in that and I was wrong. So I thought I was choosing the opposite. I wanted to follow something real, something I could see and touch. So I dedicated 2 1/2 years of my life the becoming an Anton LaVey expert (which I am). And what I found was a weak-minded man with an unfulfiled dream to sell vinegar. So I have to ask those who continue to follow LaVey, even after you know the facts - IS IT WORTH IT? I'm Simon Peter, Anton LaVey expert, educated man, and seeker of the truth. I'd like for you to share your opinions with me. I respect them like I hope you respect me. Please sign my guestbook or e-mail. Thank you.



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