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My independent view on Ukraine-Crimea Russia VS Western World crisis

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

I've been following what is happening in Ukraine over the last 6 months and I see with pain this poor brotherly Slavonic country is being literally destroyed by Radicals. It is obvious that the Revolution in Ukraine looks very similar to Revolution in Egypt, the War in Syria and obviously doesn't happen by itself but was financed by foreign forces to serve someone's interests. I known that in Ukraine people live poor, but even after the change in power it is less likely that they will start living better.

In my view Ukraine's people got infected by European Union's external appearance for prosperity and freedom. Such an outlook is just on the surface and everyone who lives in EU knows that well. It is my understanding that the European Union is based on fairy tales for freedom, friendship of nations based on economy. EU sets itself on rules and regulations and vague words combined with economic factors. With the crisis appearing one after another in country members of EU (Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Spain etc.) it is obvious that the EU is artificial union and not working well. Many country who belong to EU for some years already have seen that and even some like England want out of the European Union. With this in mind it is fully unclear to me why Ukrainians want and think that membership in EU will solve there economic problems … on the contrary once they join the EU, they will have to fulfill thousands of rules and regulations which will destroy there local country economy and will make them put out all country money out of the country into the pockets of Western Nations. Same nation genocide scenario was executed in Bulgaria and give "good satisfactory fruits". By the rules and regulations on Bulgaria our local economy was destroyed making our contry market completely dependent on other Western country market for daily products and external Western business investments. The failure of Bulgaria as a concurent on EU market run the wheel of EU economy, opening a new space for new investments and trade. Same happened with Romania and most likely will happen also with EU's newest member Croatia very soon.

Ukraine is a brotherly nation to Russia and even historically this two nations share very similar faith. Of course the two nations differ but the similarities and even the language makes them brotherly nations. Ukraine was part of Russian Empire and is called Ukraine (from the word end part of Russia). Historically Ukrainian were known as "MaloRus", Russians were known as "Rus" and Belarusian as (White Rus).
Currently in Ukraine live 8,334,100 Ethical Russians (17% of Ukraine's population), the highest density of Russians is in Crimea with 58 % of Ethnic Russians.

Of course the economic crisis in Ukraine as every Crisis is not only a Crisis of material goods but a Crisis of spirituality. Big part of Ukrainian Church separated from Russian Orthodox Church and are not in canonical unity with rest of Orthodox Churches. Besides that the number of Uniats (Orthodox Christian who are under the rule of the Roman Pope) seem to be growing over the last years there. After the fall of USSR, the number of protestants and other Christian sects in Ukraine also has grown. The decay of Russian Orthodox Church diocese in Ukraine set a space for more and more religious spiritual divisions which affected the material country realm. Talking about religion it is worthy to mention a very curious and not much known fact is that current Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov (who took place of Viktor Yanukovych) is protestant pastor. The other key actor of the Ukrainian Revolution is Arseniy Yatsenyuk who is not even Urainian but Ethic Ukrainian Jew.

Concerning Crimea historically give birth to Kievan Rus (and so to say is like mother land of all Russians as we known them), from year 1783 to 1917 was a territory part of Russian Empire, then from 1922 to 1991 it was part of Soviet Union, from 1991 to 1998, Crimea was autonomous Republic. Crimea is well known from history where Russian Empire fought with French Empire in Crimean War (1853-1856). It is no strange why Russia wants Crimea so hard as they have historically fought for this land and over the last few centuries it was Russian teritory. It will be no strange either if Crimea becomes a reason for another war …

So Who is right Russia or the Western World (European Union / United States)?
For me from the facts it is more than clear that neither the Euroepan Union nor United States share a close history / language / culture with Crimea, neither ever this was their territory. Meaning Westerners doesn't have the right to escalate the situation by putting oil in the fire, but should better keep silent and let Ukraine Russia and Crimea solve their problem alone (in a peaceful way). But why Europeans and Americans try to intervene? Well simple economically European Union has more interest to have a new Member country membering ~ 45 millions and a nice tourist destination Crimea than to have a member with 3 million less, and US's influence on world by having a western oriented Ukraine will raise. This is the reason why they make so much noise and don't want to accept the referendum in Crimea for unification with Russia, because they have politic interests there.

Ukrainians was mislead to believe the fight for Ukraine is a nation heroism, where in reality what is happening in Ukraine is just serving biggest countries interests. The bad thing is what is happening there is a good reason for emerge of national war and we know from history such a small conflicts combined with a world economic crisis led to World War I and World War II. I don't say that such a war will emerge but I think Western World should be careful to not provoke a war in Europe through recognizing Crimea's people decision to become part of Russia.

