How to install new fonts (system wide) in Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7

Saturday, 1st September 2012

If you have to do it on a PC with 3 Windows existing directories on C drive for instance (Windows, Windows, Windows3) it is good idea to first find out which is the exact directory from whom present working reads fonts.

To check %WINDIR% in Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe) type:

echo %WINDIR%

Check real windows directory location %WINDIR% screenshot

Next open Windows Explorer and copy all files to wherever %WINPATH%fontsis located. During copying Windows will automatically invoke some font installer program and show tiny progress dialog like in down screenshot:

Windows XP install new fonts in Windowsfonts progress dialog

Afterwards fonts load system wide and appear in MS Windows Word and others installed programs with no need of PC restart 🙂

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