Metal in Christ !

If you are coming from metal background and wonder what's that page about. It's about your life. I lived a full time metal live for 8 years. My philosophy was based on that we live then die and all is meaningless, so I was destructing myself full time. I was all the time thinking about commiting a suicide that continued for almost 6 years. Since a year and a half I started reading the bible just to proove it's a lie and I was searching facts to show for myself it's a lie. And hoorays Hallelujah. I was not able to proof it is incorrect nor scientifically nor historically.It turned to be true. My life changed and continues to be changed all the day by the LORD God of all things Praise be to him. If you think your life is meaningless and you feel empty and feel like there is no meaning to live then you need Jesus. All can be changed. All! Your life can be changed by Jesus Christ who is the son of God ( The Creator of All Things | Visible and invisible ). And who suffered and suffers everything with everyone a 2000 years ago now and forever. Jesus loved you so much so he was killed on cross for you it was you whom was doomed to die because of the sins you've commited ( e.g. things you've done wrong by disobeying God's will ). Jesus Christ was the sheep slaughtered to pay for your sins. Jesus promises a new life if we believe in him. If you REPENT for your sins in front of him and tell him you're sorry and want to have a life change and get a real life. He will hear your prayer and you'll be part of our family the sons and sisters of God and you will live even after you die with God forever.Jesus Christ was killed and arosed by God the Father of all things 3 days after he was crucified. Jesus promises us we'll live even after we die if we believe he died on the cross for our sin and take him as our saviour. I do dared to repent for my sins and invoke Jesus in my life and he changed my life. It's things inside of me that was converted to look like him. It was the Holy Spirit who came and dwelled in me. And I feel loved by the LORD and he cares for me. So now I call myself Metal in Christ. I'm a Metal fan and in the same time believer in Christ Jesus. And it's really great it's real happiness to have Jesus in our life. If you have problems that seems unresolvable trust Jesus he is a part of the LORD God so he knows you better than you know yourself and he has planned the best for you, trust him and he won't fail you and will fix your problem. If you want to know more for who Jesus is read Here Praise be to God and may his grace and love fell over you while reading that if you're really searching for him with all your heart!

Pray now and be saved:

Dear Lord Jesus, Please forgive me for being a bad guy,
and being a sinner doing things that were evil and selfish,
I accept you as my saviour and king and commit my life in your hands
please forgive me and save me and teach me how to live by your will.
In the name of the Father the Son ( Jesus ) and the Holy Spirit. AMEN!

If you've done this by all your heart and without hypocrisy you're saved.

The thing that happened with me after I called to the Lord Jesus and accepted his sacrifice for my sin
was a period of around few months In which nothing seems to happened,and I have even forgotten I've prayed to Jesus
I was starting to loose hope and was thinking again "Yes I was right there is no God!"
After few months I really
understood I was saved. The day I undstood that was a great day I felt so loved and such a joy
that nothing on earth have ever gave me such love and joy since I'm on that earth for 22 years. It was the Holy Spirit
the bible tells us about.
The Devil is real just as God is.
Bear in mind that The Devil will try to deceive you that God didn't heard your
prayer and that there is no God nor Devil. Bear in mind that you may feel nothing before being baptized
By God in the Holy Spirit. Pray to God for that time in which you don't feel him and not see him doing things in your life to be as short as possible and ask him to give you faith if you don't believe all that I told you about. And Resist the devil by reading the God's word in the Bible and doing as he commanded us to do.

Here I've put few links as testimonies of famous Rock/Metal Musicians who was touched by Jesus and whos life was changed like mine.
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