Trip To Amsterdam (TTA)

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Saint Nicolas Roman Catholic Church near Amsterdam trainstation pictureOn Tuesday Zlati (A friend of mine introduced to me by Father Veliko), came to Arnhem. The plan was that he came on Tuesday here and afterwards in Wednesday morning the Trip to Amsterdam was going to happen. First we had settled that he will be in Arnhem in 12:00 o’clock. So Around 10:50 I walked down the way to the trainstation. I was on my way when Zlati ringed and told that he still, haven’t catched the train and he is not going to make it for 12:00, though he will be on Arnhem Central Station in 04:35 in the afternoon. I came back to home and on my way bought some apples as well as a oily sweet thing from the Turkish shop “Sultan” 🙂

Around 3 I took my way to the city center again, on my way I had toleave Sali’s laptop in his home. I had taken his laptop to re-install Windows and setup his Windows in Bulgarian as well as configure it to be able to watch Bulgarian TV channels online.
In order to achieve that I used a proxy donated to me by Amridikon. Thanks Amri!

To make Windows Vista Home Premium to Bulgarian I had to use a small proggie “Vista Change Language 1.0”. I had to burn the program to a CD and boot into it and then use the downloaded language pack to change the vista text language to Bulgarian. I did so all went well, unfortunately after an upgrade the text in the menus did screw up. So I have to boot again in the Vista Change Language 1.0 boot CD and revert it back to Bulgarian.
Then I had to disable Windows Vista updates in order to prevent the same language mess up to occur again. This was a little out of the topic, but I decided it’s nice to have it on paper.

So back to where I was with my TTA .. I took Zlati from the train station,we went to Sali and he treated us with some kind of traditional turkish soup meal. The soup was quite nice btw. He was extremely happy that he could watch Bulgarian TV’s online through the website. I was glad to that God helped me and blessed me in succeeding in all the things I mentioned above. Afterwards we went with Zlati and Koko to Albertheijn picked up a beer and a couple of other things. Then I and Zlati went to my place where we used my notebook to research about places of Interest, we would like to attend in Amsterdam. We went to bed around 2 o’clock at night.

At the morning we went to the train station. I suggested that we go a little earlier because I thought, well it might be better to be earlier in the city for to have more time to walk and take a look at its significant things in it. We were on the train station 8:10 and had the intention to take the first train at 8:29, however God had other plans for that.It seemed that we have to wait and buy a ticket for after 9:00, otherwise Zlati couldn’t use his train card for my discount.He was quite irritated by the fact that I suggested that we went to the train station so early since he was quite sleepy in the morning because we went to bed so late.

Anyways I got a coffee from the trainstation waiting-room coffee machine.And, eh the coffee there is expensive, be careful if you travel in the Netherlands by train.

The coffee costed 1.50 per cappuchino, huh … We catched a train in 9:29 and we were in the capital of Amsterdam in 10:40.
I was so excited! Yes the trip worthed the price of 16.30 EUR (with the 40% discount). Amsterdam is a really nice city, especially considering it’s architecture. And I saw such a big shops and so many things to choose from … The whole city is full of canals and boats are traveling through it.
We went to music store, wow there was so much music in it.
We entered a lot of Catholic Churches in one of the Catholic Churches there was an orthodox icon of St. Nickolas! So I made the sign of the cross and prayed the Saint to pray God for me the sinner.
With our arrival right after we went out of the central station I saw a bookstore,so I proposed Zlati to enter. It seemed that was a protestant Christian bookstore. Even though a protestant one the people there at least were believing in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I had a small chat with one of the guys asking if they have Orthodox Bible, It seemed they haven’t so I started telling him about the advantages of being Orthodox Christian. I explained him how I became orthodox after God gave me the faith and transformed my life.
The bookstore had a free/coffee and tea.So each me and Zlati took a cappuchino. It was so nice God gave me a hot drink in the Early morning in Amsterdam.
A lot of people are insane in that place, I saw a lot of pod smokers on the street.

On a lot of places the air had that typical pod stell. We saw a lot of Museums, we tried to use a citymap although in a lot of cases  un-succesful. We saw so many Churches, Madam Tusad’s museum,as well as Anne Frank museum, the tulip museum.
There was also sex, museums we saw on our way and even this freaks had gay museum. We saw some road building in progress where a couple of people were building a road on top of pillars, right above the water! 🙂 The city is full of old buildings most of which originating from 16th century. The Architecture is really amazing. The parks and everything and the terraces had that typical European style which I’ve seen in movies showing people from the 18thor 19th century drinking coffees on the balconies. We took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately I still haven’t taken the pictures from Zlati. We entered into a shop which was selling buddhist, hindu and indian statues and souvenirs to warm a bit as the weather outside was coldy.
There we had a nice chat with the storekeeper, about religion and about my Orthodox faith in Our Lord Jesus! He mentioned that near around there is an Syrian Orthodox Church. So went to seek for it. After some rambling we found it but unfortunately it was already closed the time was quite late over 18:00, so it was quite normal to be closed.The style of the Church didn’t really much differentiated from the rest of the Catholic Churches.

