The Trigger for this site my failed university studies

Monday, 2nd April 2012

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What triggered the creation of this website is my many failed university studies. Everywhere in  each and every university I studied, teachers tried to impose (project) their world view on the student. This is a very bad in my personal view, because once you graduate instead of being determined in what you want to do with your life on the contrary you start to loose the way and be dependent on someone's idea of life.

I've been  in 2 technical professional universities, one economic and one Business administration oriented university. I've seen a lot of different life-views. In each and every of this educational institutions I was expecting to be "blessed" with a good stand to find my way in life. In most of the time all of the universities, seriously disappointed me.

The good think from failure is that it makes you learn, so I believe my failure to fit to education systems is rooted in the fact, I'm a  too much freedom thinking person. Current educational system is completely hostile to freedom thinkers and if you're determined to learn more than the usual with a desire to preserve your identity and freedom you will most likely not fit in any educational system. Taking out the human's freedom starts in very early stage in school. Teachers just grab you and push you in a line and try to shape you as a clay. This wouldn't be a bad think if they have a good stand base like a good understanding on who they're. Unfortunately most of people in this age, doesn't have any idea, who they're, where they come from and why they live. This is because of lacking faith in God. Later in the university, situation become even worser as you're put in some kind of track which often is not up-to-date and doesn't respond to what you will need once you have graduated

Honestly I was amazed that  within universities, where it was supposed I should meat intelligent people with a profound interest in different fields, I mostly met people who just followed the scheduled universities program and rarely was interested in scientific matters or in any research and development.

I believe this kind of educational becoming more dumb is rooted in the lack of people to hold their traditions and their strong faith in God and God providence for life.

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