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Adding Comments & Google search plugins to nanoblogger

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Ever wondered how you can add comments option to nanoblogger just like any normal blogging software like wordpress do support? Cause I did, Today I wandered around in google a bit until I can make it.In order to make all this workable I choose the nbcom nanoblogger plugin.Here’s what led me to success.First prepare yourself to loose a couple of hours! It’s more complicated or at least it was more complicated than I expected to add a simple plugin as this.Second, You’ll need the following nbcom 1.1 archive .
Right after that you’ll need to untar it and rename hdrs.tmpl and consts.tmpl to *.php, edit them and remove all the unneeded “/” back slashes. Copy the content of nbcom-1.1 dir to the document root of your nanoblogger. Make sure to edit blog.conf and have all the necessary like BLOG_URL, BLOG_ADMIN=”session”, DB_PASS=”password_of_sql_user_session”, yes I forgot to mention that you’ll need to read the INSTALL file contained in the nbcom archive and follow the instructions for creation of user and database that nbcom would use in the future. There are described like 7+ files more you need to edit and if you’re lucky like I was you’ll have nanoblogger+comments support up and running! Hooray! Wish you Good luck.
Secondly probably you have wondered how to make nanoblogger has a normal search field just like any normal php based blogger software out there. It took me like an hour before I came to the enlightenment. First I had downloaded the script mirrored for you to make your life easier here .
Next copy the file to your nanoblogger plugins directory.
And last you have to edit the templates/main_index.htm file and add the content that is as commented in the file. If you’re lucky again you’ll have nanoblogger with this two valuable plugins working. EnjoyEND—–