Earlier we went into a Church, whether they had that modern exposition, again we went their to warm ourselves (it was such a cold day).

The Church inside was nice but the pictures,they was selling on the expo was really terrible, a lot of sado-mazo and perverted motives in the pictures …

I was saddened to see that they have de-sacrated a holy place like that. Well it’s true that the Roman catholics stepped aside from the orthodox faith some time ago but still they are believing Christians and therefore there temples are holy to some degree too … therefore such an abomination really shouldn’t happen.

The good thing was that in the Church they even had made toilets inside the church we could use 🙂
The Church wall paintings were displaying the way our Lord Jesus has walked on it’s way to final execution by the jews, carrying his cross on the way to Golgotha.

Around 18:30 we went to the street where the so famous prostites and drug addicts street was the “RED LIGHTS” – so famous all around the world ….

I couldn’t believed my eyes, prostites staying behind windows half naked waiting for a customer to hire them for sex …I have heard about that place but I really couldn’t imagine it could legally exist in the center of a metropolitan city like Amsterdam.

We walked in that “wicked” part of the city for around hour.
There were all kind of junkies people who looked really criminal, the prostitutes on the windows. Sex shops, sex video rooms, you name it .. all the disgusting stuff you could imagine. After this walk we went to the train station around 8:00 and took the train back to Arnhem. The whole day went quite flawless,God has heard our prayer to keep us from evil and give us safe journey.The whole trip was really relaxing for me! Praise the Lord for his great mercy towards me the sinner for giving my eyes to see all this things!

How my day passed

Monday, June 25th, 2007

My day started at 10:00 when a man called and asked is his Windows preinstalled and I pointed him to call to Nomen because his computer was in Nomen. Later I met Nomen and we have a walk in the central park. Then we went to see Jivko the Beggar. Hel told us a story how a skinhead started throwing stones at him for no reason … A sort of protestant Christian came and started telling me very messed things about Christ his new life etc. etc. I told him that I would send him to a hospital If I had the power :]. After that I met Lily and we walked for sometime together on my way to my uncle. I tried to read/explain him The New Testament “The Gospel of Mark”. But every time I started telling him how Christ has paid the price for us with his Holy Blood, and how He exchanged his rightfulness for our unrightfulness he started to get sleepy (strange). After that we had a great dinner together, I decided to stay for the dinner just because I wanted to suggest them to pray before eating, we prayed together with “The Lord’s Prayer”. After that I decided to walk to Mino’s coffee and I drinked a beer there with Ceco and Dido. After that I went home and spend some time reading posts on the “”. This forums are addictive but seems that are disturbing for my spiritual health, so I should to visit this place. I read some Christians on the Topic some of them were interesting it’s seems St. Anthony healed amputees so someday It’s vital to read about the Living of this Saint. The day passed comparingly untroublful for which I may only give a thanks to God :]. Few times during the day I hhave lost the point of where my life is going to and I doubt about my faith and Christ as a Saviour and the meaning of life, but it’s unescapable it’s the devil work to put lies into my head in the end :].END—–

The Legend of the Christmas Tree and Why do we put Christmas trees at home in Christmas time? :)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Why we put Pine tree / Fir in Christmas origins of Christmas tree / Legends for the Christmas Tree

Christmas has just passed away. As a Christian I was curious what is the reason in so many Christian countries, we decorate Pine trees and I did a quick research on the topic. In this small article, I'll present my findings.

Observing the Christmas Pine Tree tradition has been quite ancient and probably according to many sources dates back to the XIIth century.
The first written records of a Christmas tree are of an anonymous Frenchman who visited Strasbourg, Germany in 1601. His description of the decoratd pine tree says like "wafers and golden sugar-twists (Barley sugar), roses cut out of many-colored paper, apples, gold foil and sweets."

Later in the 1800s, the local German Christmas pine tree tradition was spread across America by German emmigrants.
In UK the Pine tree decorating tradition appeard in 1841, where a royalty (Prince Albert) decorated his castle (Winston Castle).

A little later after the Queen Victoria adopted the pine tree, United Kingdom citizens started to decorate pine trees for themselves, folliwng the highly regarded Queen.
Usually the pine tree has historically been decorated with gifts as well as an Bright star is put atop.

One of the Christian interpretations for the Christmas tree is that it represents the same Cross (tree) on which Christ was crucifixed. Then after Christ's resurrection because of (or through that) tree, the humanity received the Lord big spiritual blessings. These blessings are represented by the gifts decorated on the Fir tree. The pine tree itself is in Christianity a reference for the symbol of Salvation that we received came from the Holy Cross, where our saviour was crucified.

