In Varna

Friday, 9th November 2007

As usual, I went to Varna to take my Sallary and do some backups and stuff in the Office.before I had taken a taxi (on the price of the bus ticket), I went to the Orthodox ChurchSt. Georgi. There was a Liturgy. The Priest has annointed me with oil the Lords “For Health and Happinessand Salvation of Home and Children” :). I stayed for 5 minutes there then I took a taxi to Varna.On my way to work in Varna I bought a banica. On work I tried running a subversion server.It seems If a man intends to run subversion on a host it’s possible to run it in a 3 differentmanner.1. running the svnserver svnserver -d -r /repository2. Using an Apache mod_dav communicating with the svn through http:// or https://3. Committing changes executing svn after login through ssh.I was really scared in the beginning. I have to find time to read the SVN bookto understand the svn concepts better. The first the idea was to migrate most of the data wecurrently use and change through a samba server with a single svn repository.Later we decided only new projects shall go into subversion, each project has to have a differentrepository (probably). The day seemed to be quiet until sometime. When Vladi (One of the programmersand Petar) have started acting like a guys who have spend years in a Hospital for Mental Disorders.I’m starting not to like Metal as much as before. Lately I listen to a lot of Pro-Xex’s great musicstuff. Later I have understand today is being celebrated the Angel Michael’s day (That was theLiturgy for). For all those who doesn’t know St. Michael is an Archaengel who Leads the HolyAngels of the Lord in Battle. It happened that Milen and the boss Plamen had a name celebrationday. So I and the collegues gathered together in the conference room. I went Dobrich and I had to help do few things for my father’s cousing Zlatina.Zlatina is a really nice lady with a really nice family 🙂 They called me becausethey had problems running Route 66 ( She said it takes to run 2 hours with WINE!).With the Lord’s help I was able to figure out it’s a sort of wine bug, which iseasily solved with deleting the ~/.wine/windows/temp/*’s directory so I changedthe Launcher icon to execute a script which first clears the temp directory andthen starts the app, hooray works like a charm :). Also I had to install aBulgarian German dictionary. I have left the day before to download onecalled Duden who has been reported from a guy in #linuxhelp that works fine under wine.Unfortunately the downloaded .rar archive was protected with password. I wasn’t able to guessit nor to crack it using an app. I installed two Rar cracking utilities one of the two workedwith wine but there was a lack of dictionaries for brute force attack so I gave it up.The solution was to tell them to reinstall the working Bulgarian German dictionary withwine called “BigDic” (A 15 days trial). I cretead a little script in the BigDic’s install directorywhich removes the ~/.wine directory before reinstall of the Dictionary, cause the Dictionaryseems to keep record of when it’s installed somewhere in the registry, so deleting~/.wine clears the registry. The day wasn’t too bad except I was very tired in somepoint of the day. With God’s help another day passed. Blessed be the Lord creatorof Heaven and Earth!Right now I’m rebuildinga world on my FBSD desktop machine ( Jericho ).END—–

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