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Easy access to all Management Tools on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista with “GodMode” / A little known hidden Windows feature

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

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Are you looking for a quick way to find some kind of security issue with a particular Windows 7 install? You’re an IT geek or your regular daily IT job includes fixing a lot of Windows 7 and Vista broken computers?

I’m sure you will be puzzled to hear about Microsoft embedded default “hack” (feature / shortcut) GodMode. I’m not how exactly “GodMode” should be called is it a security leak? a nice pro admin required feature? or a bad joke with M$ users M$ developers did …

Now you probably still wonder what is GodMode, it is an easy to create Shortcut directory, which when created does an automatic link to all Administrator and Settings services on a Windows OS Desktop PC or Notebook.
GodMode is like all administrator programs link to all management tools accessible via one specific to create (New Directory). It is a sort of Shortcut to everything one accesses from Start Menu, Control Panel and all admin PC interfaces.
GodMode is super handy if you hate to use the messed up and hard to memorize tools in Control Panel ….

Here is a list of all the Utilities you can change via creating the “GodMode” shortcut (New Folder):

Action Center, Administrative Tools, AutoPlay, Backup and Restore, BitLocker Drive Encryption,
Color, Management, Credential Manager, Date and Time, Default Programs, Desktop Gadgets, Device Manager,
Devices and Printer, Display, Easy of Access Center, Folder Options, Fonts, Gettings Started, HomeGroup,
Indexing Options, Internet Options, Keyboard, Mouse, Network and Sharing Center, Notification Area Icons,
Performance Information and Tools, Personalization, Phone and Modem, Power Options, Programs and Features,
Recovery, Region and Language, RemoteApp and Desktop Connections, Sound, Speech Recognition, Sync Center,
System, Taskbar and Start Menu, Troubleshoting, User Accounts, Windows CardSpace, Windows Defender,
Windows Firewall, Windows Update


To get access to all this handy Linked under one Shortcut utilities, all you have to do is create a New Folder (on Windows Desktop plot or anywhere on the Hard Drive) with the following string (name) as New Folder name:


You will get on your Desktop (or whatever New Directory is created) a Shortcut to all system available management tools.
Below are two screenshots of “GodMode” :):

Windows 6 Vista Godmode hack link to all admin tools feature

GodMode is an handy shortcut for tech savvys and for anyone running a PC repair shop it will certainly be previous one to know of.
Using it one can save really a lot of time, screen pondering and obsolete clicks.

GodMode “trick” should work on all M$ Windows 7 / Vista (Pro, Home, Business, Laziness) or whatever. From security standpoint it is a big joke as it can give so easy to way to a possible malicious easier to review system configs and look up for things to break.
I wondery Why Microsoft developers call it GodMode at all? It is just a shortcut and it doesn’t grant you administrator (god like) system access ? Well anyways, Enjoy 😉

Books on Human Resource Management

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Here are two books on Human Resource Management Human Resource Management (MGT – 501)
Strategic Human Resource Management View
Strategic Human Resources Management – Aligning with the Mission END—–

HRQM Games

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

The last 3 days in the college we used to have a guest from the Arnhem Business Scholl: Job Thinke.He is a teacher in HRQM (Human Resource and Quality Management). We played a simulator. We choose abusiness to be in. Job, Bozhidar, and two graduating students from Arnhem ( one black girl and one guy from South Africa )were the teachers. We choose an industry (our group was some Open cars producing company). Every peson of the teamhad to participate in taking decisions and writting down the decisions in a decision forms every form was aboutmoney we would invest in things which would lead to accomplish a specific goals we had setted in the beginning of the game,things like hiring more employees promoting some of them etc. etc. were our work. The game was played 3 days and it waslike if we had run a 2 years long business. Our group mistake was that we always thought about things in short terms.In the end of the 2nd year of the game we had a discussion meetings with our higher level employees and it turns outthat we are the poorest team because we always thought about the company in short term instead of long term.During this 3 days there was also some funny games for developing concentration and thinking and improvingcommunication skills. In general I think the whole think was a great loss of time, but I’m a strange person …Most of the ppl liked involved from IBMS and Hotel Management liked the game very much.END—–


Monday, February 26th, 2007

I drinked 100 gr. of Rom and a beer after that and I got drunk. I have some problems with one of the servers in DBG. I hope the machine’s hard drive didn’t die. If the hdd is dead it would be very very bad for me. Tomorrow I have test in Management. As usual I haven’t study :]] I’m listening to Pantera and I want to drink more .. which is not good at all. END—–