The Fir is decorated with lights to represent the joy and the lights of Christmas (that burns in our hearts), the star atop the tree is a reminder of the Star that rised in the East during the night of Christ's birth as we read in the gospels.

Roman Catholic Church Christmas Pine Trees
Decorating Pine trees is commonly observed mostly in Roman Catholic Church and often followed by some protestant denominations and less used in Orthodox Church (though this is changing nowdays).

In Eastern Europe, the Christmas tree appeared quite Legends about the Christmas Fir Treelate and the whole concept was unknown in the Orthodox Christian countries, just until the end of the 19th century.

With the recent severe globalization the pine tree was silenty adopted in almost all parts of the world, including even communist countries and even sometimes in muslim ones.
Enormous Fir Tree in Tarnovo city hill Bulgaria

Unfortunately, the relation between the Fir tree and our Christian faith is little known today and with the years to come it will be less and less associated with Christianity.

Here are few interesting legends which I found explaining, some of the possible roots of the Christmas tree decoration:

Legends about the Christmas Fir Tree

1. Legend of the Pine Tree Saving the Holy Family

When the Holy family was pursued by Herod's soldiers, many plants offered to provide them with shelter.
One such plant was the Pine tree. With Mary too weary to travel any longer, the family stopped at the edge of a forest to rest.
A gnarled old Pine which had grown hollow with the years invited them to rest within its trunk.
Then, it closed its branches down upon them, keeping the family safe until the soldiers had passed.
Upon leaving, the Christ Child blessed the Pine and the imprint of his tiny hand was left forever in the tree's fruit… the Pine cone.
If a cone is cut lengthwise, the hand may still be seen.

2. Pine tree and Easter Legend

Pine tree on cones on Easter forms Cross shape

There is a legend that pine trees "know" when it's Easter.
The pine trees start their new growth in the weeks before Easter.
If you look at the tops of the pine trees two weeks before Easter you'll see the yellow shoots.
As the days get closer to Easter Sunday, the tallest shoot will branch off and form a cross.
By the time Easter Sunday comes around, you will see that most of the pine trees will have small yellow crosses on all of the tallest shoots.
This really happens we live where there are lots of pines,
and each year this actually happens, it is amazing to watch,
and the process of the new growth appears as crosses on the ends
of each branch.

I've not personally observed that, but according to people who live in pine tree forest areas this is a fact.

3. Legend about M. Luther and the Pine tree

Martin Luther, founder of the Protestant religion, was taking a stroll through the woods late one night.
The sky was clear and many stars were shining through the branches of the trees,
giving the impression of twinkling lights.
Luther was so captivated and inspired by the beautiful brilliance of the sight
that he cut down a small evergreen and brought it home.
He recreated the stars by placing candles upon the tree's branches to imitate
their radiance and presented it to his children.

This story explains why, the pine tree become so wide spread initially in the "western world", as it gives some connection between the Pine tree and Protestant Christianity.

4. The Children Legend of the Fir Tree (Kids Story)

On the night of the Christ Child's birth, all living creatures, both flora and fauna, traveled to Bethlehem bearing gifts.
The Olive tree, for example, brought its fruit and the Palm tree its dates.
But the little Fir tree had no gift and was so tired that it was unable to resist when the larger trees pushed it into the background and hid it from view.
But then, a nearby Angel took pity and commanded a cluster of stars to descend and rest upon its delicate boughs.
When the Baby Jesus beheld this lovely lighted tree, he smiled and blessed it,
declaring henceforth that Fir trees should always be filled with lights at
Christmastime to please little children.
When Christianity first came to Northern Europe, three personages representing
virtues were dispatched from Heaven to place lights on the original Christmas tree.
These personages were Faith, Hope and Charity.
Their search was long, since they were required to find a tree as high as hope, as great as love and as sweet as charity.
In addition, the tree had to bear the sign of the cross on every bough.
Their search finally ended in the forests of the North where they found the Fir.
Lit by the radiance of the stars, it became the first Christmas tree.
The triangular design of the Fir has also been usedto describe the Holy Trinity of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
Eventually, converts began to revere the Fir as God's Tree…as they had once revered the Oak.
By the Twelfth Century it was being hung, upside-down, from ceilings at Christmastime
in Central Europe, as a symbol of Christianity.

5. The Paradise Tree Legend

A very old and delightful European custom centers around decorating a Fir tree with apples and small white wafers which represents the Holy Eucharist.
These wafers were later replaced by small pieces of pastry cut into the shapes of stars, angels, hearts, flowers and bells.
Eventually additional pastries were introduced bearing the shapes of men, birds, roosters and other animals.

