Rear Window (1954) & Chinatown 1974

Sunday, 21st February 2010

I enjoyed watching this two movies. Both are claimed to be movie classics and truly they’re.Okay let me give you a short review about this classics.

1. Rear Window is a movie of Alfred Hitchcock. The movie is a story about a guy with a broken leg who is boredto death and as an escape of his boredom starts “spying” on his neighboursthrough the Window. The guy is an ordinary person with an extraordinarygirlfriend and another old lady who is is responsible for his rehabilitationprocedures. By accident the guy catch a sight of one of his neighbors actingreally weird, putting a saw and a knife in his brief case. The guy used to wentout of his home every evening at a certain time. His wife is missing for a couple of days. The guy starts, like an anonymous investigation on the case … won’t tell you more, if interested in the scenario just check out the movie.

2. The second one Chinatown , though a great movie was a rather odd movie. It’s closing is far from the normal movie’s “good guys win” plot. So let me tell you a few words about the movie. The story progresses around a private investigator who was hired by a woman to perform surveilance on her Husband as she has her doubts he is cheating on her. After a short follow-up the investigator recognizes that the woman’s suspicion claimed to be true. The guy has been into an illegitimate affair with a woman. A picture of the love affair appears in the Los Angeles local newspapers and a big scandal arouses. Sooner the investigator is puzzled when he realized that the woman that hired him is actually not the guy’s wife. Soon after the public outbreak the guy involved in the affair is find dead near one of the cannals, and it looked like an accident. However this is far from the truth, the investigator suspects the guy is murdered and finds that things the trace about the murder leads to a big conspiracy by a major business person who tries to manipulate the Los Angeles water supply.The movie turns a couple of unexpected turn arounds in the mean time. The killed person’s wife happened to have a sister and be a mother of her sister (in other words her father raped her as a child and she bore a child …).The movie is a mix of psychological drama and a mystery. Just check it out to see it’s unexpected ending. Have a nice watching time.

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