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Mass Media equals Mind Control / Watching Television or Movies can put you into a Hypnotic like state

Monday, May 21st, 2012


I'm still heavily researching on Mind Control Applications as well as how the our brains could be intentionally mislead to do not our will.
I myself am not watching TV for years now and I know pretty well the TV programs are one big non-sense. Loosing interest into television came natural for me as sometime in my development in life I found I can use computer to gather a data of my preference. As computers and internet gave me more control over choice what I want to learn I quit watching TV completely. However now I'm starting to realize even though I haven't watched TV for a long time the fact that I have watched plenty of Television as a child has unintentionally influenced me as a purpose.

The real way how television influence us and makes us prone to suggestability is through putting the watched in a state similar to a hypnosis. I personally don't believe in the hypnosis as it is an occult practice and I think Christians are not suspectable to be influenced in the same way as non-Christians as it is up to God to decide how a certain technology will influence the individual. However most of us people nowdays are not a regular church attendants and we don't regularly pray and ask God for mercies and blessings therefore this makes us away from God and makes us more vulnerable to satanic agendas like hypnotism to be able to have influence on us….
Also by TV and modern pop culture, we have been encouraged to not stick to our cultural roots but to separate ourselves and accept an empty non-sense ideology that doesn't have any core besides money and consumerims.
In that sense the TV and medias plays the most significant role nowdays.

Mass Media = Mind Control – a video explaining in short how the TV and Mass medias are used to create similar or identical ideas in masses

The internet as lately we're hearing about PIPA, SOPA and all kind of legislations regulations corrupted 0politicians try to vote for could be soon filtered too. If that happens the situation with using computers to inform ourselves will be not so much different than with TV's and other medias.
Anyways even today the internet is heavily regulated as the biggest newspapers like New Your Times, BBC, Guardian are only publishing materials approved by the directors and compatible with the companies owners agendas…

Anyways we are not helpless as we can educate people and show them the real face of the things, so they can finally realize that this whole deception and anti-religious propaganda on the TV and vows for a life without rules is the greatest deception of our age.

WIth TVs, radios, music, Mobiles, Ipads, IPhones or nomatter what kind of latest technology we can never be happy while living without God.

Another good video worhty to see I've found on youtube is called
TV = Mind Control, unfortunately the video is not emebeddable so to see it you would have to copy paste this link:

Seven Samurai movie (100 Best movies ever made)

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Recently I watched Seven Samurai .
What incited me to watch that old movie from the distant 1954 was a list on
youtube according to which it is placed amongst 100 best movies
.The movie is a really slow one and if you like motion, it’ll definitely
break your patience. The first 20 or 30 minutes are the most hardly one to bear,
in this movie time interval almost nothing is happening.
The whole story behind the movie revolves around a villagers in Japan in past
time, which had been robbed by a group of felon samurais (In other words,
there are good and bad Samurais in the movie). The people in the village are
starving since the samurais has stolen all their rice, which is their basic food.
People in the village come to the conclusion they need to hire Samurais to
protect them from the evil doers. But looking for Samurais is a tough job since,
everything the peasents can provide to the Samurais as a wage is a bow of rice
3 times a day.
Consequently Seven Samurais bring together, thanks to an initiator and start
working on various plans on how to protect the village.
One of the Samurai guys is not really but an ex-villiger (quite a funny guy).
After the crop is gathered the bandit samurais come along to plunder the
the crops but this time they’re not going to meet just a fragile villagers
as in last years.

Apart from the movie it might be interesting for you to check out the
100 best movies ever made;

Two Spiritual Movies to see

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Today I’ve taken my time to watch two nice. Spiritual movies on christian thematics. Here are the movies titles:
– Luis Bunnel – Nazarin (1959)
– Diary of a Country Priest (1951) Robert Bresson.

First movie is in the protestant lutheran tradition about a priest who more or less imitated our Lord and saviour Christ in his daily lives.Second one emphasizes on a life of a true Catholic priest who used to have a spiritual insight, a monk like so to say.
I felt a bit refreshed watching the movies hope that it would be of any value to somebody out there.END—–

A bundle of nice spiritual Movies

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I thought it would be nice to mention a couple of interesting movies that were quiteedifying.
1. The Chosen – A Jewish Movie talking about a jewish boy life from a jewish perspective,would be interesting since it represents many of the nice jewish traditions.2. Diary of a Country Priest (1954) – A French Catholic movie observing a life of Godinspired Catholic priest, which somehow didn’t fit to the whole catholic church reality,however, his attitude towards life was like old times saints. Just like yoursaviour and Lord Jesus Christ he was rejected and people hated by most of the people.His everyday food consisted in bread and wine. It seems he suffered a stomach cancerdisease which progressed through out the movie. The movie shows the human sufferingand many of the everyday temptations we face as christians, it’s said to be oneof the most notable spiritual movies ever made.3. Nazarin (1959) – A class movie by Nuis Bunuel, mostly in the protestant tradition.The story behind the movie is about a man who does followed the New Testament our Lord’sJesus Christ teaching quite literally. He was followed by some followers who got inspiredby his eagerness and strive for holiness, he was believed to be a modern day saint byhis followers (two women) and later on a dwarf like man.4. Geroi Shipki – A Russian Bulgarian history based movie made to present the Bulgarianbattle for restoration of their country liberty which would be impossible without thehelp of our orthodox brotherly nation (The Russians). Another interesting point forviewers would be how the movie illustrates some similarities between Bulgarians andRussians based on their similar language and their common Orthodox faith.END—–

2 interesting metal movies that everymetal should watch (Movies about Metal Over the World)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Yesterday, friends of mine has recommended me two movies on the topic of metal
As a global movement. The film is a sort of a headbanger (metalhead) personal research on metal music development and current status all over the world.
The movie was conducted by a San Dunn (a hardcore metal fan) who travels aroundin different locations all around the world and does reflect on metal scene on
the 6 continents. It was of a real interest to me to check out the moviesout of curiosity considering my metal passion that lived with me over the years.
The first movie is called Metal – A Headbanger’s Journey (2005)
The movie includes many interview with famous metal musicians Wacken metal festival scenes of one of the most famous metal bands over the world.
The second movie is called Global Metal (2008) and is a sort of continuation of the first one.
Some of the metal musicians interviewed in the Movie are:

Bruce Dickinson
Tom Araya – (Slayer)
Alice Cooper – (Alice Copper)
Lemmy Kilmister – (Motorhead)
Kerry King – (Slayer)
Rob Zombie – (Rob Zombie)
Lars Ulrich – (Metallica)
Max Cavalera – (Sepultura, Soufly)
Each of the forementioned musicians speaks about his attitude and vision on Metal
as a culture and it’s development over the years as well as about his/her personal
Experience with metal fans during their huge metal tours aroud the world.
The movie includes also references to many infamous on a global scale metal bands
Which are large popular in their home countries and do a serious metal music.
Each of this band’s philosophy and lyrical expression is largely centered around their culture.
This creates something new and unseen before in the metal scene and not to mention
does integrate the world in a better way.It’s really shocking to see the metal scene in India, Indonesia, Japan, China etc.
It’s almost incredible that metal music exists their and enjoys a good popularity
where culture is so different from the culture we have in Eastern Europe!
Well enough talk, take your time get to the nearest torrent or a metal shop and
look for that two titles. I guarantee you’ll experience a couple of hours
of fun and nice music. Enjoy!

Nosferatu (1922) – One of the early horror movies

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Folks, Check out Nosferatu early horror movie in youtube!
The film dates back to the distant 1922, wow! 🙂