During the middle Ages, around the Eleventh century, religious theater was born.
One of the most popular plays …
The German mystery play concerned Adam and Eve and their fall and expulsion from the Garden of Eden, represented by a Fir tree hung with apples.
This tree was symbolic of both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Discernment of Good and Evil, which stood in the center of Paradise.
The play ended with the prophecy of a coming Saviour. For this reason, it was often enacted during Advent.

The one piece of scenery, the "Paradeisbaum" or "Paradise Tree" become a popular object and was often set up in churches.
Eventually it also found its way in private homes and became symbol of the Saviour.
Since the tree was representative not only to Paradise and the fall of man, but also the premise of salvation.
It was hung not merely with apples, but with bread of wafers (Holy Eucharist) and often sweet to represent the sweetness of redemption.
In some areas of Bavaria, fir branches and little trees decorated with lights, apples and tinsel are still called "Paradeis".

According to some other Christian legends, it was a Fir tree that grew as the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.
When Eve plucked its fruit, the foliage and flowers shrank to nothing but needles.
Only on the night of Nativity would the Fir tree bloom again a moment marked perhaps by the Christmas tree we Christians use.

Of course these are just legends and as with every legend there is plenty of romantism included.
Nevertheless I consider most legends similar to proverbs contain deep truth and contain truthful facts. Moreover knowing the legends of our forefathers connect us to who and what we are and from antropological point of view is precious knowledge, we should try to sustain and spread to our children.

What Protestant Christianity is Wrong about, Protestant wrong ideas about Orthodox Christianity and some protestant heretical and inaccurate beliefs and practices

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Yesterday I was out with some friends including some christians adhering to the methodist belief
as well as generally mostly protestant christian beliefs. For good or bad a severe arguing emergedbetween me and a friend of mine whose explanation on some questions concerning the christian faith
as well as discussions about the seperation of man and woman in the Orthodox Church.Something I don’t really see as division. A Christian friend of mine who is attending a methodist protestant Churchstarted to give explanations for the reason of the so called separation rathar based on the wrong understanding (from orthodox perspective) of faith issues and from protestant doctrinal point of view.
Even though I do listen to a lot of Protestant Christian Rock/Metal and I like the phenomenon of this
attempt for creating a Godly music surrounded by all this groups who openly do confess satanism and occultims,I’m more and more convinced that the protestant christian understanding on many of the matters of faith areerroneous. I still respect all them highly since they do strive to lead God pleasing life, however theirdelusion on some matters of faith should be marked up.

Here are some of the few major things which I see as a difference between Orthodox believing christians andprotestant christian believers with the hope that this would be helpful for somebody out there looking for realanswers on the true christian faith

