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Resolution of a problem with cyrillic (CP1251, KOI-8R) / Bulgarian / Serbian / Slavonic on Windows XP

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Today I’ve encountered a weird problem. An old not to say ancient program designed to work under MS-DOS refused to visualize correctly on Windows XP. Therefore with a help of a friend (Static)and some research online I’ve found the solution. The solution comes to this:
1. Edit with notepad c:windowssystem32autoexec.nt2. Add lh tbds /b to last line3. copy to c:windowssystem32I’ve mirrored the to make your life easier download from here Also make sure that the options for the shortcut or the bat starting the program under cmd.exe are configured to be on fullscreen as well as assure yourself that the the settings for
Screen Buffer Size are:
Width: 80, Height:25 (300 is wrong value).If your lucky with God’s help your proggie would visualize correctly cyrillic under cmd.exe :)END—–