Just one more thing. It’s really amazing miracle that St. …

Wednesday, 18th May 2022

Comment on Saint George’s day in Pomorie Monastery Bulgaria by admin.

Just one more thing. It’s really amazing miracle that St. Dasius hand remains which are exhibited for pilgrimage is emitting a sweet odor, a smell somehow similar to the unction, though still different! Father Segrii explained to the pilgrims that this is a sure sign the saint has been pleasing to God and that has fulfilled God’s will.

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The Holy and Great Week of Passions of Christ in the Church – Day by day explained
The Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross, also known as the Way of Sorrows or the Via Crucis, refers to a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion and accompanying prayers. The stations grew out of imitations of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, which is a traditional processional route symbolising the actual path Jesus walked to Mount Calvary. The objective of the stations is to help the Christian faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage through contemplation of the Passion of Christ. It has become one of the most popular devotions and the stations can be found in many Western Christian churches, including those in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and Methodist traditions.

The Holy and Great Week of Passions of Christ in the Church – Day by day explained
The exact path which Christ has walked is nowadays a common place for pilgrimage in Jerusalem it is called Via Dolorosa.

LDAP Server Installation and Configuration on CentOS 7.9 Linux or howto simply Store and use SSH User account credentials from LDAP
A good idea I forgot to mention is to configure below sysctl kernel variables to make the LDAP work better especially if you're planning to have a large database and machines accesing the server host from unstable networks

ldap:~# cat /etc/sysctl.conf

# ldap required variables
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time = 300
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000
fs.file-max = 64000


rc.local missing in Debian 8 Jessie and Debian 9 Stretch and newer Ubuntu 16, Fedora, CentOS Linux – Why is /etc/rc.local not working and how to make it work again

Howto enable rc.local on RHEL (Redhat) 8 and CentOS 8.X etc.

A small remark on Redhat 8 and Redhat 7 /etc/rc.local is a symlink to /etc/rc.d/rc.local.
Hence instead of chmod +x /etc/rc.local as pointed in my article, you have to:

# chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.local

# systemctl start rc-local
# systemctl status rc-local

Cheers ! 🙂

How to create SD Card DATA dump image to .ISO with dd and mount it with imdisk from command line on Windows CygWin with MobaXterm

<b>Listing partitions /dev names in Windows</b> is also possible in mobaxterm with <b>simple cat /proc/partitions</b> e.g.:


[User.T420-89] ➤ cat /proc/partitions
major minor  #blocks  name   win-mounts

    8     0 250059096 sda
    8     1    592896 sda1
    8     2 155696128 sda2   C:
    8    16  61071360 sdb
    8    17    262144 sdb1   F:
    8    18    262144 sdb2   G:
    8    19    262144 sdb3   H:
    8    20  59768832 sdb4   I:
    8    32 121736192 sdc
    8    33 121735968 sdc1   E:

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