The dangers of Protestanism and protestant denominations (A faith mixtured with lies and errors) & The Difference BetweenOrthodox Christian beliefs and Protestanism.——————————————–Date: 26.09.2009Author: hip0 (a.k.a. Georgi Georgiev)1. Protestant and their denominations:- Methodists- Advents- many, many other denominations.* Reject the orthodox Church as the descendant of the One Holy apostolic Christian church, established by theapostles.* Reject the authority of many of the teachings of the Orthodox Church including the teaching of theTradition of the Holy Fathers in the Church and the Teachings of the Holy Church Fathers* Reject the supremacy of the Holy Mother of God (Mother Mary) in the spiritual hierarchy of the God createdbeings! (Something of the most fundamental things believed in the Orthodox Church).* Accept one and only authority of the bible, in which everybody freely could interpret the Holy Scriptures,(there are some general framework in which most of the canonical so to say protestant do hold up). Eventhough the variation of the understanding varies greatly.* Reject our appeals to the Holy Saints and the Holy Theotokos (Mother Mary) for intercession in front ofGod for us the sinners.* Reject the order in the church, teaching that everybody is free to understand and serve to God theway he feels if it has generally some similarities to their build idea on holiness based on their biblereadings.* Reject the crucifixion (Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ crucified) as the most fundamental symbolof Christianity claming that Christ has already raised:(Contradicting what is written by the St. Paul in the Bible.Who openly confesses that he wants to be know and Preach Christ Crucified).* Do understand the Cross as only a symbol to Christianity, Claiming that early Christians haveused a fish as a symbol of Christianity (As a remembrance of our Lord’s miracle with multiplying the fishesand feeding 5000 people).* Many Protestants Reject the power of the Cross symbol in Christians making the sign of the Cross (Again contradicting the Holy Fathers who say that through crossing ourselves with the sign of the Cross,every demon is banished and trembles in fear.* Do claim that the bible is the one and only authority a christian should obey.That as far as I’ve red is called “Sola Scriptura” (Only the Scriptures in Latin).In Orthodoxy we have the tradition of the Holy Fathers which supplements what is writtenin the bible and on many occasions enables us to understand what the bible exactlytalks about.* Have many contradictiory teaching built by different pastors, all interpretationsof The Book Revelation (Apocalypsis) by St. John.* Many of them claim seeing heaven or being in heaven and being back,each’s. Most accounts contradicing each other. Talking about seeing Jesus* Many of them claim seeing heaven or being in heaven and being back,each’s. Most accounts contradicing each other. Talking about seeing Jesuswith golden belt, whole in light.Talking about Heaven filled in with Goldenstreets, etc., etc… And Many, Many more lieful things which every orthodox spiritual christian,as well as any other spiritual christian out their should know are based on imagination and fantasy.My personal experience in faith has shown me that spiritual things doesn’t have nothing to do withphysical seeing, nor have anything to do with anything we do know in this world. This could be alsored in the writtings of the saints as well as in the writtings of st. apostle Paul who talksabout knowing a man who saw heaven in the holy bible. Thereby he explains, How he saught things which cannot be explained in human terms.* Rejection of the eucharist (taking the sacraments), as a real blood and flesh of our Saviour and LordJesus Christ.Herein they again try to imply that eucharist or taking the sacraments (blood and wine) as most ofthe protestant churches does is only symbolism and is ordered just as a remembrance of our Lord’slast supper as we read in the Gospel wherein he commanded us to do that for this remembrance.Again ignoring the rest of his words recorded in the other canonical Gospels in which the Lord Jesus Christ openlysays (Whoever does not eat his body and doesn’t eat and drink his blood has no place with him.* Protestants Reject the Holy Liturgy in the Orthodox Church and the Church order(e.g. claiming no priest is needed everybody could freely communicate with God through prayers),herein they mistakenly think that the Orthodox Christian does communicate with God only through thepriest this is absolutely not true. Communicating with God is not done onlh through the priest.Yes it’s true that God’s gifts and forgiveness are granted to the Church members through the priest aswell as the eucharist (the holy communion), itself is received via priest as God has ordained since old times, even in the old testament, however communion with God is achieved also within throughout the Church servicesand in prayer at our homes as well.Moreover,e ven though our Lord Jesus Christ has spokenly openly against priests of his timewhile he was still on earth he never rejected the authority of the priests.For example the miracle our Lord has done healing the 10 lepers.After healing the 10 leprs, our Lord told them, “Go show yourself to the priests”.If the assertion by protestants is true, and no priest is needed how come our Lord Jesus sents the healed onesto the priests? Not to mention that they still have a sort of priest, (The pastor) who basiclyserves a similar role to the Orthodox Priest.* Protestants Reject the burning of Candles by layman, incense burning on the altar before Godand within the Church to sanctify externally everything within the place.That’s bacause they don’t understand two things:1. The meaning of Candles (The least man’s sacrifice (God pleasing offering))2. The incense left from the old times when priests were serving before God with burning God pleasingincense before the face of God. I’m not theologian and doesn’t know the exact explanation so that’s mostly my understanding onwhy incense is burned. I’ve also heard that incense is something dislikeable to the unclean spirits(demons) to be said by random people most of which not regular members of the Church.(This thesis need to be approved furhter on by Orthodox theologian or a priest)3. The Candles’s role is also as a mean to fund the Church in terms of money.The Church’s building and Church’s God servents needs money as well to exist, didn’t they?* Protestants reject the veneration of the Icons.- Here protestant understanding of the icons is as they’re idols.That is completely wrong understanding.Icons represent and remind of us of things already described in the bible,as well depicts the martyrdom of different christian orthodox saints. Reverenting the saintindeed we does honour the Holiness of the Saint achieved by his sanctification by his holy lifethrough our God (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit), therefore we does venerate not the saintbut God alone who dwelled and dwells forever within the saint.* Protestant are not aware of the existance of miraculous icons (most of which containingrelics of miracle making saints through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ), they have also no cluethat we have some saints with incorruptable bodies, whose earthly holiness was so obvious and theirbody so filled with God’s spirit that the flesh became incorruptable by God’s holy providence.They reject the honouring of the holy relics of saints. Ignoring the story in the old testamenttold where a dead soldier falls in the grave containing the holy relics of Prophet Elisha andarised back to live. Which is an old testament example of how holy and precious are the relicsof a saint.* Most protestants fail to glorify God as a Holy Trinity (Here is what I mean,Whenever Glory to God is expressed, it’s never said: Glory to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.To manifest the belief in the Holy Trinity as we do in the Orthodox Church on every Holy Liturgy.* Protestants say they believe in The Triunite God still they bend God The Holy Trinity to the point they callGod, “The Trinity”. Which sounds like they place themselves on the same height as God alone (againerroneous).* Protestant does not make distinction between the the three apostates (natures) of God The Holy Trinity.In other words when talking about God they think talking about God the Son (our Lord Jesus Christ) isabsolutely equal to talking about God the Father or God the Holy Spirit. Which again is not true,This three God’s apostates are not one and the same thing, they’re one holy and inseperatable Godwhich in all terms is different to what is taught in protestanism.* Protestants does understand fasting as a way to restrain of food completely for days.This approach even if practiced literally by the the Holy Prophets, The Holy Apostles, The Church Fathers andThe Holy Saints is not applicable to the normal layman. Such experiments with the body could bring youa health issues if practiced in the long term. One of the dangers if somebody goes that way is toget gastritis or other stomach sicknesses, not to mention that this could not even benefit youin a spiritual sense quite often.The orthodox fasting is abstention mainly firstly of the sinful thoughts and desires and thenabstention from animal derivative food and products (with some small exceptions). In no meansthat we could abstain completely from food.During lent or some of the other 4 fasting periods in the Orhtodox Church on Church Feasts,Eating of Fish is allowed. Still in the Orthodox Church completele abstention of food ispracticed in some monasteries and by some people whose dedication to God is many levels aboveours (the laymans).Some protestants accuse orthodoxy that it doesn’t practice the true fasting (completelewithhold of food), this is not true since in orthodox christianity there are differentlevels of fasting. The highest level is a complete abstention from food and is practiced by saintsand monks.* Protestant reject the Orthodox Prayer Book as a mean of a guide in prayer.(This still needs to be researched further? Never heard of a protestant Christian that uses an OrthodoxPrayer book)In Orthodox Prayer books, we pray with the prayers of the saints which assures are that the wordswe spoke do hold up to the main orthodox christian doctrine and the orthodox Creed of faith andthe teaching within the church.Whilst in Protestanism, Prayers are mostly based on their each one’s own understanding on prayer.The Prayer tought by our Lord Jesus Christ is the one most practiced (Which at least is something good). The rest are prayers crafted by every man according to his own understanding about faith God and truthand the situation.* Protestants (or at least most of them) reject that Mother Mary is ever virgin (Theotokos aswe orthodox christians call the Holy Mother of God)Most of Christian protestants reject that Mother Mary has been ever virgin until her dormitionand ever after. This is another fundamental miracle of the many and innumerable miracles of God.They tend to ignore what is written in the gospels in the new testament, everybody can read there that all the nations will call Virgin Mary blessed.(Never heard a protestant calling mother mary blessed or reverenting her in a special way asa Mother of God as we do in the orthodox Church)Many of the protestant christian denominations does teach that mother mary has even hadchildren from Joseph her husband by law. (The early church never taught that! This is repulsiveheresy!)* As far as I know some protestant Chirstian teachings reject that Christ is the Logos and thefact that our Lord Jesus Christ is begotten by God the Father before all ages (This is statedin the Orthodox Creed of faith).(Again this still needs further closer investigation).* Many Protestants believe wrongfully that they are saints because the possess the Holy Spiritwithin.Again erroneous from orthodox perspective. Won’t get into details about this issue.* Probably the list goes on and on … As I said earlier I’m not a theologianWell let me close that, with a few closing words.
The Orthodox Church teaches that protestanism is a heresy and
the truth is only kept and taught properly within the realm of the Orthodox Church.
However many of the priests and servents of the Orthodox Church does act nowdays in a way
that stain the orthodox church teachings as well as the orthodox church reputation, that creates
distrust and drives back many people who does judge about orthodoxy based on the actings of people
who do dare to call themselves orthodox but they are spiritually serving in most of the time not
to God but probably to the evil one.
.No matter this still what is being mainly told in the church holds up to the Church canons and therefore
the influence of unfaithful and sinful priests or orthodox church servents cannot change the truth
which the church canons contains. Thus luckily the Orthodox Church believers are being taught plainly mostly what was
taught in the church since it’s birth day on Pentecost while the Spirit of God descended unto
the Holy Apostles. The dangers of joining a protestant church are even higher, many
of this churches are money machines nowdays, believers are being taught lieful claims, fragments
of the bible are being taught as a means to stimulate people’s guilt to make them donate more
for the given protestant church or denomination.
In reality many nowdays protestant churches and denominations are smartly built business empires,
which one and only aim is increase money revenues. I’ve even red online many testimonies of
people (pastors) who practice hypnosis, the people who testified against the pseudo Christian pastors
described how this pseudo-pastors used well known hypnotist tricks to force people’s subconsciousness
into a state of hypnosis in which (the hypnotist pastor ideas) and subsequentially control over the
pseudo-church members could be exercised.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be in war with protestanism or Protestant understanding and ways
to serve God. What do I want is just to introduce christians of the many dangers of being
a non-orthodox christian believer. I personally do have many friends who even though not openly
are more closely to the protestant belief system, than orthodox’s. They as people are really nice,
I can say they do strive doing good deeds, read the bible, pray, try not to sin and be
centered on our Lord Jesus Christ. On many hard times in the past for me, while I was still
not belonging to the orthodox christian church. I thought that churches are corrupted and they does
withhold people from salvation which is only attained through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus alone
with the act of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ (as the true and only son of God who died for our sins
on Golgotha and roused again in the third day according to the scriptures).

