Malwarebytes a good Anti-Spyware anti-malware Windows program

Saturday, 11th December 2010

Dave just recommended me a nice software which is able to easily extinguish most of the nowdaysterrible spyware soft.
I had previously installed a cracked version of Spyware Doctor on this Windows machine and it was interesting that even though it’s so seriously praised the Spyware Doctor wasn’t able to find a bunch of stupid spyware.
Talking about Spyware what is a Spyware? Why is not a spyware a virus?

Anyways, I guess they just came up with a hype word to just market some more software as an anti-spyware soft.

To clean up your windows pc with go straigh to Malwarebytes download it and install it.
The full version of malwarebytes is paid but the good news is that the free version available for download lacks only the service of an integrated windows agent to constantly track your pc if a spyware is trying to enter from a website.

Just until recently I used to use the good old Spybot but this program is not anymore finding most of the malicious stuff, so I guess this malwarebytes is something I should install more often on Windows pcs I had to fix up.


If running Spyware Bytes, doesn’t succeed in cleaining the PC (and just if you want to have better guarantee that Malware will not auto-load on the PC again), run the PC in Safe Mode With Networking or just Safe Mode (keep pressing F8) before Windows boots and then run Malware Bytes again.

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  1. Nina Belles says:
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    I must give thanks to you for your blog write-up, it is extremely educational and also valuable. I’ve had many negative experiences with malware, and it really is really discouraging to handle. One time I needed to re-install Windows as a result of some basic spyware that we never took proper care of. Another moment My spouse and i experienced some voice randomly saying things to my family about some product I earned, it was subsequently quite annoying. Let me save your site and come back again frequently. Thank you once again

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  2. It's important to know the difference between antispyware software and antivirus software. says:
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    You’ve got great insights about Antispyware, keep up the good work!

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  3. Hermila Pieffer says:
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    Heya! I hope you do not mind but I decided to post your website: to my internet directory website. I used, “Malwarebytes a good Anti-Spyware anti-malware Windows program | Walking in Light with Christ – Faith, Computing, Diary” as your blog title. I hope this is ok with you. In the event you’d like me to change the title or perhaps remove it completely, email me at Parkey80@GOOGLE.COM. Thanks.

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  4. hip0 says:
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    If still default search engine is some unwanted site – Reset your browser settings to remove browser redirect

    If you are still experiencing issues with the browser redirect in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, we will need to reset your browser to its default settings. This step needs to be performed only if your issues have not been solved by the previous steps.

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