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How to turn keyboard backlight on GNU / Linux, keyboard no backlight solution

Friday, October 20th, 2017


If you're a GNU / Linux user and you happen to buy a backlighted keyboard, some nice new laptop whose keyboard supports the more and more modern keyboard growing or if you happen to install a GNU / Linux for a Gamer friend no matter the Linux distribution, you might encounter sometimes  problem even in major Linux distributions Debian / Ubuntu / Mint / Fedora with keyboard backlight not working.

Lets say you buy a Devastator II backlighted keyboard or any other modern keyboard you plug it into the Linux machine and there is no nice blinking light coming out of the keyboard, all the joy is gone yes I know. The free software coolness would have been even more grandiose if your keyboard was shiny and glowing in color / colors 🙂

But wait, there is hope for your joy to be made complete.

To make the keyboard backlight switch on Just issue commands:


xmodmap -e 'add mod3 = Screen_Lock'


# Turn on the keyboard bright lamps
xset led on

# Turns off the keyboard bright lamps
xset led off

If you want to make the keyboard backlight be enabled permanent the easiest solution is to

– add the 3 command lines to /etc/rc.local

E.g. to do so open /etc/rc.local and before exit 0 command just add the lines:


vim /etc/rc.local


xmodmap -e 'add mod3 = Screen_Lock'

# Turn on the keyboard bright lamps
xset led on

# Turns off the keyboard bright lamps
xset led off

If you prefer to have the keyboard colorful backlight enable and disabled from X environment on lets say GNOME , here is how to make yourself an icon that enabled and disables the colors.

That's handy because at day time it is a kind of meaningless for the keyboard to glow.

Here is the shell script:

sleep 1
xset led 3
xmodmap -e 'add mod3 = Scroll_Lock'

I saved it as /home/hipo/scripts/

(don't forget to make it executable!, to do so run):


chmod +x /home/hipo/scripts/

Then create  the .desktop file at /etc/xdg/autostart/backlight.desktop so that it runs the new shell script, like so:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Devastator Backlight

Oracle: Get database, tables and instances access permissions

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Oracle user get permissions of table database and instances access
If you are logged in to Oracle SQL server with sqlplus and you're not sure to which Database, Tables, Object instances you have permissions to below 2 queries will be of use:


Query lists all queries in a Oracle table schema. Alternavite shorter way to do the query is via:

SQL> SELECT table_name FROM user_tables;


Shows your own schema's all tables and views.

Other oracle useful query is the Oracle equivalent of MySQL SHOW TABLES;

SQL> SELECT table_name FROM user_tables;

It will also output info only for logged in user credentials, if you're logged in as oracle database administrator (DBA role) account and you would like to check what Instances are owned by any user lets say user GEORGI query should be;


Other way to do it is via:

SQL> SELECT Table_Name from All_Tables WHERE OWNER = 'YOURSCHEMA';

Death Metal singing animals :)

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Alex, just passed me by few funny videos, with "animals singing death metal"

Death Metal Singing Rooster

This Rooster, should definitely contact Six Feet Under (SFU) 's vocalist – Chris Barnes for a solo album 😉

I guess this Camel should start innovative metal music fork to Grind Core or Noise Core metal genre sub-division 🙂

I'm sure you never imagined the donkey could be an awesome Metal singer, Well believe it or not it is a fact the donkey has a talent 🙂

This dog is quite experienced in Death Metal vocalist stage behaviour 😉

There is plenty of other Metal singing animals in Youtube, for more laugh check the related videos. Enjoy ! 🙂

In Varna

Friday, November 9th, 2007

As usual, I went to Varna to take my Sallary and do some backups and stuff in the Office.before I had taken a taxi (on the price of the bus ticket), I went to the Orthodox ChurchSt. Georgi. There was a Liturgy. The Priest has annointed me with oil the Lords “For Health and Happinessand Salvation of Home and Children” :). I stayed for 5 minutes there then I took a taxi to Varna.On my way to work in Varna I bought a banica. On work I tried running a subversion server.It seems If a man intends to run subversion on a host it’s possible to run it in a 3 differentmanner.1. running the svnserver svnserver -d -r /repository2. Using an Apache mod_dav communicating with the svn through http:// or https://3. Committing changes executing svn after login through ssh.I was really scared in the beginning. I have to find time to read the SVN bookto understand the svn concepts better. The first the idea was to migrate most of the data wecurrently use and change through a samba server with a single svn repository.Later we decided only new projects shall go into subversion, each project has to have a differentrepository (probably). The day seemed to be quiet until sometime. When Vladi (One of the programmersand Petar) have started acting like a guys who have spend years in a Hospital for Mental Disorders.I’m starting not to like Metal as much as before. Lately I listen to a lot of Pro-Xex’s great musicstuff. Later I have understand today is being celebrated the Angel Michael’s day (That was theLiturgy for). For all those who doesn’t know St. Michael is an Archaengel who Leads the HolyAngels of the Lord in Battle. It happened that Milen and the boss Plamen had a name celebrationday. So I and the collegues gathered together in the conference room. I went Dobrich and I had to help do few things for my father’s cousing Zlatina.Zlatina is a really nice lady with a really nice family 🙂 They called me becausethey had problems running Route 66 ( She said it takes to run 2 hours with WINE!).With the Lord’s help I was able to figure out it’s a sort of wine bug, which iseasily solved with deleting the ~/.wine/windows/temp/*’s directory so I changedthe Launcher icon to execute a script which first clears the temp directory andthen starts the app, hooray works like a charm :). Also I had to install aBulgarian German dictionary. I have left the day before to download onecalled Duden who has been reported from a guy in #linuxhelp that works fine under wine.Unfortunately the downloaded .rar archive was protected with password. I wasn’t able to guessit nor to crack it using an app. I installed two Rar cracking utilities one of the two workedwith wine but there was a lack of dictionaries for brute force attack so I gave it up.The solution was to tell them to reinstall the working Bulgarian German dictionary withwine called “BigDic” (A 15 days trial). I cretead a little script in the BigDic’s install directorywhich removes the ~/.wine directory before reinstall of the Dictionary, cause the Dictionaryseems to keep record of when it’s installed somewhere in the registry, so deleting~/.wine clears the registry. The day wasn’t too bad except I was very tired in somepoint of the day. With God’s help another day passed. Blessed be the Lord creatorof Heaven and Earth!Right now I’m rebuildinga world on my FBSD desktop machine ( Jericho ).END—–