I have to admit that People with mainly protestant believes or inclinations have sustained me through intercession prayers to God,
in the past, while being friends getting out together, discussing the bible, contemporary christianity etc.
However even though the good sides, everything was far from perfect.
When I’m thinking about the times back then I feel like a bit being like into a sect.
We were always gathering together and talking about the bible and God and suchalike, at many
times just talking non-sense.
Many of the discussions during meetings, were our own interpretations of the bible each one
claiming his own interpretation is the true one. Mostly trying to somehow synchronize our ideas with some
protestant famous authors like Watch Man Nee (whose teaching from my current position could
be classified as lieful heresies).
Said in other words we were looking for true spirituality.
Something I lately found by God’s divine providence within the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christianity.
So again the real reason for writing all the above is just to try to emphasize the differences
between orthodoxy and protestanism. And many of the downsides of protestanism.
Some other things I have noticed is that people whose positions on faith are protestant tend thing alike:
“The bible says” heavily.
No offense but the Holy Bible is bent down to the low “The Bible” instead of “Holy Bible” as it should.
Not to mention the true respect to Holy apostles is skipped and they are called by names with skipping the “Saint” word.
Which automatically does ranks the holy apostles on the same level as us, which I personally think is not a good
thing to do. Well of course pretestanism as everything else has not only the bad sides.
I still love protestant christian artists like Larry Norman, ApologetiX, Andy Hunter, Tourniquet,
Deliverance, Circle of Dust, Juggernautz, X-Propagation, Rez Band, Glenn Kaiser, the list goes on,
many many more to mention here. I love Christian Rock and Metal since I came from a rock and Metal musical background
and I still listen to rock and metal music every now and then I try to mostly listen to a Christian messaged one.
But still truth must be told, in protestanism Truth is mixtured with heresies.
I cannot hide that a lot of the protestant christian literature I’ve red tried to explain a lot of the
logical problems I was seeing in Christianity and the Holy Bible, however later on I’ve found out
that many of the ideas shared in the protestant christian books were contradicting believes in
the orthodox church and does lack a logical reason out of the book context.

