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Keukenhof (The Kitchen Garden) Holland – The Largest Flower garden in the World

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013


HOLLAND: Keukenhof – world's largest flower garden [HD]

One of the most famous landmarks in holand as well as worldwide is Keukenhof's – flower gardens. Whoever planned this beautiful place has done a great work congrats! It is a peaceful place, seeing the garden also gives a good idea on how most parks in Holland look like. Most of the things to be seen in the garden are also to be seen in city parks all across Holland. In Holland most things looks alike. Building architecture, roads, gardens, dikes, bicycle and road areas. Even Roman Catholic Cathedrals and Protestant Churches / Cathedrals looks similar to each other. If the weather is good all looks shiny like on the video, however in bad weather the beauty is hard to appreciate. The nature to be seen is not wild like in less developed economy countries ,it is all planned and shaped and sustained by people.