Dead Turns Alive

Thursday, 29th March 2007

I decided to put some words on my blog, for long time I haven’t. The last weekend we was with Nomenon the Botevo Village again we decided spontaneously 1:10 to go to the St. Marina Monetery ( Near Botevo ). So we catched the train in the last moment and went to Botevo.There was a map on the Station on Botevo which showed where the monestery is. First we take the wrongpath. After 30 minutes looking back to a picture on the phone of Nomen we realised we have takenthe wrong path. We walked back to the Station to see the map and then we catched the realpath. We walked in a forest, great experience I really was happy and fulfilled there. After walkingin the forest for maybe 2 hours we get out of the forest and walked in a way encircled by fieldswith crops (probably weat). The time was 16:30 p.m., so the sunrise was going to be after a maximum of 3 hours,even less. So we decided if we will work for more 50 minutes and if we don’t find the monestery we arecoming back. Suddenly we saw a jeep coming to us, Nomen stopped the jeep and asked did the man have ideawhere the monestery is located. The man said he would bring us to the monestery (after that we spokewith him while in the jeep). The man told us he has restored the monestery with some of his friendsinvesting 100, 000 lv of money for the restoration. He said there is an intersting story aroud it.If somebody drinks of the near monestery water on a specific day ( I forgot the day ), he would be curedfrom any disease. After 6 minutes we was to the monestery. There was anchoret there ( or at least that’swhat the guy from the jeep(Petar) said ), he was there for 5 years already. The anchoret guy (Ivailo)welcomed us and walked us through the monestery and the rooms for guests. Later we spoke with himabout the Lord it turns I asked him few questions about the holy scriptures and about his opinion aboutthe meaning of life in general. He said his peronal undestanding of What Christ ( God ) is, is thatActually Christ has divided himself through all the universe. We put the food out of my and Mitko’s bagand we ate the with Ivailo. We asked him why he does choose to live their and he answered it is mainlybecause he wanted to know himself ( and this is not forbidden right? ). He said he had a reallybad luck in life and one day he was in the Cathedral in Varna he saw a bishop who offered him thisjob to take care for the monestery and guard it and he accepted cause he also needed money.The place around the monestery was really great like a small paradise there was something like a small lakethere, faucet and a cradle. Ivailo said he really likes this place because there is no pain аnd suffer.It was really hard to speak with this guy after 20 minutes of talk he said he is going in his room.And that we could stay there as many time as we want if we want we can fire a fire etc, he told uswhere the way for a village where we can take a bus is, and he went away. So we started walking in the wayhe said to walk in. But probably we mistakenly take the wrong one it was 19:00 and we were on a field,the sun has started going down dusk was going to the earth, and there was no forest or something aroundus to possible fire a fire and stay for the night there. We had no torch we had no food only 1 bottle of water,our situation seemed really dangerous. We tried to walk faster then we run for some time. Thirteen minutes laterwe used to be in some village non having idea where we was. We asked a lady in one of the houses about in whichvillage are we, she said we are in “Krumovo”, we asked is Botevo’s railway station away and she cofirmed it is.She said we can get a bus maybe if it hasn’t already passed through the village ( yes our situation was reallynot good ). The night has almost fallen and it was dark in another house we asked some ppl how many timeis to Botevo’s railway station and he said it’s only 5.5km away, whilst 500 meters away there is another villageand after that we have to walk for 5 kilometers more and we’re there, this raised our spirits. We had3 hours and half to go to the Botevo’s railway station cause our train to Dobrich was in 22:40 p.m.. We usedto work for maybe 1 km while we entered the next village. While walking around the village we saw a sort of a shop or pub.There was a man standing there watching tv. Mitko wanted to buy cigarettes so he went to check if the shop is opened.Luckily the shop was opened and Mitko bought a cigarettes so opened coversation with the man and we explained himfastly what happened where are we coming from etc, when we told him we are walking to the Botevo’s railway stationand we asked if Botevo is 5 km away from here. He walked at us changing expression and said Big Botevo’s is 5km awayand the train passes through Small Botevo which is maybe 13 kilometers away. ( Well we were in a really not pleasand situation there was no way to succeed to pass 13 km for less than 3 hours we have already walked for probably 20 km and we was already tired ). The man adviced us to try to try to get some car or truth going to a near village where there is railway station too and to try to take the train from there. We were still talking with the man while we saw a bus coming and we stoppedit and walked in and sit. We asked where the bus was going to. It seemed it is for Varna ( Wow this was better from spending a night in a dark village in the open air. The bus left us in Varna and our plan was to try to get the trainfor Dobrich. We hastened but we was too late for the train we was on the railway at the same moment while the train has already leaved. I tried calling to Vaso asking him if it’s possible to stay for the night with Nomen cause we have no placeto stay for the night, unfortunately our luck again played tricks, it was not possible to stay at his home for the night nor he had any friends where we can possibly stay. Happily I remembered there was a bus in 10:30 or something coming from Sofia to Dobrich and we went to the bus station to be sure is there any. Luckily there was a bus but the tickets costed double from the normal price 8 lv per ticket that was much. Luckily when the bus come in 10:30 it seemed the driver would give us the ticket for 4 lv per ticket which was cheap and was the normal ticket price ! PRAISE THE LORD. You know God has his finger in all our travel and he helped us in everything ! HalleluYah. 23:10 we was in again in Dobrich. And before we took the bus to Dobrich we had even time to drink a coffee with Vaso. We went home extremely happy. PRAISE OFCOURSE IS TO THE LORD OF HOSTS :]END—–

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