We should be alert while accepting many of the things preached within protestanism through
books, media, music etc. And always look for the true Christianity which has led me
to the Orthodox Christianity. I don’t say that currently things in the Orthodox Church are
perfect what I say are that it’s the Church that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, left us saying:
“I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


Time Changer an interesting Christian Movie (In the Protestant tradition)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Today I’ve watched a nice American Christian movie in the protestant christians tradition.The movie is called Time changer
The story progresses with a couple of guys in an american bible seminary in the 19th century.
One of the professors is eager to publish a new book on morals, which doesn’t stress
on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ alone. One of his fellow colleagues is against,
stressing the importance of giving credit to Jesus Christ (the son of God and our Saviour),
for teaching us the true way of godliness. The two guys can’t come into a mutual agreement
about the issue. The writer of the new book couldn’t get the blessing of the seminary,
which would make the book inferior in the distant 19th century. Therefore the
author of the book strives to receive the acceptance of his colleagues. After failing
he is ready to do everything even if it contradicts the teachings presented in the bible.
The professor unwishful to endeavor the new book does explain to the professor author of the
book his motives for showing clear the relation between the Lord Jesus and the teaching of
morals presented in the Holy Bible. It seems this guy had the oportunity to travel in the
future through a gadgy machine invented by his father who has already departured.
This professor had the oportunity to witness what is the fruit of skipping to associate Christ as being the
one stressing on the importance of keeping God’s moral standards in the 21st century.
The professor decides that the only way to convince his fellow colleague author of the new
book is to sent him right into the future and let him witness why teaching of morality
without Christ is pernicious. Finally after witnessing all the insanity and ungodliness created
in man’s life as a consequence of not sticking to our lord’s teaching, while traveling back
to his own time through the time machine the author of the new book rewrites his book to make
it be in accordance with the scriptures. The movie ends with one of the professors testing the machine
trying to send the holy bible as far as he could in the future. However he cannot send it to 2070,
then he tries a 2060, no luck as well etc.. A good end since it points how close we are to the SecondComing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!