Not too well

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I’ve tried running a Holux GPS Slim 256 on a Linux box through bluetooth. And tried to make it workwith “Route 66” Navigation system running with wine. A total mess is the best description forthis. One time I managed to make it connect but I was not really aware how that this happenedactually the connection is being made with the little proggie rfcomm. rfcomm connect 0 “MAC_OF_THE_DEVICE”‘.Ubuntu even have a gnome applet. Unfortunately All my attempts to make it work failed.Today is a day of the days in which man wants not to be alive. I have to fill some questionaries (pretendinga different persons), they’re needed for the Marketing Research Project. Day after day I’m thinking aboutthe monk’s life as a good exit of this terrible reality. Thanks God at least the survers run well.END—–

A wonderful surprise

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

I was surprised when a friend of mine has mentioned a nice things concerning me in IRC,his alias is Order you can read what he has written about me in Bulgarian here: . Everything good mentioned about me in the post how I have contributed to himhow thankful he is to me and stuff is the same with me towards him.So Order Old buddy It’s a real blessing to know you. And I’m dumb too,you know “PROSTE SME!!” :)) Big thanks to the man Order (Ivo) vizantiecfor being with me in a hard times and helping me go on ( he knows what I’m talking about ).Ivo I owe you a lot. This post meaned a lot to me. BTW Nice picture on the Blog! Emblematicas usual.Also don’t forget to check Ivo’s blog located at ;]Die by the fork :]END—–

How is it going

Friday, October 12th, 2007

The doctor has prescribed me pills and phiso-therapy. Emotionally, mentally, and physically I was in a pretty bad shape the last some time. Yesterday Plamenko come to my home and I decided to tell him about my situation trying to be completely honest. He said everything would come to a place but probably I have to change my living place. So if this is necessary then I’ll do it. I guess that he prayed for me because today I feel better and I feel God’s presence. The only problem still I have is physical but I hope God would fix it. I also started going to church every day in the Orthodox Church man feels different, I think God’s grace and God himself is present there. Today I had an exam at Bussiness Communication. I prayed to God to help me and Hooray I was able to cheat I hope now God would grant me to take the exam. Thanks for everything Lord! :)END—–

Drug Pills

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

In the morning I stand up from bed early to go to a doctor. He said I had an infection and I’ve got to drink 3 different type of pills. One of the pills I have to drink 3 days once a time every next pill in 15 minutes. It’s a hellish. I hope I would be well with the God’s help and work as soon as possible because I can’t continue live that way it’s a living nightmare. Almost all the day I watched Stargate SG 1. In the evening I was out with Lily in Gerana. I intend to watch some stargate serie and go to bed. I have exam on 10 and 12th of Oct and still I haven’t studied but with all this other things on my had I can’t concentrate. Also after I have drinked the pills I had a terrible headache, at least now it’s gone …END—–

Maybe things are getting better

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

There was a divine grace the last few days a little more than ordinary. We have already started in the college currently we study a discipline called “Introduction to Business” with a teacher from holland called Job. It’s interesting attending Job’s lectures. The holland teachers do teach in a much funny playful way. My passion for computers is starting to come back, and it’s very interesting to do things related to comps. My love for freebsd also increases on a daily basis. Two days ago. We installed FreeBSD in Niki’s (a.k.a. Nomen’s brother). Niki is a wonderful person. I decided to install him the latest FreeBSD-CURRENT which currently is 7.0 CURRENT. We had experienced some problems with the boot loader (not installing properly in the MBR due to my mistake). After that most of the basic configuration was complete after 5 hours. Yesterday and today I and Niki did some extra installation of software and settings. Also yesterday I was in the cousin of my Father, Zlatina (A wonderful person a, a wonderful husband, a wonderful child fascinating.) I hope some day maybe God would bless me with such a blessing. After I have installed them there new DVD/RW drive. They have setup dinner and we ate and speak about God/ Europe USA, the best place to live and a lot of “Is there God”. I told them how I believed how God found me etc because I felt I have to do. The food was great the company of Zlati and Ivo was great just great. Also I don’t have much of a work on the servers which gives me a lot of free time currently. PRAISE BE TO GOD ofcourse for all this he blesses me! Blessed, Blessed, Blessed Are you Lord Glory Be to You! 🙂 END—–


Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Where is everybody. I’m drunk I’m sick I’m dying I’m gonna fucking kill myself. The end is near nothing can’t stop me now. Where I’m who I’m why do I exist? WHYYYY! I’m drunk today I and Nomen drunked together a wine Asenovgradski Mavrut (red wine) great yeah!. Noone nothing who cares I wanna everyhing to be like in the old times. Mosaik – Rubik fucking rulez!!!!The Lord doesn’t care for me !!! Damn it, noone cares I’m alone ;]]]END—–